What’s better than a dip in your pool on a hot summer day? Have you thought about a Luau by the pool, maybe a barbecue, or maybe cocktails and time spent soaking up the sun with your closest friends? 

Whichever summer pool party you choose, it is sure to be a blast with the right setup.

If you need some stellar summer pool party ideas, then keep reading and soak up some inspiration for some poolside fun

One: Movie Night

Whether you choose a classic Audrey Hepburn, a rousing musical, or the latest rom-com this pool party is sure to impress. This pool party would work for teens or adults. 

You can set up a projector to show your movie on a sheet or grab a floating inflatable screen for the pool. Serve popcorn, soft drinks, water, hot dogs, and other movie night fare.

Don’t forget to grab some LED lights for your pool or glowing beach balls for festive lighting for this party. 

Two: Luau

Deck your, well, decks with leis and Hawaiian-themed decorations for this party. If you are not up for a full pig roast then cook up some chicken or ham with pineapple. 

Serve fresh fruit and try your hands at some amazing Hawaiian food such as an Authentic Hawaiian Macaroni Salad. If you happen to be able to play the ukelele this would be a great time to show off your skills. If not then toss on your favorite Hawaiian playlist. 

You could also bring in someone to teach your guests to Hula dance. On a limited budget? Toss on a YouTube video to have fun laughing with your friends as you attempt to Hula. 

Three: Inflatables

Who said that your party had to be super active? If you are looking for a more laid-back party then inflatable pool party ideas might be more your speed. 

Grab some fun inflatables for your pool for you and your friends to lounge on while you listen to some Beach Boys. Also, make sure that you have snacks and drinks on hand to ensure everyone stays hydrated. 

Four: Nightlife Pool Party

This is one of our pool party ideas for adults. Turn your backyard into a nightclub with this party. Get your favorite tunes ready to play and set up a dance floor for your guests. 

You and your guests can dance until you drop off and then cool off with a nighttime swim. Serve appetizers and drinks for your guests. Do not forget the mocktails for your guests who will be driving or are sober. 

This would be another great place to use the pool LED lights and glowing beach balls. 

Five: Casino Night Pool Party 

Do you love to gamble? Turn your backyard into a Vegas-inspired oasis, if you lose your shirt, well at least you still have the pool. Serve sushi, shrimp cocktail, and other appetizers that are fancy enough to be hors d’oeuvres. 

Make sure the cards are shuffling and the drinks are abundant. Once again do not forget to supply mocktails for your friends who will be driving or are sober. 

Six: Moana Party 

If you have a little one that loves Moana then impress your child and their friends with the best Moana birthday party around! If your child is more into Stitch then this can easily be switched as you celebrate the day your child joined your ohana. 

Serve kid-friendly food such as bite-size fruit, mini corn dogs, and goldfish. If you want to get really creative snag some cookie cutters that go with the theme and use them to cut shapes into sandwiches. 

Make sure that you grab some leis and grass skirts for the kids. Finally, be sure that the sunscreen is abundant as your little ones jump in and out of the pool. 

Seven: Ladies Pool Party

Ladies this one is for you. Invite your favorite ladies over for a day away from the kids and husbands. Take the time to pamper yourselves! 

You can spend the day lounging by the pool or alternating between lounging by the pool and swimming. Make sure that the night before you fill a drink dispenser with water, lime, mint, and cucumber to make a nice refreshing drink to enjoy at the poolside. 

Serve fruit, veggies, light sandwiches, hummus, and other light fares. You can hire someone for the day to do manicures and pedicures and really pamper your ladies. In addition, have some fun making some DIY sugar scrubs and trying them out to complete the pampering experience. 

Eight: Pool Party Games

Host a night of fun pool party games. Whether you and your guests are down for some chicken, volleyball, or basketball it is sure to be a blast. Make sure you have some healthy and light snacks available to your guests or just order some pizza if that is more your style. 

Ensure that drinks are available to keep your guests hydrated. If your guests are of appropriate age and prefer something a little harder than lemonade then that is a good choice to have there as well. 

Setting up for Success

Before your friends arrive make sure your pool is properly maintained and clean. You also want to be sure that you provide sunscreen and extra towels for your guests who may be forgetful. 

Do not forget all the little things you need to get the party kicking. From Red Solo cups to plates, silverware, and napkins. The making of your impressive swimming pool party is going to be in the details. 

Use These Summer Pool Party Ideas

Are you ready to kick off your summer-themed pool party with these summer pool party ideas? Or are you dreaming of an epic pool party but missing the pool?

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