So, you’re interested in seeing what design trends the world of custom pooling is currently fixated on.

Maybe you’re looking to renovate your current pool that’s starting to show its age a bit. Perhaps you’ve been saving up for a pool and now want to use the current trends as a way to brainstorm your dream backyard pool.

Whatever the case may be, there’s a lot of ideas that can stem from using the current trends. They’ll be both aesthetically pleasing and serve a purpose as well.

Here are the top beautiful pool design trends that you should consider for your pool.

1. Tanning Ledges

Everyone has at least one member of the family that mainly uses the backyard pool as a means to get a good tan.

There are also those that only enjoy getting enough water to keep them cool, but not enough to fully submerge themselves in the water.

It’s those kinds of people that are leading the charge on the newest and hottest pool design trend: tanning ledges.

They’re shallow enough to relax in the pool on a nice, comfy tanning chair but deep enough to provide cool water to the sweet spots. In short, they’re perfect for enjoying the pool if you don’t want to get all the way in.

These tanning ledges are also perfect for reading a good book, your favorite magazine, or using your phone while enjoying the refreshing water.

A custom pool designer can help you map out the optimal tanning ledge for the pool you’re trying to build and create a solution that’s both cost-efficient and beautiful.

2. Swim-Up Bars

Perhaps the pool you’re looking to build or remodel is a means to hold more family or friend gatherings at your residence. 

After all… why go anywhere else for a good party when you have the best backyard in the neighborhood? Your family and friends will flock to it and come up with any excuse to hold a party there.

No pool party is complete without having a few refreshing cocktails or cold beers. But why get out of the pool to enjoy them? Now that swim-up bars are an option, you can have your beer and drink it too.

Consider designing an in-ground bar to fit in nicely beside your dream pool with some in-pool stools to match it. 

You can also take it one step further and turn the in-ground bar into an outdoor lounging space to fully maximize the square footage in your backyard. The possibilities are endless!

3. Saltwater Pools

Do you love the beach? Maybe you live in a climate where there isn’t an ocean anywhere around you, but you want to make it feel as if there is.

Turns out, having a saltwater pool is just as efficient and healthy for you as it is to differentiate your pool.

Chlorine pools can be a bit harsh on your eyes and skin, while a saltwater pool isn’t and will also require far less upkeep throughout the season(s).

4. LED Lighting Solutions

Now that LED lighting is so highly-touted for its eco-friendliness, it was only a matter of time before pool designers started using it for pool lights.

It’s far more sustainable than the other lighting solutions for your pool and also provides a more aesthetically-pleasing shade. They also come in almost any color that you could want for your pool.

In fact, there are certain phone apps that you can install into your pool and be able to switch the color or brightness on command… what a time to be alive!

5. Dark Pool Interior

Gone are the days of only having light shades of pool interior to pick from. You no longer have to feel as if you’re being trapped by a limit of color options.

The dark pool interior’s popularity is skyrocketing because of all the benefits that it offers to the pool owner.

Because the dark color absorbs and retains sunlight and heat, you can look forward to a lower energy bill to keep the water warm. Not only that, but things such as debris isn’t as noticeable with a dark-colored pool.

The dark interior will also be so different than what your friends and family are expecting, their jaws will drop to the floor when they see it.

6. Custom-Positioned Pools

If you thought that your sloped backyard would compromise your dreams of having a pool or cost you a fortune to flatten out… think again!

One of the top trends these days is for buyers to use a custom pool designer to build a pool that’s customized to the backyard’s current layout.

Things such as having a tanning ledge higher up on the hill than the main pool will give your backyard a pool like no other. Simply put, nothing is impossible. There are so many different opportunities to be had in your backyard’s current form.

7. Shallow Pools

Who said the pool had to eventually slope down to a depth of 5 or 6-feet? Shallow pools are becoming more and more popular among those that want to mainly use it for the exercise of family fun.

It’s also an incredible way to save on your budget by avoiding the costs of digging and leveling-out your backyard.

Your family and friends of all ages will enjoy the equal depth no matter where they are in the pool.

Consider These Beautiful Pool Trends

Now that you’ve seen a few of the most beautiful pool trends for 2020, it’s time to consider which ones you’d like to incorporate.

Be sure to check out this article of 8 fun pool party themes for ideas of how you’ll use your pool once it’s finished.

For more inquiries, please feel free, to begin with requesting a free consultation and we’ll be delighted to discuss with you in further detail!