Are you thinking about installing your own backyard swimming pool?

You’re not alone! Currently, there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in America. In fact, there are far more residential than there are public swimming pools in the U.S.

Clearly, home swimming pools are popular additions to patios and backyard areas. But what other advantages to swimming pool owners enjoy?

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of owning a swimming pool at home!

1. Get it Customized

When you install a home swimming pool, you aren’t confined to just one or two options. Home swimming pools are often customized to suit your exact preferences.

This means that you can choose your pool’s shape, size, and depth. You also can have a say in lighting options, tile design, and pool placement!

This is vital for homeowners who enjoy adding custom features to their homes. After all, your home says a lot about who you are, and it is where most of us spend the bulk of our time.

Custom swimming pools are also more likely to suit a range of backyard spaces. Don’t worry if your yard feels small or unsuitable for a pool. Customized pools are highly versatile for every space.

2. Give Yourself a Low-Impact Exercise Option

Swimming pools aren’t just for leisure. Swimming is, first and foremost, an athletic activity.

In this sense, installing a home swimming pool is much like installing a home gym–except far better!

A swimming pool gives every homeowner a chance to exercise at any given time, and to do so in a low-impact manner.

Low-impact exercise is vital for individuals suffering from any joint or muscle pain, and it can be healthier in the long run than other high-impact workouts.

You’ll also be more likely to go for a swim workout when the pool is right in your backyard. No need to commute to a gym.

3. Boost Home Value

Are you thinking about selling your home in the future? If so, install a home swimming pool.

Doing so can dramatically boost your home’s value. This is essential if you’re keen to pocket a few extra dollars once you close on a home sale.

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your house, a higher home value can benefit you. You may pass your home on to your kids, for example, or consider renting it out as an investment property. 

4. Reduce Anxiety 

If you’re looking for an effective way to alleviate stress and anxiety, look no further than a home swimming pool. 

Pools give everyone a chance to relax, whether this means poolside sunbathing or gentle night swims. Aerobic swimming can also limit your body’s production of cortisol, the stress hormone.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, go for a gentle float in your pool before you crawl into bed. This can help relax your muscles and promote the healthy sleep cycles you need to start your days appropriately.

5. Create a Kid-Friendly Hangout Space

If you have a family of any kind, home swimming pools can be an excellent addition to your home’s kid-friendly hangout spaces. 

Lots of kids love to swim, and if you’re tired of planning play date activities, install a swimming pool to provide endless entertainment for kiddos.

If you have teenagers at home, they’ll also be apt to appreciate a pool. In fact, pools can be safe alternatives to other unsupervised activities high school students may seek out on weekends.

If you do install a pool, make sure you brief everyone on pool safety ahead of time. Pool toys are also a must for any home swimming pool.

6. Cool Off During Hot Summers

If you’ve struggled to make it through hot summers in the past, it’s time for a home swimming pool! Backyard pools give everyone a quick and easy way to cool off.

This is especially important if you live in a southern state like California, Texas, or Florida. Sometimes there’s no better way to escape the humidity than to plunge into a pool!

What’s more, a backyard pool means fewer trips to crowded beaches, where it can be harder to relax. Beach trips can also take up an entire weekend, particularly if you have to drive several hours to get to white sand.

7. Enjoy Convenience and Privacy

Your home swimming pool is exactly that: a pool in your own backyard. All you need to do is take a few steps, and you’ll be poolside.

Home swimming pools are incredibly convenient in this way. No more long trips to the gym, the beach, or other event venues. Simply open your patio door.

It can also be difficult to find privacy in this busy world. Home swimming pools are naturally private, letting you enjoy a secluded oasis at any time.

8. Host Parties and Gatherings

If you love having people over to your home, you’ll love hosting poolside parties. Pools are natural event spaces.

Pools can also make it easy to plan a gathering. They are multifunctional, after all, offering guests an opportunity to swim, cool off, and admire the flickering lights.

9. Extend Your Patio

Many pools function as patio extensions. If you currently have a patio but want it to serve a greater purpose, a swimming pool can help.

In fact, many pool owners will install a covered patio right next to the pool. Covered patios create more space for people to towel off, enjoy a summer barbecue, or simply hang out.

These patios can also feel like home add-ons, as they are prime locations for outside tables, plants, and couches.

10. Increase Your Backyard’s Visual Appeal

Tired of the way your backyard looks? You can easily increase your yard’s visual appeal by installing a home swimming pool.

Many custom swimming pools are works of art, designed to naturally complement existing plants and other landscaping. You can even add fountains and torches!

If your internal decorator is itching to make more of your backyard space, look no further than a custom home swimming pool.

Your Home Swimming Pool

Now you know all the benefits of owning a swimming pool. What comes next?

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