Did you know there are more than 10 million swimming pools in the United States? The kinds of pools can vary from above ground to inground, small to large, and simple to the most extravagant pools you can imagine.

If you are considering getting a custom inground pool, then why settle for something ordinary?

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common pool features you can add that will turn a simple pool of water into a tropical getaway.

Swimming Pool Water Features

If you want something really classy looking, there is nothing better than pools with water features.

Scuppers and jets are both popular options. If you don’t know what these are, scuppers are holes in the side of a raised wall that pours water into the pool. Essentially, they are a bunch of small waterfalls that add a lot of visual interest.

Jets are small holes near the side of the pool that can squirt a small jet of water over the pool. Or you can have it continuously running to make a sort of water tunnel over the top of pool.

If you want to add fountains, you can get them in any size and design and put them in the middle of the pool or anywhere else you want.

Of course, waterfalls are usually considered the most luxurious option. A larger waterfall cascading into the end of the pool looks beautiful, especially if it is worked into the landscape to look more natural.

For an even more spectacular waterfall, you can add a grotto. This is essentially a small cave on the side of the pool that has a waterfall flowing over the entrance. Imagine relaxing inside a little grotto, looking through the waterfall at everyone else!

Decks and Landscaping

An inground pool is more than just the water you swim in. It completely changes the landscape of the backyard or wherever else the pool may be located. If you have an ordinary grassy yard with a simple pool plopped into the middle, it won’t look that special. But imagine if the entire landscape is focused on the swimming pool.

One way to do this is having decking all around the pool and entire area. You can choose whatever material you want. Slate, flagstone, cobblestone, patterned cement are all options. You can choose the colors and designs you want.

It is best to work the decking into the landscaping. For example, a smooth slate walkway with palm trees on either side will make it look like paradise, no matter where you live.

Depending on the size and shape of your pool, a unique option is to have a bridge! If there is a narrower section of the pool, you can have a small bridge that walks over that area. It is functional, looks beautiful, and will make yours stand out from every other pool!

Add Some Fire

A popular option these days is to add some flames to your watery paradise. This is a great idea since it lets people warm up if the water is making them a little cool. If you are hanging out with friends in the evening or after dark, it also adds some light and ambience. Not to mention it looks awesome!

You can add as many fire bowls as you like to the sides of the pool, usually raised a bit so the water won’t splash them. Or you can add even add a raised fire bowl in the middle of the pool for a one of a kind centerpiece.

If you like hosting dinner parties then you may want to add a fire pit nearby. As before, this adds some mood lighting to the area. But it is also more functional since it is meant to be used for cooking.

This is perfect for pool parties when people want to toast some marshmallows or grill some hotdogs to have a snack, but then go right back to swimming. It is especially great for hungry teenagers, whose favorite recreational activity is swimming.

Kitchen Features

If you do plan on having lots of dinner parties by the pool then you will definitely be interested in kitchen and bar features.

Usually near the swimming pool instead of in it, you can add several different kitchen-like options. You can have an outdoor grill, sink, cabinets, pizza oven, and more. Of course, you’ll want a table and chairs for everyone to gather around for eating, too.

However, it is possible to add certain features actually into the pool instead of beside it. This will not work for the grill, but you can add a table and bar stools into the pool if you want. Typically the table will be raised so your food and drinks don’t get wet, but the stools are recessed into the pool a bit so you can stay cool while you snack.

Lighting Options

Lighting options are great if you want to make your swimming pool more unique looking, or if you want to be able to swim at night. There are many options when it comes to lighting.

As we mentioned before, fires can add both functionality and light to the area. You can also install lights into the pool to illuminate the water. Any other features you have added can also be lit up. Jets and scuppers can have colored LEDs to make your pool have a lot of color. Waterfalls can even have lights shining on them, or colored lights coming from inside a grotto.

Fun and Games

If your swimming pool is going to be used by children, or adults who simply want to have fun, then there are plenty of fun features to add. This can include slides or a diving board. In fact, around 38% of all inground pools have diving boards.

Once again, it is recommended to incorporate these into your design. For example, a twisting slide that goes over the waterfall into the pool would look amazing.

How to Get These Pool Features

Now you know about the variety of swimming pool features available to you. But how much will it cost and who can help you bring your vision of a paradise into a reality?

At Sahara Construction & Custom Pools we specialize in creating unique pools with whatever features you can imagine. Use our contact page to see how we can help you build your dream pool!