Did you know there are an estimated inground 10.4 million inground residential swimming pools in the U.S.? A swimming pool is a great way to exercise and stay cool during the hot summer months. It’s also an attractive outdoor space for entertaining.

If you’re thinking about building a pool or remodeling your old one, you could go with the standard no-frills pool design. But if you’re really looking to wow and impress, you can take your pool design to the next level with some incredible and top-notch pool features.

This guide will provide you with 7 incredible pool features to consider for your new pool build or pool remodel project. Keep reading below to discover more information.

1. Outdoor Pool Shower

For pool parties or everyday use, an outdoor pool shower may be one of the most overlooked but very useful pool features. An outdoor pool shower can be used prior to entering the pool to clean off dirt or after swimming to wash away chlorine from swimsuits and swimmers before entering the house.

A special drain system prevents the dirty or chlorinated runoff from flowing back into the pool itself. This can help you cut down on the strong chlorine smell permeating into your home environment. 

An outdoor pool shower offers convenience with a charming aesthetic, as well as the hygienic benefits needed to ensure your pool always looks its best.

2. Built-in Pool Slide

If you have a big backyard and even bigger pool design dreams, a built-in pool slide is sure to be a favorite of pool features. Sure, kids always love to use pool slides, but so will the adults. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with your own miniature water park attraction right in the backyard.

Make your next pool party truly one to remember and turn up the fun factor. You can even add a double slide system side by side so multiple people can have a turn at the same time. A built-in pool slide will provide hours of outdoor pool time fun and recreation for everyone, from the young to the young at heart. 

3. Tanning Ledges

Tanning ledge pool features are a hot new trend in custom pool design. While you soak up some backyard sun by the pool you can also soak in the pool.

It’s like a form of bench seating for your pool with a shallow and wider ledge system. It allows you to soak in a few inches of pool water to stay cool while you work on your tan. 

Tanning ledges can be installed as long as you have enough room in your pool design to do so. You can place them in curved or straight-edged pool areas. But you should make sure you have enough space for your other pool features first. 

4. Pool Heaters

Swimming pools are so much fun during the spring and summer months when the weather is warm, but come fall and winter your pool will be pretty vacant from use. No one likes swimming in an icy cold pool. That’s where pool heaters are useful pool features to have. 

Using a pool heater to keep your pool warmer for swimming can help extend your swim period by up to 4 months. So you can enjoy outdoor pool time longer. And you can keep your pool at a comfortable and enjoyable temperature. 

Pool heaters come in several types from natural gas and propane powered to electric heat pump models and even solar panel powered units.

5. Wading Pool

A wading pool is ideal for small children who may not be up to the task of taking on the big pool yet. Wading pools are shallow pool features that let children play around in the water and stay cool while also remaining safer than interacting with the large pool.

The CDC states that drowning is the number one cause of death for children between the ages of 1 to 4 years of age. With a separate wading pool feature, you can create a safe zone for small children to be a part of the fun safely. 

A wading pool is also great for those who just want to dip their toes into the water. 

6. A Swim-Up Bar

You’ve seen these pool features on vacation in fancy hotel resort pools, well now the resort can come to you with your very own swim-up bar. A swim-up bar adds an eclectic and unique vibe to your backyard pool set-up that’s sure to make your next big pool party event a huge success.

Friends, family, and neighbors no longer have to leave the pool to get a beverage or a snack. They can belly up to the bar with style and convenience. 

You’re creating more space by incorporating your pool and your bar together in one. You’re also providing an entertaining space that’s just bursting with ambiance with this fun pool design.

7. Automatic Pool Cover

An often unthought-of aspect of pool care is covering the pool when it is not in use. This task can be arduous and isn’t worth it for pool owners to struggle with draping a massive tarp cover over their pool. They will just leave it open all the time. 

But this can cause leaves, bugs, debris, and other types of buildup to develop on the pool’s surface, leading to increased pool maintenance and cleaning expenses. Automatic pool covers are ingenious pool features that easily cover and uncover your pool at the touch of a button.

They also add safety and prevent children and animals from falling into the pool and potentially drowning. With an automatic pool cover, your pool is ready to use when you want it, mess-free, and safely under cover when it’s not in use.

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