There’s nothing like having a party, and adding a pool to the fun makes it even better.

What Texan doesn’t love a pool party? We’re in one of the few states where it’s possible to have fun in a pool all year long! Adding heating to your pool and a heated outdoor pool house can make your pool party ready throughout the year.

A lot of your friends and neighbors already have pools. You’ll want to do something to stand out so people think your pool parties are unforgettable.

While you worry about getting the rest of your home party ready, we’ll give you some pool party ideas that’ll make your house the place to hang.

5 Pool Party Ideas People Won’t Forget

Whether you need to keep kids entertained at a party or want some time with friends, we have ideas you’ll love.

If you have an active imagination, almost anything can become a fun party theme. But if you’re running low on ideas for your house pool party, make sure to keep these in mind.

Black/White Party

You may have been to black and white events at clubs. If you apply the same theme to your pool party, you’ll throw a classy and stylish soiree that’s simple to pull off.

When you send out invites, tell everyone to wear black or white swimsuits. Some people ask men to dress and black and women to dress in white or vice versa.

This theme is easy for your guests to participate in and people will look gorgeous and coordinated in your photos!

Beach Bum Party

When you can’t go to the beach, it’s time to bring the beach to you! If you’re in need a fun pool party idea, make it beach themed.

Put some beach chairs on the lawn and set up a volleyball net in the pool. Go the extra mile and see if you can find some fun Hawaiian shirts at a local thrift store to complete your beach look.

Winter Wonderland

Everyone is going to be throwing the same boring Christmas party. Why not spice yours up by making it a pool party too?

Some simple winter maintenance and a heated pool can help you throw a warm and fun Christmas party. Be sure to keep your pool warm and to give your guests somewhere to warm up if the outdoor air is a little chilly.

If you want to cool down during some of the hottest summer days, consider having Christmas in July or August. This theme can work all year!

Party Under The Stars

When the heat sets in during the summer it can be hard to want to swim during the day. Why not enjoy some hot summer nights by having a pool party after dark?

Line your backyard with some Christmas lights, set up some torches, and have a fun night in the pool with your friends.

If you have some interest in getting an up-close look at the stars, be sure to buy or rent a telescope so your guests can stargaze.

Backyard Olympics

This is a great party theme if you plan on having plenty of kid attendees. Turning your backyard into an Olympic arena with your pool as the center attraction can be fun for people of all ages.

Make your games water-themed so everyone stays cool and wet. Have races down slip and slides and do a water balloon toss. If you have some fast swimmers in your friend group, set up some races to see who’s the best!

Upgrade Your Pool

With all of these potential pool party ideas, you’ll want your pool to be party ready at all times.

Whether your pool could use a makeover or some routine maintenance, we’re here to help. Sign up for our free consultation so we can talk about the best way to meet your pool needs.