Did you know that private pools were nearly sold out across the country last Summer? Sanitization scares are on every parent’s mind this Summer as well.

Keep your children safe by investing in a private pool this Summer. Read our guide to the top 10 pool games for kids to enjoy as a family!

1. Marco Polo Never Gets Old

Marco Polo dates back to some of your earliest childhood Summer memories because it’s one of the best pool games for kids. Share that nostalgia with your children and teach them how to play as well!

This game is quick, fun, and easy to understand. You can take turns or play in a large group, so no one feels left out.

Marco Polo is an aquatic version of hide and seek. Begin the game by selecting who the seeker is. Once you know they are, decide if you shall take turns or play in a large group.

The seeker will try to find the rest of the group by the call of their voice. The trick is, the hiders are always swimming away! Marco Polo can easily turn into a pool game favorite!

2. Pool Diving Contest

Don’t have a diving board? No problem! If your pool is deep enough, then teach your children how to safely jump into the pool.

Dives come in a wide array of forms. Teach your children fun dives like the cannonball or bellyflop and take turns competing for the best ones!

Older kids can enjoy ranking each other based on technique, style, and grace. If safety is a concern, then rank each other on floaty dives.

Using a floaty, dip into the water with maximum style to receive maxim points from this round’s judges!

3. Aquatic Sports

Pool games can lean on the skills your kids have learned on land, like how to play sports! Basketball and volleyball are pool-time favorites.

Sorry soccer, everyone is still waiting on your underwater counterpart to be invented. Hang up a net or hoop and begin enjoying your sport-filled Summer!

4. Snorkeling Practice: Scavenger Hunt

Snorkeling is a treasured pastime for many beachgoers. Bring marine life to your pool by placing toys in the water for your kids to dive down and play with.

Collect fish, shells, starfish, and other underwater toys to keep at the bottom of your pool. Hand your kids some goggles so they can go exploring the reef to meet their new friends.

Snorkeling is a wonderful educational opportunity as well. Bring a whiteboard to the pool with dry erase markers to teach your children about the sea life they find at the bottom of the pool.

This fun pool game for kids exposes them to healthy ocean behavior and all of the new friends they have waiting for them in the sea.

5. Pool Games for Kids: Freeze Tag

Tag is a classic playground game that can easily transition into the pool. Freeze tag is an option that makes it easier to play in large group settings.

Select a tagger and have them count to 10. While they are counting, everyone else will get as far away as possible.

Once the tagger is done counting, it’s time to run for your lives! If the tagger tags you, then you freeze until everyone has been tagged.

The last person who is tagged gets to be the tagger in the next round! Have fun and swim fast to win! 

6. For the Older Kids: Chicken Fight

Chicken fights originated in the 1950s with hotrod racing. The principle has been applied to pool games for at least 4 kids to enjoy.

The rules are simple; each team will consist of 2 people. One person will be on the bottom, and the other person will sit on their shoulders. Both teams try to knock down the other team!

Ensure that you are safely away from the pool edges to avoid anyone harming themselves as they fall back into the water. This creates a safe space to enjoy one of the best swimming pool games!

7. Underwater Photoshoot

Who can take the coolest picture underwater? Find out by hosting an underwater photoshoot game!

Underwater photoshoots add a unique element to your creative pool time fun. The photoshoot can be based on any elements you want.

To make the pool time photoshoot a game, add a challenge that every model has to meet. The challenge could be something like the model has to hold 10 fish in the photo.

The models holding 10 fish get to come up with the next photoshoot idea! This is a fun way to snap some unconventional photos while inspiring your children to think outside the box.

8. Underwater Tea Party

An underwater tea party isn’t just for mermaids. Purchase a plastic tea set, cups, saucers, and spoons to create an underwater tea room. The trick is to find some heavy enough to not float back up to the top!

Tell your kids to put on their cutest swimsuits and invite their favorite underwater friends to the tea party!

Enjoy crafting invisible tea recipes and eating imaginary sea snacks from the comfort of your at-home ocean.

9. Mermaid for a Day

Speaking of mermaids, why not be a mermaid for a day? Investing in mermaid tails could award you “Best Parent of the Summer”!

Who said games for the pool couldn’t be based on fantasy? Enjoy this deep dive into the mythical world of the mermaids.

Do all of the things that mermaids love to do, sing, swim, and be mer-mazing! Make sure to take some underwater photos of your majestic mermaids playing!

10. Pool Noodle Joust

Pool noodles are inexpensive foam tubes that are available almost everywhere. Grab a pair of pool noodles and a pair of floaties to hold a jousting competition!

Sit your children on the floaties and give them each a pool noodle. Push the floats so that they are headed right towards each other and fight! 

Ready for Your Custom Pool?

Now that you are aware of all of the fun waiting to be had with pool games for kids, it’s time to order your custom pool! 

Creating the pool of your dreams doesn’t have to be complicated. Visit our blog for helpful tips and pool envy. Please contact us with any questions you may; we’re glad to help!