You have decided that you want to add a pool to your backyard. Congratulations.

A pool is one of the most meaningful and functional additions that you can make to your home. It is a great place to relax on hot summer afternoons. 

Well, having a general idea that you want a pool is one thing, but getting and implementing the design which might work for you is something different.

If you are stuck because you do not know which idea will work best for you, here are seven ideas to help you come up with the perfect custom pool design.

Keep reading to find out if there are pool ideas which might work perfectly for you.

1. The Basic Re-imagined Rectangular Pool Design

Rectangular pools are the most common, especially in schools, public swimming spaces, and sporting facilities. They are also quite common in homes. A rectangular pool is easy to imagine, plan and construct.

The pools are also classy, they transcend time, and they are very professional. A rectangular pool design will be ideal if you want to expand the visual appearance of your backyard and utilize the space effectively.

You can also easily re-imagine other aspects of the design such as adding stairs at the shallow end, using accessories which create the appearance of a resort and many other creative changes.

2. The Natural Waterfall Design

If you want to take your backyard to the next level and invite an unimagined level of beauty there, think about incorporating a natural waterfall design to the pool creation process. You can start the design by choosing an assortment of rocks to mimic the natural landscape around a waterfall.

After the rocks have been installed, get a landscaper to choose ideal colors and paint them. When the different colors combine, space will look like the ultimate tropical hideaway. To complete the picture, you can plant several tropical trees and shrubs.

With this design, everyone that visits your backyard will leave feeling as they got lost in paradise. You will need to add a few chairs to relax in, and you will have the perfect place to sit, relax and kick back after work.

3. Creating the Home Resort Oasis Pool Ideas

Another creative idea that will make a heaven out of your backyard is the home resort oasis. Here, you start with erecting a hedge of rocks around the backyard. The design of the rock will depend on the shape of the pool design.

If you want a rectangular pool, design a rock hedge which will match that. On the other hand, if you want a circular or other pool shapes, let the design of the rocks follow that pattern.

You could even add a fountain at the middle of the pool if you want to make it look truly exceptional. When you add a few tropical plants and a selection of flowers, you will have the perfect home resort oasis.

4. The Contemporary Resort

Another design idea that will transform your backyard completely is the incorporating aspects which will transform it into the contemporary resort. To pull off this pool design:

  • Add a water fountain to the pool design or the general backyard design.
  • Create a deck around the pool; this is the element which will set the pool apart from other basic swimming pool designs.
  • After installing the deck, add a few sun loungers to complete the design.
  • Add an outdoor shower for people to rinse off and cool after a swim.

5. The Elevated Deck Pool

This idea works well when you need to transform your backyard, but you do not have the amount of space that you need to make it happen. If you want to hide unsavory sights such as a neighbors fence when swimming, you can design an elevated deck to cover the part of the pool next to the fence.

After adding the elevated deck, look for sprawling lawn chairs to set on the deck. It will create backyard pool ideas that speak of complete elegance. If the pool is rectangular, you can have a series of stairs leading down into the pool.

6. Curvy Pool Design

While the regular and traditional geometric pool design is common and easy to execute, you can also create a truly unique backyard using curvy pool design ideas. It is as simple as picking a curvy shape that you like whether it is a heart shape, a map or any other object which inspires you.

After creating the basic shape of the pool, you can add fountains and vegetation as needed to complete the design. With the help of a competent architect, the shapes that you can design and mold your pool into are infinite.

7. The Clean and Contemporary Backyard Pool

Another design that will transform your backyard into the perfect dream is a clean and contemporary design. If your house has taken up a contemporary style with simple geometric forms, your outdoor pool should reflect the same.

Invest in a pool which copies the simple geometric shapes inside the home. Add a deck to make the perfect transition between the edge of the house and the pool. You could even choose to have a deck which goes all the way around the pool.

Keep the colors neutral, and make sure that the poolside furniture is classy and comfortable. This combination will make your backyard a dream.

Implementing the Design

Step one is deciding the perfect type of pool you want. The second step in the process is getting someone to bring the idea to life. If you want to get a pool designed in your backyard, but you are feeling challenged with creative ideas, contact us or visit our website for ideas.

We will gauge the appearance of your backyard and help you actualize the pool ideas that will transform it into the ultimate outdoor getaway.