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Swimming for Kids: 9 Mental and Physical Health Benefits

As soon as your little one becomes comfortable around water, then they can start learning how to swim. There are tons of health benefits when it comes to swimming for kids that are mental and physical. 

Plus most kids love swimming! It gives them some freedom as well as another outlet to be active. 

Keep reading for our guide on the nine mental and physical health benefits that come along with swimming for kids. 

1. They Gain Confidence

Sometimes the water is scary for a lot of children. It is a place that they usually can’t go and it takes different mechanics to get around in the water. Teaching your child to swim is a great way to give them confidence around the water

The sooner that you start, then the sooner that they will learn to love the water. Taking them to a swimming lesson is a great way to let them swim as well as teach them how to be safe around the water. Knowing that they’re confident around water is a great way to lead into getting your own pool at home. 

2. More Exercise

Swimming is a great way for your child to exercise and while swimming they usually tend to exercise for a longer period of time. This is because swimming tends to be easier on our bodies and it is a more relaxing way to exercise. 

Swimming puts less stress on children’s joints connective tissues than the other ways that they can exercise. A lot of the time children will think that swimming is more fun and that they aren’t even exercising at all so they will want to do it longer. 

3. Safety Around Water

Along with confidence around the water, learning how to swim is a great way for your children to feel safe around water. Depending on their age, they can learn techniques to prevent drowning if they ever find themselves in a bad situation. 

Swimming lessons can also teach babies how to blow the water away from their mouths instead of inhaling it.  Making sure that your children feel safe and confident around water is a great way to make them feel good overall. 

4. Cardiovascular Health

As we mentioned before swimming for kids is a great exercise and it can also help to improve their cardiovascular health. It can help to promote heart and lung health as well as to improve their stamina.

Even spending thirty minutes in the water is a great way to promote a healthy heart especially in children. This is because it helps the heart to become larger which makes it more efficient. 

5. Lowers Stress

As adults, we may not think children experience much stress but they still can’t. Swimming is a great activity for them to help lower any stress or mental pain that they might be feeling. 

When we swim our brain releases endorphins which help to give us a natural high. Children who swim and are confident about it tend to be very happy kids. This can actually help their brain overall. 

6. Create a Bond With Your Children

Having a swimming pool at your home gives you many benefits for you and your children. One awesome benefit is that it can help create a better bond between you and your children. If you’re child already knows how to swim, then jumping in the water and playing with them will make them happy. 

If you’re teaching your child to swim or exposing them to the water for the first time, then your child will have to fully trust every move that you make while in the water. Make sure to give them plenty of positive emotions and gestures so that they can start to feel comfortable around the water. Plus you’ll be getting plenty of skin to skin contact which helps make a bond between your child strong. 

7. Friend Fun

Having a pool at your home is a great way for your children to hang out with their friends. Swimming is a fun activity that kids can do together and it is endless entertainment. As a parent, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the kids have a fun time playing together in the water.  

Plus if you’re child can’t swim while all of their friends can, then they might start to feel bad about themselves. Giving them all of the tools to feel confident around the water is great for their mental health. They will love spending the day in the water playing different games with their friends. 

8. Better Sleep and Appetite

Everyone knows after a day filled with tons of excitement and exercise you will sleep like a baby. This is the same for children! Swimming, just like any exercise, will help to tire your child out and they will sleep soundly and peacefully after a day in the water. 

It will be the same when it comes to dinner time. You will find that your child will be hungrier and want to eat more after a day at the pool. This is because of all of the calories that they burned while swimming. 

9. Life-Long Benefits

Teaching your children to swim actually has many life long benefits that they will continue to use as they get older. It will be a great way for them to continue to exercise and it promotes tons of ways to stay healthy as an adult. 

After all, swimming is the only activity that when you learn it you could actually save your own life. There are many adults who never learned to swim and they’re constantly avoiding occasions where they will be around water. Learning to swim early is a great life skill for children. 

Swimming for Kids

When it comes to teaching your children how to swim you should start as soon as they become comfortable around the water. Swimming for kids has tons of mental and physical health benefits. There isn’t really any negative consequences for teaching your child how to swim. 

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