Did you know that there are about 10.4 million residential pools in the United States? There is nothing quite like taking a dip on a hot summer day, tropical smoothie in your hand. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your yard, it’s essential that you keep the water clean and healthy.

This guide will go over the nine top tips for pool cleaning. The goal isn’t only to have a pool that sparkles but one that is safe to swim in. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started. 

1. Use a Pool Cover

You may not think that a pool cover is essential, but it’s a great option for retaining heat and maximizing safety for your family and pets. Additionally, it’s a simple way to keep your pool clean. 

If you live in an area surrounded by wildlife, a pool cover is a lifesaver. Animals, leaves, and dirt can find their way to your pool if there’s no cover on it. Avoid spending your weekends cleaning debris and invest in a pool cover. 

2. Measure the pH Value 

The biggest indicator of pool water health is based on the chemistry levels. Lower pH values mean your pool is disinfected well, but you also need to ensure that the value is healthy for your skin. Ideally, your swimming water is between 7.2 and 7.6.

You can check the pH value of your swimming pool with test strips. They’ll indicate whether the values are correct using different colors. High pH means that lime deposits can occur and it can be bad for your health. 

Your pool needs to be at the right pH level to prevent various problems, so be sure to test it often.   

3. Check the Filter Regularly

Your pool filter’s main job is to clean the water around the clock. If something is wrong with your filter, it’ll quickly become obvious. You need to make sure that your filter is clean, unclogged, and up to date. 

Any compromises need to be fixed as quickly as possible. This will ensure that swimming is safe for your family and you don’t have to spend more money on maintenance down the line. 

4. Don’t Forget the Cleaning Chores for Your Pool

Unfortunately, simple maintenance tasks won’t keep your pool clean forever. Although keeping track of your filter and pool chemistry is crucial, there are more strenuous pool-care chores that need to be done to keep your pool clean. This includes scrubbing the sides of your pool, vacuuming, and shocking your pool. 

The good news is that these tasks don’t need to be performed as often as the other tips but they’re still necessary. If you want to enjoy your pool properly, you’ll need to be on top of its maintenance. 

5. Be Careful With Chlorine

Keeping your pool clear and clean with chlorine is common. However, you’ll need to follow the directions for use carefully because too much chlorine is bad for your health. Make sure you measure efficiently to achieve the right level; this is around 1 and 2 ppm/liter. 

You may assume that adding more chlorine will keep your pool cleaner but it can be counterproductive. It can cause eye irritation and have negative effects on your mucous membranes.  

6. Skim Your Pool Often 

Whether you use a pool cover or not, it’s easy for the water to fill up with debris over time. This can disrupt your pool chemistry and make it look awful. You should skim your pool of debris once a day to keep it clean. 

Skimming is vital to have a clean pool and it’s simple to do. Look for any trash or debris and spot clean it to keep it at a respectable level.

7. Consider Automatic Cleaning

If you’re concerned about how time-consuming pool maintenance is, you can opt for automatic cleaning. If you have a pool design that is on the smaller side, it might be more effective to clean it yourself. 

Swimming pool pumps only become useful when swimming pools have a diameter of 183 cm or more. Before you decide to purchase a pool pump, take note of the diameter of the hose and connection.

8. Watch for Dead Algae

Dead algae tend to be too small for a filter so they sink to the bottom of the pool. They are difficult to remove on the surface and remain in the pool for a long time.

You can use a flocculant to tackle this problem. This binds all of the particles together and creates a larger mass that can be filtered and removed easily. 

9. Keep an Eye on the Water Level

As important as the pH levels are, the physical water level is as important. If there is a heavy rainstorm or a pool party, this can fluctuate the levels. Water that is too low can be fixed by using a garden hose, and water that is too high can be fixed with a submersible pump from a home improvement store.

Be careful with the pump you purchase as it can easily damage a pool’s liner made of fiberglass or vinyl. Once your pool is at the appropriate water level, remember to recheck the chemical composition. 

Important Pool Cleaning Tips

There’s no doubt that having a swimming pool in your home comes with numerous benefits. To best enjoy these advantages, you’ll need to take care of your pool and make sure it’s suitable to swim in. Knowing the right pool cleaning tips will not only keep your pool looking good, but you’ll end up saving money by preventing any damages from neglect. 

It may seem like a significant amount of work at first but you’ll quickly realize that an hour of your time makes a huge difference. 

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