There’s nothing more luxurious than having a pool in your backyard that you can swim in anytime. Whether quiet, early morning swims are your favorite or nighttime dips are more your style, installing your own pool is a fun home upgrade.

The pros and cons of each season below will help you decide when to do your pool installation. No matter what you choose, the end result is a relaxing back yard atmosphere the whole family can enjoy.


Installing a pool in the spring allows you to get the most out of the swimming season. You’ll be able to swim all summer and fall, without having to wait for a long project.

Spring can also be a good time because it’s tax season. If you intend to use your tax return to fund the project, then waiting for spring is a good idea. However, many pool installers also offer pool financing, so that may not be a factor for you.

This is a great time for landscaping around the pool area. When there are dirt and debris left from the pool installation, you’ll be able to plant flowers and other plants to make the area look perfect. You could even double the area as a cutting garden with the right blooms.

There is more rain in the spring, so a pool installation could take longer. Excavating equipment can get stuck if the mud is too soggy.

Project managers won’t work the machines if one will have to rescue another. You’ll have to wait for dry days to continue the project, so a spring installation could drag on if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Because this is a favorite time for pool installations, try to get on the schedule early. Pool installers’ schedules fill up during the spring. If you know you want to have your pool installed during the spring, call early enough that you’re guaranteed a spot.


The autumn months are still warm enough to swim, so fall can be a good time to install a pool. You’ll get to take advantage of the weather to get ahead on the landscaping, as well as have an easier project because the weather’s so dry.

If you have a pool installed in the fall, you can get ahead of the dirt and debris by sowing grass seed around the pool. It will have a few months to take root and start growing before it becomes dormant for the winter. Then when winter is over, fertilize your grass to help it continue growing and become the healthy lawn you want around your pool.

Fall pool installation is also a good plan because your yard isn’t as muddy. The drier the dirt, the easier the installation. Mud, or “sticky soil” in construction terms, can clog the machines and make the project take longer as discussed above.

If you install a pool in the early autumn, you can still get in some good swimming days before winter weather hits. If you’re sure you’ll want to swim later in the season, adding a heater to your pool can extend the length of time you can use the pool.


If you’re hoping to get good prices for your pool, then installing in the winter is a good time. While the price may be right, you also have to consider the weather for your project. Remember that prices usually go up right after the new year, so it’s best to start the project before the holidays.

Digging can only happen when the yard is dry enough, so any day with a winter thunderstorm or even snow will delay the process. You could end up with a much longer time period of earth mounds and construction scenes in your backyard than if you installed the pool during another season.

You won’t be able to swim in the pool right away if you install in the winter because it will be too cold. Unless you plan to add a heater, you’ll have to wait until spring to swim. The anticipation may be hard to deal with.


Summer is a busy season for pool installers. The dirt is dry and the weather cooperates, so it’s a great time to dig and start a project. Get on the schedule early if this is the season you choose to install the pool.

One way around the busyness of the season is to wait until later summer. While you won’t get as much time in the pool, there are still plenty of swimming days left. The builder will be able to get to the project faster, too.

This season is the best time for parties and holidays, especially when you have a pool as the focal point. However, tying up the backyard with a construction site is hard during a season when you most want to be outside.

Materials and labor can have higher prices in the summer months. These higher costs will factor into your pool quote, so make sure you’re aware of this challenge if you want to install a pool in the summer.

A Life of Leisure

If you’re ready to get a pool for your home, then you’ve already dreamed of the fun you’ll have soaking up the sun. Yet choosing a good time for a lengthy project is a hard decision.

Spring, summer, fall, and winter all have benefits and drawbacks as seasons for pool installation.


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