When the sun starts to shine, summer fun takes center stage. It’s time to start getting yourself ready for the event of the summer. It’s time to start planning your pool party.

If you’re ready to throw the pool party of the year, keep reading for our tips. We have everything you need to know about how to plan a pool party that will impress.

1. Prepare For Everything

One of the best tips for planning a pool party is to prepare ahead of time.
You’ll need to know how many guests you’ll want to invite. After you know how many people will be there, you’ll know how much food you’ll need.

Before the party, you’ll need to have a plan for after-party pick up. While you want your guests to have fun, you don’t want a big mess when you’re done.

Have a clear budget for your party and know what times you want it to start and end to pave the way for a successful pool day.

2. Theme Is Key

For your summer pool party to be non-stop fun, you need to get creative. And there are many pool party ideas for you to choose from.

Have you always planned an island escape? Bring tropical fun to your pool party with a tropical island theme.

Are you in love with mermaids? It’s time to create a magical pool party with mermaid tails required.

The right theme will make your pool party stand out. Make sure to consider not only your likes but the likes of the guests you’ll be inviting when selecting a theme. Whatever makes your guests happiest will make your pool party the most fun.

3. Send Invitations

Hosts have used the art of invitations since people first started holding parties.

They are one of the most important parts of any celebration. An invitation’s job is to make the guests ready to party before they even dive into your pool. 

Make sure to theme your invitations to your selected pool party theme. Include the times and what your guests will need to bring to the party in your invitation.

Be sure to ask guests to RVSP by a certain day. That way, you will know how many people to plan for.

4. Go All Out on Decorations

Do you want your pool party guests to have next-level summer getaway fun? Then decorations are a must.

You’ll want to start at your outside space. Everything from your back porch to the lights around your pool will need something to make it stand out.

Try a balloon wreath for even more of a fun feeling at your pool party. Put some of those balloons into your pool to add to the carefree summer atmosphere.

You will need to fill your food with the most unique pool floats. They’ll make your guests feel even more in their summer element. 

Put your fun pool floats on dry land for an extra flair to your on-land decor.

5. Create an Ice Cream Bar

Ice cream is an essential part of any summer pool party. And an ice cream bar is a perfect way to make your summer pool party the envy of your neighborhood.

An ice cream bar is easy to assemble.

You’ll only need a cart or open space and containers. Make sure to add decorations to your ice cream bar to make it seem even more welcoming.

Set up your guests’ most requested flavors and toppings in marked containers. Make sure to also include ice cream cone options to delight everyone’s taste buds.

Your ice cream bar will have your guests coming back until there is no ice cream left to enjoy.

6. Make the Best Pool Games

Make sure to prepare pool games that will keep everyone in the summer spirit.

You can create a diving tournament. Have a bracket set up that your guests can sign up for when they come through the door. Your guests will go head-to-head for the honor of being the diving champion.

For your guests that can’t get enough of the competition, buy a float volleyball court. Mark off a section of your pool as the designated court to keep your guests’ heads in the game.

If you’re looking for more carefree fun, have a colorful beach ball ready for any guest to use. This will be a breezy change of pace that will be as fun as the more fast-paced games of the day.

7. Summer Food for Summer Fun

Food is a part of building the best pool party experience. Plan out your menu ahead of time and make sure to include themed food.

For the main course, try grilled food. This puts everyone in the summer spirit. It also gives you the ability to offer many different options.

You can put out skewers as appetizers. You can offer chicken sandwiches and hamburgers for your guests. 

Don’t forget about the sides and desserts. 

Have chips and dip available for your guest’s snacking pleasure. Offer watermelon to keep your guests feeling fresh. You’ll also want to include lighter desserts like coconut cake to pair with your ice cream bar.

8. Have Take-Home Fun

Prepare themed goodie bags to make sure your party never stops. You can even give out your goodie bags as your guests enter the door to help them enjoy your party even more.

Fill your goodie bags with goggles, sunglasses, and sunblock. Add in stylish drink pool floats to make your guests’ experience all the more exciting. You can even provide small alcohol bottles for the pool party to start as soon as your guest grabs their bag.

Your goodie bags will be the perfect start or end to your guests’ perfect summer day.

Your Pool Party Will Make the Summer

Your pool party will be the highlight of the summer with these pool party planning tips. Pull out your grill and pool floats and start the summer fun.

If you need a new pool or pool repair before you can start the summer, check out our services