You have the space. You have the money. So, what’s stopping you from building the pool of your dreams? 

Is it not knowing where to start? Perhaps it is the fear of months and months of construction and disorder.

Well, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Cooling off in your custom pool during those hot summer months could be a lot closer than you think. Read on to find out the average time it takes to build a swimming pool as well as factors to consider before getting started. 

Things to Consider Before Building a Pool

Before you break ground on pool building and before you call in a professional, there are a few things to consider regarding your new pool. 

Choosing Your Location

Picking a good location will not only enhance the aesthetic of your pool but also increase its functionality. Do you want it tucked away in the back corner of the yard or at the focal point of family gatherings? Are you dreaming of swimming out in the open or would you prefer the privacy of an indoor pool


Another factor to consider is the size of your pool. This will depend largely on the space in which you are placing the pool, as well as how you intend to use it. Be sure to leave room in your plan for seating, landscaping, patio space, and other family activities. 

Custom vs Prefab

Once you have an idea of the size and location of your pool, it will be time to decide on building a custom swimming pool or buying a factory-made option.

Custom pools have higher long-term maintenance costs. However, they provide design flexibility and tend to be cheaper to install. This might be better if you are seeking a very specific look or have unique space and shape constraints on your pool.

Prefab pools will save you a bit of money in the long run, but installation costs can be steep. Buying a pre-made pool will also limit your style and size options. 

Heated vs Non-heated

If you’re thinking about building a pool in the middle of summer, having a heated pool may not have crossed your mind. However, when the colder winter months hit, you’ll be glad you thought ahead. 

Along with the ability to use them year-round, heated pools have great health benefits, such as increasing your circulation. They also increase the value of your home more than their non-heated counterparts.  

Average Time to Build a Swimming Pool 

The average time to build a pool is around eight to twelve weeks. This varies depending on several factors, including the success of each step of the construction process.  

Design and Permits ~ 2 to 8 weeks

Before you start construction on your pool, consult with a pool designer to come up with a blueprint. Keep in mind that it may take several drafts before a final decision is agreed upon. The more specific you are with your pool vision and budget, the easier it will be for the consultant. 

You will also need to comply with city and HOA permit requirements in your area. Although professional pool construction companies will help you navigate this process, the time it takes to receive approval is out of their hands. 

Excavation ~ 1 week 

With all the permits in place, you can finally break ground on the project. Under ideal conditions, excavation is a simple job that takes as little as one to two days. However, unforeseen obstacles, such as bad weather, large rocks, tree stumps, or unmarked utilities can delay this step. 

Plumbing, Electrical, and Steel ~ 1 to 2 weeks

This part of the construction process involves laying down the bones of your new pool. This begins by adding steel to provide stability and support to the new structure. Building a pool also requires the installation of new plumbing and electrical lines.

Like excavation, this step is quite simple. However, you should plan for additional time if you want to build a swimming pool in a remote area of your property with no direct access to water and power. 

Gunite, Tile, and Plaster ~ 1 to 5 weeks

Depending on the type of pool you have chosen, this step can take as little as one week. Fiberglass or vinyl pools are prefabricated at a factory and ready for direct installation upon arrival.

Building a custom swimming pool starts with the installation of the gunite (concrete). Depending on the size of your pool this takes a day or less, however, the gunite must cure before adding plaster and tiles. This process takes around three to four weeks.  

Extra Additions ~ 1 to 8 weeks

Depending on your budget and lifestyle preferences you may want to invest in some additional features. Common add-ons include: 

  • Landscaping
  • Lighting
  • Waterfalls or fountains
  • Decking
  • Pavement or paver stones
  • Spas and hot tubs
  • Gazebo or patio cover

The timeline for these additions will depend on the extent and complexity of the renovations. Thinking ahead, such as adding water lines for new landscaping while laying the pool plumbing, will help expedite the process. 

Building a Custom Swimming Pool 

After you’ve figured out what you want, it can take as little as eight weeks to build a swimming pool. That’s not long to wait for an investment that will enhance your life and increase the value of your home. 

To avoid getting stuck in red tape and construction delays brought on by inexperience, make sure you call in the professionals. At Sahara Construction and Custom Pools, we specialize in building custom pools that suit your lifestyle and home aesthetic. 

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