Do you live somewhere that doesn’t get a white Christmas?

If you’re thinking about planning a holiday party, you should take advantage of the lovely weather by throwing a festive pool party.

Do you want to know how you can plan an unforgettable winter pool party? Keep reading to learn about 8 pool party themes that your guests are sure to love.

1. Luau Party

If you live somewhere warm, chances are high that you’re not a big fan of the snow. To celebrate living in your dream climate, you can throw a holiday party that reminds you of Hawaii and the beach. You can serve fruity cocktails, light tiki torches, and have a delicious barbecue.

To add some holiday cheer to your luau, you can give every guest a Santa hat or a similar type of accessory to create the ultimate group photo opportunities. You can even blast The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album to get the party started.

2. Ugly Christmas Bathing Suit Party

We’ve all heard of ugly Christmas sweater parties, so it’s time to get ready for ugly Christmas bathing suits. Who says you can’t participate in this silly holiday tradition because it’s too hot where you live?

Turning your party into a competition will inspire all of your guests to arrive in their wackiest wardrobe possible. If it’s too hot for sweaters and too chilly to go swimming, you can still gather around the pool dressed in ugly t-shirts. Another great idea for your party is to set up a t-shirt decorating station and hold a vote to see who can create the ugliest Christmas t-shirt.

3. All-White Party

Even though your home may not be covered in a blanket of snow, you can still create a wintery illusion by throwing an all-white pool party. You can set up white furniture, white towels, white lights, and other festive decorations. For the ultimate pool party fun, make sure you buy some snowmen and snowflake floats.

4. Holiday Picnic Party

Although there are a lot of good themes for pool parties you should consider, a picnic is always a simple yet charming choice. The reason why picnics are great during the holiday season is that they remind everyone of the true meaning of the holidays. Instead of planning an extravagant party, you can focus on bonding with your loved ones and sharing tasty food together.

Since there are tons of mouthwatering picnic recipes that are easy to prepare, you’ll never run out of inspiration for your menu. If you plan on inviting a large crowd over, you can keep your costs down by hosting a potluck-style picnic where every guest is responsible for bringing a dish. There’s nothing cozier than cuddling up on a blanket by the pool and toasting to a happy new year with your friends and family.

5. Holiday Lights Party

Lots of fun pool party themes limit your timeframe to the morning or afternoon. If you’re more of a night owl, you can plan a breathtaking holiday lights pool party. Since not a lot of people have attended a pool party in the evening, your party is sure to be an occasion they’ll never forget.

Two of the most important things you’ll need to remember about throwing a nighttime pool party are heating and lights. Keeping your pool warm and well-lit will ensure all of your guests stay comfortable and safe throughout the festivities.

The prettiest decorations you can use are colorful holiday lights all over your yard. There’s no better place to admire the twinkling scenery than on a relaxing pool float. If you install some outdoor and underwater speakers, you can enjoy classic holiday tunes all night long.

6. Water Wonderland Party

Similar to an all-white party, a water wonderland is a summery play on winter wonderland. You can use a lot of the same decorations as an all-white party, but make sure you add some cheerful pops of color, too.

Do you want to take some funny party pictures that will make your friends from colder states jealous? If so, you can lay out a bunch of winter gear like gloves and scarves and have your guests wear them with their bathing suits. Don’t forget to serve frozen hot chocolate and other clever twists on classic holiday treats.

7. Christmas in Las Vegas Party

If you want to plan an exciting holiday pool party, it doesn’t get much cooler than a Christmas in Las Vegas theme. All you have to do is set up some tables where everyone can play poker and other fun games. Guests who want to take a break from the action can lay out on trendy pool floats and help themselves to the cocktail and hors d’oeuvres bar.

8. Holiday Movie Marathon Party

One of the most creative themes for your pool party is a holiday movie marathon. Just like the holiday lights party, you’ll have to wait until it’s dark outside so everyone can see the movies from the pool. You could either play the movies on a large outdoor television or you can buy a projector that turns your whole wall into a giant screen.

Since this theme is so unique, all of your guests will be thrilled to attend. No movie marathon party would be complete without loads of popcorn, cookies, and hot chocolate.

These Pool Party Themes Are Guaranteed to Be a Big Hit

If you choose any of these pool party themes for your holiday get together, then your party will be a smash.

Since your pool will be the highlight of the festivities, it’s important to have an elegant and welcoming outdoor space. Whether you want to build a new pool or improve your current one, Sahara Construction & Custom Pools would love to help with any job. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today.