The time has come again to gather with friends in your outdoor space and bask in the Texan sun! You can almost smell the barbecue, taste the ice-cold beer, and feel the refreshing water on your skin as you take a dip in the pool.

But every day in the sun has got to have somewhere to cool off in the shade. For single-family homes built in 2019 in the West South Central area of the US, about 75% percent had patios. But how do you enjoy your patio when the sun is blazing hot?

Your outdoor living space can be easily upgraded with a unique patio cover design. You’ll want a design that flows with your home’s architecture and provides functionality. Most importantly, you’ll want to find one that fits your budget and needs!

Here are 8 patio cover design ideas to get you started on your journey to a more inviting and enjoyable patio space. 

1) Classic Wood-Paneled

Offering a sleek, finished look, a wood-paneled paneled patio cover can bring a natural aesthetic to your outdoor space. Providing full coverage from the sun, wood-paneled patio covers make for a cozy hideaway that’s functional no matter the heat. 

Consider your options for materials. There are plenty of wood look-alike options out there, such as vinyl or plastic. Materials like these are extra durable and still maintain the beauty of wood-paneling.

2) Pergola

For the perfect balance of sun and shade, look no further than the ever-popular pergola. Pergolas have an open lattice design, keeping your patio light and airy. Pergolas can also be constructed from a variety of materials such as wood or vinyl.

Not to mention, the opportunities for decor with pergolas are endless. Try hanging plants or twisting vines along your pergola to create an outdoor garden escape. For a magical touch in the evenings, twinkling fairy lights are the way to go.

The pergola can transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful paradise for you and your guests.

3) Rustic Wood-Framed

If the architecture of your Texas home leans more traditional country, a rustic wood frame may be the perfect match.

The large wooden beams provide a hefty, solid support system, while an A-frame design adds more height to bring loftiness to your outdoor space.

4) Low Maintenance Metal

For the homeowner on a budget, meet the cost-effective patio addition option: metal! Usually mounted with a wood frame, metal/aluminum patio covers are built to withstand the elements. That means minimal upkeep and durability!

A metal patio cover may not strike you as the ideal choice for the summer months. Metal conducts heat and can make the space underneath your patio cover even hotter. However, adding ceiling fans can be a great way to combat the heat, ensuring comfort in your outdoor living space.

5) Attached Patio Cover 

If you’re looking to cover a small patio or want to leave some of your outdoor space uncovered, an attached “lean-on” design is the way to go.

This design relies on your home for structural support on one side, with beams to support the other. It’s a less expensive option for creating that safe haven from the sun that you’re looking for. All patio covers, but especially attached patio covers, can be designed with matching the current roof of your home in mind.

This option is also great for designating areas of your outdoor living space for specific purposes. Your covered patio area can become a lounge spot, dining area, or entertainment space.

6) Screen Rooms 

If you want ultimate protection from the elements and pesky bugs, the screen room is the best choice. It’ll ensure your outdoor living space is functional at all times.

Screen rooms are usually built with durable aluminum frames and give you the ability to choose from many roof design options. From the floors to the doors, your screen room is fully customizable. 

7) Deck & Patio Cover in One

With a two-story home, you have the opportunity to create two enjoyable outdoor spaces by making your patio cover a deck for the second floor! This design provides full coverage for your outdoor patio since it functions as the floor of your upstairs deck.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity for multiple outdoor spaces to entertain a large number of guests? You can look into any of the options mentioned above for adding a patio cover to your second-story deck as well.

8) Patio Cover Design Details

No matter what design or materials end up as your patio cover, there are plenty of features to add to express your personal style. 

For a pop of color, add paint to the ceiling of your patio cover. Consider lighter shades to help deter heat or match the paint to the rest of your home’s color scheme. 

For even more flair and functionality during the evening, consider adding lighting fixtures to your patio cover. From classic pendants to stand-out chandeliers, there are plenty of lighting options that’ll catch your guests’ eye.

To make your patio cover one with nature, add landscaping that compliments the design. You can grow plants such as wisteria to cover a pergola or plant trees to help provide even more shade. 

We’ve Got You Covered!

As you can see, there are quite a few factors to consider when adding a patio cover to your outdoor living space. But adding one can take your patio from flimsy and fine to fun and functional!

To make sure you find the right patio cover design for your home, you’ll want to work with a professional. At Sahara Construction & Custom Pools, we provide beautiful and functional outdoor living solutions in Katy, Texas and beyond- no matter your style or taste.

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