Let’s face it: few things in life are better than having a pool in your backyard.

They’re a place to relax after a hard day’s work, party at the weekend, entertain friends, and have fun as a family. All told, swimming pools make the perfect addition to any home.

It’s no surprise at all that 10.4 million households in the US have one already!

Are you thinking of doing the same and putting a pool in your own backyard? Well, you’ll want to find the right pool builder for the job.

Unfortunately, there’s a mighty difference between the best and worst in the industry. Picking the wrong people to complete the task is a recipe for trouble. The project may take longer to complete and cost more in the process.

Even worse, the final product may fail to meet your expectations.

Want to avoid that eventuality and end up with the pool of your dreams instead?

Read on for 7 key tips and considerations for finding a pool contractor in Katy, Texas.

1. Ask Your Friends and Family

Have any of your friends and family recently had a pool installed?

More to the point, were they happy with both the process and outcome?

If so, then be sure to ask them for the details of whoever did the job. Seeking referrals in this way is one of the best means of finding quality pool contractors in your area.

After all, it’s a recommendation from a trusted source!

You can ask about their experience and get an honest insight straight from the horse’s mouth. Furthermore, you can go and see the pool with your own eyes. It’s easier to feel confident in a contractor when you’ve seen their work first-hand.  

2. Enquire About the Deposit

Most pool builders will require a down payment prior to starting the job.

That’s to be expected.

However, be wary of any individual or company that asks for a sizeable proportion of the final fee. Some reputable businesses will ask for more than others but expect 10 to 20% as standard.

Requests for down payments that fall above this range could be cause for concern. Why?

Because it can indicate that their business is struggling. They need that money upfront because they don’t have it sitting in the bank already! That’s hardly a reassuring prospect.

Successful companies have the tools, resources, and money to get started straight away. In other words, they don’t need your cash to bankroll the project from the start! Keep this in mind when selecting your builder.

3. Check Credentials, References, and Reviews

Be diligent in choosing a pool builder.

The more work you do upfront to verify their credentials, the less hassle you’ll experience down the line! Start with the basics by checking the legitimacy of their business.

Find their phone number and address and figure out how long they’ve been in operation. Consider paying their store a visit as well, to get a sense of their aptitude.

From there, ask for references. Speaking with past customers is arguably the best way to decide if they’re right for the job. Finally, check out their online reviews to see what people are saying. Checking their ratings with the Better Business Bureau could help in that endeavor too.

4. Ask to See Proof of Insurance

Never work with any contractor who isn’t appropriately insured.

If they lack the necessary cover, then you’ll be liable to pay out for any issues. Imagine if someone gets injured on the job! Their medical expenses could fall on your shoulders.

Always ask to see evidence of liability insurance. No contractor worth their salt would risk working without it. As such, aside from mitigating your own liability, you can feel more confident in their professionalism too.

5. Ask About the Payment Schedule

Payment schedules are another source of potential issues.

Paying too much too soon and too little too late are both problematic. Allow us to explain.

Imagine a situation where you’ve paid somewhere near the balance of the job long before its completion date. For instance, you might have paid 80% of the final fee, even though the pool’s only half-built. What happens if their business goes bust?

You stand to lose a lot of money.

Likewise, consider a predicament where you’ve agreed to pay a minimal amount upon completion of the pool. You’ll pay the majority prior to that point, but agree to hold back around 5% or so until it’s finished.

Suddenly, there’s very little incentive to finish your pool! They could walk away before its completion with a nominal financial upset.

A larger final draw would be a better idea. They know they have to finish the pool in order to make it worth their financial while.

Be sure to ask about the payment schedule. Find an arrangement that works for both parties.    

6. Don’t Rush the Decision

As the old adage goes:

Good things come to those who wait!

Patience is a definite virtue when searching for a pool builder. Avoiding the desire to get started ASAP will work out better in the long run.

Take your time and you’ll have:

  1. Less chance of working with an unscrupulous contractor,
  2. More chance of finding the best person for the job, and
  3. Enough time to find a builder offering true value for money.

Ask around, shop around, and meet with multiple contractors before signing any contracts. Wait until you find a builder with sufficient experience, quality references, and who inspires trust.

7. Trust Your Instincts

A quick one to finish:

If all else fails, trust your intuition! Instincts are far from faultless, but they’re better than nothing in the absence of other information.

Combine a gut feeling with prior due diligence, though, and you’re really onto a winner.

Find the Right Pool Builder for Your Project

The lives of millions of Americans are made better by the pool in their backyard.

However, a swimming pool is only as good as the people who build it. Hopefully, this post will ensure you hire the best pool builder possible for your forthcoming project.

Looking to work with the best of the best in Katy, Texas? Contact us today for a free consultation.