When temperatures rise in Fulshear, Texas, you want a solution right in your backyard: a swimming pool. But once you begin to look into pool installation, you will find a variety of different pools on offer, including fiberglass. So, how can you determine if a fiberglass pool is for you?

A custom fiberglass pool uses a fiberglass pool shell, which is a one-piece structure. It is made of reinforced fiber, manufactured off-site, and shipped directly to the location of choice. They offer many benefits, which is why the fiberglass pool market size continues to grow

If you’re wondering if a custom fiberglass pool is for you, read on. Here are some of the top benefits of owning one in Fulshear, Texas.

1. Fast Installation

One of the top advantages of a fiberglass pool is you do not have to wait around for months during its installation. As it is manufactured off-site, there is less disruption for you at home. Instead, your backyard can be prepared for installation, with the fiberglass pool shell being brought to your home ready to go. 

The fast installation is ideal if you want to start to use your pool quickly or have other commitments that mean you do not want the installation to take a long time. Instead, you will be able to enjoy your pool before you know it, which can please excited children and adults who do not want to wait around during the building process!

2. Low Maintenance Pools 

When temperatures are at the lower end in Fulshear, you might not be as tempted to use your pool. However, when summer rolls around, you can be in for a shocking surprise if you have not maintained your pool. Many types of swimming pools require frequent maintenance, but the good news is that with fiberglass pools, maintenance is minimal.

Fiberglass pools have a smooth surface, which prevents the growth of algae that can occur with other types of pools. It means you can spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it.

Plus, fiberglass pools do not have a pool liner like other types, such as vinyl. If you have a pool liner or a different pool material, it will eventually have to be replaced, resurfaced, or have extensive maintenance carried out. Whereas fiberglass pools allow you to enjoy your pool long-term, with fewer breaks due to maintenance work.

3. Fewer Chemicals and Energy

Do you want great returns on your swimming pool investment? Fiberglass pools offer some long-term cost savings. Along with lower maintenance costs, you can maintain the water temperature and water chemistry with more ease.

Custom fiberglass pools are compatible with saltwater if you would prefer to opt for a saltwater pool. And in general, they require fewer chemicals because of the fiberglass surface. The surface does not have pores that attract algae, and its surface is inert, meaning it’s easier to keep the water chemistry balanced.

Along with requiring fewer chemicals, fiberglass pools also require less energy. The non-porous surface also is a natural insulator, which means you do not need as much energy to heat the pool on cooler days in Fulshear. – easy to maintain

4. Beautiful Aesthetic and Customisation 

Custom fiberglass pools are also popular because of their aesthetic. There are a variety of shapes, colors, and designs to choose from, so you can design your dream swimming pool. This type of pool will transform your backyard aesthetic with a variety of designs, meaning you can create any type of exterior.

You can choose a classic swimming pool shape and color or pick one of the more modern pool trends. These include darker colors, unique shapes, and accessories to complement your pool’s design. If you pick a reputable pool builder, you will also be able to design your pool digitally, so you can guarantee the design meets your needs. 

5. Fiberglass Durability 

Another reason fiberglass pools are low-maintenance pools is that the material is durable. They are less likely to be damaged, such as with a puncture due to non-pool-safe toys or pets. It means you can relax and enjoy your downtime in the pool without worrying about damaging its shell. 

6. Increase Your Home’s Value 

Fiberglass pools can increase your home’s value. It is estimated that, in general, inground swimming pools can add 5 to 8% real estate value to your home. When you throw in the many benefits of fiberglass pools, this can be an even higher percentage. 

Homeowners are not only looking for a pool in areas such as Fulshear but one that is convenient. Fiberglass pools are one of the best options for this due to their durability and low maintenance.

7. Cost-savings 

There is no denying that a pool is an investment that requires financial planning. However, fiberglass pools offer short-term and long-term gains with a lower lifetime cost. For example, the fast installation means you can enjoy your pool soon after manufacturing is complete, and the low maintenance requirements mean maintenance costs will be lower than other pool types. 

There are lower energy costs and chemical maintenance than some other pool types. Plus, the pool can also increase your home’s value, which adds to the investment. 

There are several factors that will influence the pool’s cost, including the size and type of pool. However, fiberglass pools generally cost less than concrete pools, as they are made off-site. Although they are more expensive to install than vinyl pools in general, they have the benefits of long-term savings and longevity.

Create Your Own Custom Fiberglass Pool

Now you know the benefits of owning a custom fiberglass pool in Fulshear, Texas, it is time to decide if it is the right swimming pool for you. If you are still unsure, find a reputable pool builder to help advise you on the process. They can also guide you through the design process and offer you a consultation to determine if this style of pool will meet your needs.

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