Are you looking for ways to keep your custom pool clean when you install it? Do you want to see what all goes into maintaining a pool? If so, then you need to learn all you can about how to clean your pool properly.

Doing so can help you lengthen the lifespan of your pool, prevent germs and bacteria from spreading, and keep that pool looking clean and refreshing. That way, it’s always prepared for people to use it!

See below for an in-depth guide on how to keep your pool clean and have it shining like the day that you first installed it.

1. Know When to Open the Pool

First things first, part of keeping your pool in optimal shape is knowing when to open it for the season ahead. That’s of vital importance, as it lengthens or shortens the time for the active pool maintenance, as well as the weather conditions it will have to endure.

We recommend opening the pool any time in the spring. As far as when exactly you do that is completely up to you! If you’re the type of family that will jump into the pool, regardless of how cold or warm the water is (as most kids are), then feel free to open it around early to mid-April.

Also, make sure that when you go to open the pool, you do it the right way. Start by cleaning off the entire area surrounding your pool. That way, debris isn’t falling into your water as you’re filling it back up.

Fill up the pool until it’s about half a foot from the top of your pool. Once it’s filled reconnect all of the valves, as well as the heater and pump.

Once that’s done, you’ll have to work on balancing the chemicals in the pool, which can take several days. Don’t rush. Shock the pool as needed and test it often.

2. Give It a Thorough Clean

While you wait for the pool’s chemical levels to balance, you can go to work on cleaning the inside of the pool. the more emphasis you place on this, the clearer the water will be.

Start by grabbing your skimmer and making sure that the top of your pool (the surface) is void of any debris or toys. You must skim your pool often, as floating debris can wreak havoc on your pool’s filter system.

Once the surface is clean, replace the skimmer with the brush attachment on your pole. Make sure to brush both the walls and floors in a circular motion. This will help break up the build-up of dirt and algae that, if not cleaned, can spread like wildfire.

After you’ve broken up those algae spores, it’s time to vacuum! If you have a robotic pool vacuum, you can just turn it on and let it go. If you’re vacuuming by hand, then you’ll want a partner close by to help you turn the filter on and off.

Once you’ve vacuumed, you need only to clean the pool filter. Every filter is different, so be sure to follow the steps that are given in your filter’s manual.

3. Pay Special Attention to Your Deck

Far too many pool owners overlook the deck or surface that surrounds their pool. They focus so much time and attention on cleaning their pool, but none on the deck.

The dirt, dust, and debris that you see on your pool deck will usually find their way into your pool as well. That might be why you feel like you’re fighting an endless battle with your pool’s cleanliness.

To clean your pool deck/surface efficiently, be sure to sweep it often. We also recommend a thorough pressure washing every few months to keep your entire pool area looking brand-new. 

If you see a piece of trash or debris on the surface, be proactive and dispose of it. Otherwise, you might find that piece stuck in your filter system down the line.

4. Shock the Pool After Events

Indeed, you don’t want to shock your pool too often. However, you will definitely want to shock it after what experts refer to as “heavy use.” 

For us, that means shocking it a day or two after any major pool parties that you have at your house, as well as every few weeks (assuming your family uses the pool often enough). 

Shocking the pool helps the chemicals get back into balance. It removes heavy bacteria and contamination, which is commonplace after multiple families go in and out of your pool.

5. Properly Winterize Your Pool

It’s important to winterize your custom pool properly, that way, your pool can endure the Katy, TX winter when it isn’t being used. 

First, you’ll want to drain the pool about a foot and a half below its usually surface line. You’ll want to drain the filter and heater as well. Once they’re fully drained, disconnect the tubes and store them safely for the winter.

After that, you’ll want to give your pool one last, good clean. Go over all the steps we mentioned before: skim the water, brush the floor and walls, vacuum the pool, then give it one last shock before you cover it for the winter.

How to Clean Your Pool: Prioritize Its Maintenance

Now that you’ve seen how to clean your pool and keep it looking brand-new, be sure to use this information wisely.

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