There are 10.4 million pool owners in the United States making swimming and lounging a popular activity for the masses. There are tons of accessories and features you can add to your pool to make it go above and beyond. One of those accessories is a diving board.

Read on to find out eight tricks you can do off a diving board for swimming fun!

1. Cannonball

The cannonball is the ultimate trick to make sure people see you and are paying attention. Unless you’re stick thin, you’re sure to make a splash and cause some fun in the pool.

If you have seen the movie Sandlot, you’ve seen what the cannonball causes. Usually, a massive splash is sure to reach everyone around. This rowdy trick might not be the best option if you’re in the presence of those who prefer to stay dry by the pool.

So, how do you execute the perfect cannonball? Jump as high as possible off the diving board. When you have reached the top of the jump bring your knees up to your chest and hold onto them with both your arms.

You want to be a sphere-shaped as possible when you hit the water for the maximum splash!

2. Gainer

Be sure that you are extra careful when trying out this trick. It’s one of the more complicated tricks to accomplish and can be a little risky! Although, any tricks come with some risk so you should take caution any time you are in the pool.

Only attempt this one if you are experienced with diving tricks and confident in your swimming. This trick is essentially a backflip.

To do this you’ll need to stand at the back of the diving board. Take about three big, fast steps and hurdle yourself forward and off of the edge. Raise your arms up and your knees to the hip area.

Bring your knees over your head as you form into a cannonball-like shape. Extend your legs as you become about two feet from the water and enter feet first.

3. Bellyflop

This one is pretty funny for everyone involved. You’re guaranteed to cause lots of laughs. It doesn’t take much skill either. Beware of the slight burn you might feel afterward though.

The bellyflop is exactly what it sounds like. To perform this trick, go to the edge of the diving board. Let yourself fall forward parallel to the water. You can jump on the board to create a bigger splash!

4. Backbuster

Similar to the bellyflop, you’ll want to consider the burn that is sure to follow. This one might even be more painful than the bellyflop. However, it will ensure laughs and splash.

The backbuster is a bit customizable. It really doesn’t matter how you end up busting your back, as long as you do so. This might be from an incomplete front flip or some other move.

Many people do a backbuster on accident when attempting to perform another trick.

5. Front Flip

The front flip is pretty simple and one of the more basic tricks you can do. We’ve all seen a front flip whether it was in the swimming pool or not.

Start at the back of the diving board and take a few quick steps towards the end. Once you reach the end use your dominant foot to push yourself off the board. Push your weight down on the board to get a good bounce.

After your body leaves the board bring your arms up and shift your center of gravity. Bend back at the waist, tuck your legs in, and hold with your arms. After the rotation is complete, let your legs extend again and enter the water.

6. Can Opener

Some prefer the can opener as opposed to the cannonball. This move can create an even bigger splash.

Do this one by leaning back at about a slight angle as you jump from the diving board. Bring up only one knee to your chest and wrap your arms around it. Stay in this position as you enter the water feet first.

7. Pencil

The pencil is sometimes called the toothpick. As you can imagine, you leave your body as straight as possible to do this one. It also does not require much skill and is hardly different than simply jumping into the water.

All you need to do is jump at the end of the diving board. Then bring your arms to your side and lay them as flat as possible. Bring your legs together as straight as you can and point your toes.

Minimal splash is the goal. You should enter the water without making much sound or movement. The pencil can be really cool if you can master the art of being peaceful.

8. Flying Squirrel

Another name that holds no secrets. The idea here is for you to look like a flying squirrel. This is one of the easier tricks that also provides style.

You need lots of air time for this so you want to get a good jump at the end of the diving board. As you jump off the board, reach your arms backward. Bend your knees so that your legs come back as well.

While you are in the air, grab onto your ankles and hold. Continue this as you enter the water.

Have Fun on Your Diving Board

Diving boards are a fun way to enhance any pool. They are probably one of the most common additions to be made to a residential pool. These diving board tricks can be used to ensure that you are making the most of your pool and diving board.

Don’t have a pool yet and want in on the fun? Maybe you already have one and are looking to upgrade or get it serviced? Contact us today for custom pool solutions and services in southeast Texas!