Did you know that there are over 8.4 million pools in the United States alone? Of this number, 4.5 million of these are privately owned outdoor pools.

Americans do a lot of swimming!

It’s easy to see why so many are fond of this aquatic activity. It promotes physical health, it’s relaxing, and it’s fun!

In this article, we break down several aspects to focus on when building, customizing or renovating the unique outdoor pool of your dreams.

So, grab your goggles, and let’s dive in!

Pool Shape and Size

The first thing to consider when building or renovating your outdoor pool is the pool shape and size.

Angular edges are classic while curving lines feel natural and blend into the surrounding environment.

Choosing the size of your pool is also important in creating your desired aquatic atmosphere. Larger pools hold more water and tend to appear grander. Smaller pools display small details and make a space feel secluded and intimate.

Do you want a magnificent, watery expanse or a hidden, private oasis?

Other features including interior walls, a bar, or a shallow area with chairs for beach-style lounging can also be included in the design.

Infinity pools are also a popular choice among homeowners with a slightly larger budget. This sleek, endless-appearing pool design comes with a 62% higher price tag on average than a regular pool. 

Building Materials

Another way to make your pool unique is by carefully selecting your building materials.

If you opt for a regular pool over an infinity pool, choosing a bordering stone for the rim of the pool can greatly enhance the space.

Rather than bordering your pool with a concrete edge, a grey or brownstone material makes your space feel natural, luxurious, and inviting!

The interior of the pool can be constructed with different materials as well. Common building materials include concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl, and each one varies in price.

Concrete pools can even be lined with ceramic tiles to increase the pool’s visual appeal. Choosing a vibrant blue or green colored ceramic is a great way to make the water look vibrant, clear, and refreshing!

If you are in the Houston area and do not already own a pool, find your individualized construction rate using our finance calculator!

Water Features

Water features are also a great way to enhance the splendor of your pool!

A water feature is anything that moves or directs the flow of water outside of what is necessary for the functioning and health of the pool. 

Common water features include pool waterfalls and fountains.

You can build a waterfall in almost any area of a pool. Water can cascade from an elevated surface or imitation stone for a naturalistic space with no obvious signs of plumbing. 

Fountains also utilize moving water to elevate the look of your pool area.

Built-in hot tubs are another water feature that provides relaxation and entertainment to your pool.

Get creative and combine different water features for a charming pool area!

Pool Lighting

Lighting is another way to create a unique ambiance at your pool. It allows you to safely swim at night while providing a fun atmosphere to do so. 

Install lights anywhere you want to focus attention. Pool walls, fountains, waterfalls, stonework, and other surrounding landscaping are all perfect for this.

The color of your lighting also adds to your pool’s atmosphere. For example, multi-colored lighting creates a fun environment for hosting nighttime pool parties. 

You can also illuminate your space with waterproof floating lights to add color and interest to your pool.


Similar to water features, accessories are a great way to make your pool area fun and interactive for yourself and your guests. 

Common pool accessories include backyard waterslides and diving boards. These accessories require prior planning because they are often part of the pool’s infrastructure.

Waterslides rely on plumbing to transport water from the pool or a hose to the top of the slide. Diving boards need stabilization and require installation on top of concrete. 

Other accessories include basketball hoops, volleyball nets, pool floats, and floating coolers.

Pool accessories are also a great way to make sure your kids are entertained! 

Surrounding Landscaping/Area

A final consideration for your unique outdoor pool area is the pool’s surrounding landscape.

You’ve chosen most of the outdoor pool’s features: its shape, size, building material, its water features, and you’ve added accessories and lighting. The final step in achieving the pool of your dreams is to complement it with landscaping.

To do this, surround your pool with eye-catching deck material, plants, seating, as well as with ambient lighting and sounds. 

Stonework or woodwork decking is a great way to make your pool stand out. By adding texture, color, and interest to the ground, the eye is drawn downward and onto other low-lying landscaping details.

Or, as a cost-friendly and highly customizable option, choose concrete for your outdoor pool patio. Check out our article about all of the benefits of concrete pool decks for more information!

Plants can also enliven your pool area by reflecting their coloring off the water to create a lush, blooming atmosphere. Tropical flowers like the Hibiscus, colorful cacti and even palm trees can invigorate any pool area.

Outdoor seating encourages socialization and makes a pool area feel inviting. Make sure your space gets used by adding tables, chairs, or even an outdoor kitchen to create a positive, calming atmosphere!

Lastly, invigorate your pool area with ambient lighting and sounds.

Imitate paradise by placing tiki torches and string lights around your pool for a blissful home-getaway. Hide speakers around your pool area and play waterfall, jungle, or other ambient sounds to create a fully immersive environment.

Get the Outdoor Pool of Your Dreams

So, what makes a pool unique is how well it suits the lifestyle of the individual owner. 

Whether you are thinking of building a pool or are figuring out how to spice up your existing one, these tips can accommodate any stage and any budget!

If you are still unsure about the pool customization process, check out our blog page or set up a free consultation for more information! We’d love to help you create the outdoor pool of your dreams!