So, you’re digging up your back yard to put in a swimming pool. Where does picking a color scheme fit into this project when there’s so much else to be done? 

The last thing you want as a homeowner is to spend thousands of dollars on this type of renovation project, only for it not to suit the rest of your home. That’s why the right swimming pool color scheme is so important. 

Here’s how to ensure your swimming pool area is the perfect addition to your home.

6 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Swimming Pool Color Scheme

When you think about an idyllic swimming pool area, you’re probably not thinking about colors. Maybe you’re thinking about pool size, water features, pool decking, adding a hot tub or inground features

The truth of the matter is, the right swimming pool color scheme can make or break for your home. 

Overall, your swimming pool features affect the look and feel of your entire backyard and entertainment area. Ideally, you want these areas to flow into one another in aesthetic unison and the best way to do this is with color. 

1. Determine Your Primary Working Color 

The primary color of your swimming pool area will be determined by the water inside your pool. Now, this may sound silly — water is clear, isn’t it? Yes, but the material you choose for the inside of your pool determines the color of its water. 

Once you choose your pool’s interior materials, this gives you your base, primary color to work with. Some popular finishes to choose from include light, aqua blue, teal blue, dark blue and even black. 

Your swimming pool contractor should then be able to match all customizable finishes to this primary color. 

2. Look at Your Swimming Pool Finish For Inspiration 

If you’re looking for secondary colors to incorporate into your over color scheme, the finishings of your swimming pool could help. Swimming pool finishings include the tiling, pebbles or other detailing above the waterline. If this area is finished with pebbles, pick out a secondary color that shows up the different colored pebbles. 

The finish of your pool may also draw on certain themes or aesthetics, such as a tropical vibe, Grecian theme, or beach house feel. Look to these themes for color inspiration. For example, a Grecian theme may use colors of dark blue, navy, and brilliant white. 

3. Look at Pool Surroundings For Accent Colors 

Once you have chosen your primary and secondary colors for your color scheme, it’s time to tie it all together with accent colors. These little pops of color can really bring your swimming pool area to life and inject it with its own character. 

Look at the surroundings around your swimming pool. Whether it’s garden foliage, pool furniture, patio decor, or your home’s exterior.

For example, if your pool is surrounded by lush foliage, work with this inspiration to build a green, colorful tropical theme. If the exterior of your home is bright red brick, you may prefer to stick to more neutral white or grey tones so it doesn’t clash. Or, you could mirror the red with pops of color in flowers, pool lounger cushions, etc. 

4. Draw Inspiration From Swimming Pool Galleries

Your swimming pool contractor should be able to help you with choosing a color scheme. Generally, they should have a gallery of photos of their previous work to offer some inspiration. 

Look at their previous projects to get an idea of what colors work best around a swimming pool, especially once you’ve chosen your primary color. You don’t have to copy the exact color scheme of a previous project. You can inject your own character with different accent colors that suit your home’s aesthetic. 

5. Create Color with Lighting  

If you’re looking for a more obvious way to create color and drama around your swimming pool, a good way to do so is with lighting. 

Customized lighting helps to change the mood of your outdoor area, and also highlight your favorite architectural elements. In short, swimming pool lighting creates a unique ambiance. Choose from energy-efficient LED lighting surrounding your pool or even color changing lights inside the swimming pool. 

Not only does this add to the look and feel of your pool, but it’s also great for entertaining and enhances your backyard safety.

6. Find Color Inspiration From Pool Decking or Paving

Whether you choose to pave around the exterior of your pool, install decking, or lush green grass, draw on these materials for color inspiration.

Swimming pool tiling and paving are available in a wide range of shades and textures. This gives you a plethora of colors to choose from such as grey, white, charcoal, black, beige, and even pink. 

The same goes for swimming pool decking. This material is extremely versatile and also available in a range of shades. You can easily find your secondary decorating color from the materials used around the outside of your pool. 

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