Experts agree that letting children get bored can bring great opportunities for them in the long run. But for parents, hearing children whine for hours about not having anything to do over summer break can quickly become stressful.

Arm your children with the best swimming pool toys and games this year. Choose toys that encourage group games so that all your children can join in the fun. 

Read on to learn about the best swimming pool toys and games. 

1. Toypedos

Toypedos are a tried and true pool toy for all ages. They are a diving toy that glides underwater up to 20 feet. 

Diving toys turn a game of catch into an underwater adventure. Use these toys only with adults and teens who are proficient swimmers.

These toys are made to sink to the bottom of the pool no matter how deep. 

Keep kids busy for hours throwing and retrieving colorful toypedos from one end of the pool to the other. The bright colors make them easy to find and collect when it’s time to clean up. 

There are only four available in a pack which means you’ll need more than one if you’re buying for a large group of kids. 

2. Mermaid Tails

Make all your mermaid fantasies come true with the Fin Fun Mermaid Tail. The tail comes in an assortment of iridescent colors to match a variety of swimsuit styles.

This 3-D looking tail isn’t just for selfies by the pool. It works as a mono flipper allowing you to glide underwater as you would using a pair of flippers.

The material is comparable to a bathing suit or wetsuit making it the perfect complement to your swim gear. There is a range of sizes available so adults can join in on the fun.

Swim carefully along the bottom of the pool with this mermaid fin. The material does rip easily against rough surfaces.

3. Volleyball Net

One of the best swimming pool toys and games is in-pool volleyball. It’s a low impact alternative to the traditional sport and requires no sand to get started.

A floating net divides the teams and volleyball ‘court’ into two with anchors on each end to keep it in place. Volleyball games are great for beginners and vets alike.

Expert swimmers can enjoy the game in the deep end of the pool transforming the game into an exercise in treading water. The net and the volleyball that comes in the kit are made from a sturdy vinyl to help avoid holes.

4. Swim Thru Rings

Swim Thru Rings are one example of swimming pool toys and games that can be played completely underwater. Use these rings with older children who are comfortable holding their breath for extended periods of time.

These rings add lots of fun to an in-pool obstacle course where swimmers race to see who gets the best time. Adjustable air chambers are included that allow you to change the depth of the rings. 

5. Water Wheel

Kids can walk on water with the Greenco Kids Colorful Inflatable Water Wheel Roller. At 51 inches in diameter, it’s one of the perfect-sized swimming pool toys and games for transitional swimmers. 

Riders can fit inside the water wheel or use it as a flotation device when they get too tall for the toy. Buy more than one water wheel to host a race among swimmers. 

6. Inflatable Slide

Transform your backyard into a waterpark with an inflatable water slide this summer.  Neighbors and friends won’t want to leave your backyard with this fun swimming pool feature. 

Inflatable swimming pool slides are a portable option that can grow with your child. Once the child outgrows the pool, you can easily remove it from the pool’s edge. 

The weight limit on the pool slide makes it a better option for younger children. It comes with an inflatable stepping mat and climbing stairs along the back. 

7. Aqua Golf

Adults need love, too. Swimming pool toys and games for adults include Aqua Golf, a golf green that floats on top of the water.

This game is best played from the pool’s edge making it a fun option for non-swimmers. Designate one person to get the ball from the water each time you miss a hole. 

Aqua Golf is a great option beyond the swimming pool season as it works on top of grass or cement. 

8. Floating Arcade Game

Turn your swimming pool into an arcade this summer with inflatable shooter games. Players spray a target using a constant supply water gun to hit the target.

The inflatable sides help keep players from floating away during gameplay.  Choose this game for players of all ages as there is no athletic ability or swimming required.

The game can hold up to two players at a time. 

9. Poolside Rock Climbing Wall

Poolside rock climbing walls are a way to level up your summer swim experience. They are a great alternative to traditional diving boards and water slides in pools.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your fitness while swimming this summer, a climbing wall is the perfect solution. The height you choose will give you the level of challenge you need during a climb. 

10. Sea Saw Rocker

A sea-saw rocker carries up to two players who battle to see how they can stay on the longest as the flotation device rocks against the waves. This toy is fun for kids of all ages but does come with a weight limit.

Take this toy along for trips to the beach as a fun way to play on stronger water currents. 

Swimming Pool Toys and Games

Stocking up on the best swimming pool toys and games this summer can help your family enjoy countless days of backyard fun. Larger pool toys and inflatables can be expensive to start but the cost pays in the long run as you visit fewer arcades, water parks, and theme parks.  

For more information on choosing the best pool features, check our blog for updates.