There is a reason millions of homes in the United States have a spa in them— they are luxurious, relaxing, and add value to your home! 

If you already have a pool in your backyard, or you are making plans to install one, then make sure you don’t overlook incorporating a spa into your plans. 

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a dip in the spa after a long day of work! 

Are you interested in learning more about building a spa with your pool? Then this is the article for you.  Let’s go! 

A Spa Adds an Entertainment Feature in Your Home

If you enjoy having guests over and entertaining, then don’t stop at a pool!

Adding a spa can make your yard pop visually and also enhance the experience of your guests. 

For a more intimate evening, you can enjoy the spa in the cold winter months of the year. 

If your guests have kids, then you can easily keep an eye on the kids in the pool from the comfort of a spa. 

A spa just invokes an element that a regular pool won’t— the soft lighting of a spa and the coziness of it adds ambiance to your entire evening. 

A Spa Can Improve Your Sleep

When you are in a spa, the water will give you buoyancy and help your muscles ease and relax. 

In addition, they actually aid your body’s natural thermoregulation process! Throughout the day, your body’s core temperature rises and falls. 

A signal for your body to sleep is when your body’s core temperature starts to fall. 

By taking a quick soak in a spa, your body’s core temperature will rise due to the heat of the water. 

After you get out of the hot tub, your body’s temperature will begin to fall again— signaling to your body and mind that it’s time for bed! 

For the most optimum results, take your soak about an hour or an hour and a half before bed so that your body’s temperature has time to completely cool off again. 

A Spa Has Health and Relaxation Benefits

You don’t need to read a scientific study to know that an at-home spa will increase your relaxation!

The warm water helps your muscles relax and the buoyancy can help with joint pain that you are experiencing in trouble spots like your knees, shoulders, and low-back. 

The warm water plays an added benefit, it helps your veins open up to improve blood circulation! In stress, your blood vessels will actually constrict.

The heat from the spa will counteract this and help you unwind. 

Not only does letting go of stress feel amazing, but it is also actually essential for our health! 

Here are a few conditions that can be prevented by taking the time to de-stress at the end of each day: 

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Muscle pain and spasms
  • Unwanted weight fluctuation
  • Mood changes
  • Difficulty focusing

Adding a spa to your pool is a great way to relax at the end of a tough day and prioritize your personal health. 

To increase the relaxing environment of a spa, here are a few things you can do!

  1. Incorporate a bit of aromatherapy into your spa time. Scents such as valerian, lavender, and jasmine are all great ways to maximize your relaxation time. 
  2. Keep the lights low. Ambient spa lights are a great way to calm your senses visually to prepare for a good night’s rest. 
  3. Play relaxing music. Consider installing a speaker near your pool or spa to enhance your experience. Whether you want to turn it up during the day for a burst of energy or play ambient background noise in the evening, an outdoor speaker gives you that option. 
  4. Drink lots of water. Due to the heat of the spa, it actually has a dehydrating effect that you may not notice. Make sure to consume plenty of water before, during, and after your dip to keep hydrated! 

A Spa Increases the Value of Your Home

Many people are wary of adding pools and spas to their home because they are concerned about their property value. 

Well, there’s good news! When a water feature such as a pool or spa enhances the space, it can dramatically increase the value of your home! 

If you live in a warm climate where your water features can be used for the majority of the year, then you shouldn’t hesitate in adding a pool and spa to your home. 

In addition, homes that are located in suburban communities typically increase the home value the most. This is because residents of this community have the space they need and the added feature of a pool, unlike those in more urban areas. 

Install a Custom Pool and Spa

When it comes to making improvements to your property, make sure to call in the help of professionals. 

Sahara Construction & Custom Pools has years of experience and is able to work with you directly to make sure you have the pool and spa of your dreams! 

With free consultation options, there is no reason not to reach out and explore the potential of your outdoor space

Build a Spa With Your Pool 

Now you know the incredible reasons that you should consider building a spa with your pool! 

A spa with your pool can help you maximize your entertainment space, get a better night’s rest, improve your overall health and relaxation, and increase the value of your home. 

Make sure to maximize your space by getting a free consultation! Getting the opinions of professionals will save you time and help you get the most out of your investment. 

Interested in adding a spa to your home? Then be sure to contact us! We are always happy to help.