Of the 130 million homes in the United States, about 8% of them have pools. Also, the average American works around 8 hours a day. When the average American works such long hours, how will they have time to clean their pool?

It’s likely that they just don’t. This is unfortunate because regular pool cleaning is highly important. It doesn’t just make a pool look great, but it also clears it of different hazards.

Clearing common pool hazards is just one benefit that a pool company can give your pool. If you haven’t been convinced to hire one yet, read on. You’ll learn more about the aforementioned benefit and four others. 

1. Clean Your Pool of Several Hazards 

There are ways that you can clean your pool yourself, of course. However, a pool professional will likely have a lot more knowledge than you due to his or her years of experience. Thus, you’re going to get a more thorough and safer pool cleaning than the one you’d do on your own. 

You must get a thorough cleaning because some of the hazards that exist in your pool can be very dangerous. You can learn more about some of these below. 


Luckily, the green algae that often bloom in pools aren’t as dangerous as wild varieties like cyanobacteria. However, this plant still poses many dangers both to your pool and yourself. 

To start with, bacteria love to be in a pool contaminated with algae. These bacteria have been known to cause skin rashes. If the bacteria is ingested, it can cause symptoms such as fever and diarrhea. 

Algae can also clog up your pool’s filters and pipes. It may end up taking highly thorough work to clear them up afterward. 


The Center for Disease Control has identified several different bacteria that can easily spread in pools. Norovirus and E Coli are two of the germs on this list. 

Luckily, this is more of a concern in public pools. However, if you often have guests over, this may be a concern for your pool as well. It’s also just a good idea to stay safe. 

Pool maintenance professionals will be able to keep your pool as hygienic as it can be. This is the best way to prevent these diseases from spreading. 

2. Keep Your Chlorine Levels Maintained

To keep your pool clean and safe, you need to make sure that the pH levels are balanced. That is, you don’t what the water to be too acidic or basic. A pool professional can handle this task for you, but you also can regularly test this and adjust the chemicals in your pool as necessary.

However, this does take time and you may not have the time to spare. Unfortunately, if you forget to do this important task regularly, the following hazards can occur. 

If the Water Is Too Basic 

You have chlorine in your pool for a reason. It does an excellent job of killing off bacteria for diseases like salmonella. It also breaks up human waste fairly well. 

However, if the water is too basic, that means there isn’t enough chlorine in your pool. This can lead to bacteria and other hazards building up in your pool. 

If the Water Is Too Acidic 

If the pool water is too acidic, there’s too much chlorine in it. This can cause the water to become cloudy and scales to form on the pool equipment. It can also irritate the skin of anyone who swims in the pool. 

3. Regular Inspections of Pool Structure and Equipment

When a pool company is maintaining your pool, they don’t just clean it. The workers will also make sure that the pool and all of the pool equipment are working as expected. This can save you from many costly issues, such as the ones below. 

Pump and Filter Burnout

Your pool pump and filter need regular maintenance to keep functioning properly. If this isn’t done, you may need to replace them. Luckily, your pool maintenance crew will know when they need to fix up these pieces of equipment. 

Major Leaks

Small leaks can quickly grow into big ones. This won’t just cost a lot to repair, but you’ll also end up having to deal with any water damage. Experienced pool workers will be able to recognize the signs of an incoming leak and stop it before it becomes worse. 

4. Get Expert Advice

It is possible to go on the internet and get some information about the problems that your pool may be having. However, you can’t be certain that the other person in a forum is an expert. You can be certain that a pool company is full of experts and they can provide you with helpful advice such as the following.

Best Options for Pool Supply Brands 

Eventually, you’ll need to replace certain equipment in your pool. When this happens, a pool company worker will likely be able to help you find the best brands and manufacturers. 

Ways to Better Your Pool

Do you want to upgrade your pool in some way such as adding a vinyl liner or turning it into a custom pool? Your pool guy or gal will likely be able to explain the process to you.

5. Saves You Time 

Finally, as this article mentioned before, maintaining a pool by yourself can take considerable time out of what little free time you may have. Handing the whole matter off to a pool company will allow you to spend that time doing things you enjoy. And you won’t have to deal with a nasty pool to have this free time. 

If You’re Looking for a High-Quality Pool Company, Consider Us

In sum, you won’t need to worry about any issues with your pool or finding the time to maintain it. Hiring a pool company will allow you to feel more relaxed than ever.

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