Pools are a fantastic way to cool down in the summer. In fact, pool construction has been on the rise in Texas, as more and more people realize its benefits. With this in mind, many are wondering how they can have their pool stand out from the rest. 

The best way to do this is through a custom pool design. Custom pools are designed to the specifications of the pool’s owners, making them entirely unique. 

But what are the best kinds of custom pools? Keep reading to find out 5 types of custom pool ideas you can use for your new pool!

1. Themed Designs

One of the most visually striking custom pool ideas is to create a themed design around which the pool is built. Any theme is an option when getting started designing a custom pool but a few options are particularly popular. 

A luxurious grotto is one of these options. Adding large rocks and even waterfalls to a pool gives it the feeling of a real grotto. These turn a backyard pool into a luxurious hideaway. 

Roman baths are another option. A wide array of fountains flanking the edges of the pool give the environment a stately feel. Meanwhile, ledges around the outside allow you to place statues or columns around the pool’s perimeter. 

One more option is to go all in on a tropical paradise. A pool with a rounded shape will give the look of a tropical oasis. When this is surrounded by tropical plants and additional decoration, the effect is complete. 

While we just listed three options for themed pool designs, there are plenty of other options out there. When you start working with custom pool builders or other pool companies in Texas, you can see if an idea you have will work or if they can suggest other ideas they know of. 

2. Relaxation Emphasis

For many, a pool is where they get away from the rest of the world. All they want to do around a pool is relax and enjoy the water. 

However, many traditional pools aren’t the best at this. The pool’s deep end forces you to be constantly swimming while you are in it. Plus, the only place to lie down is on a chair completely removed from the pool itself. 

Customization fixes these problems. A shallow ledge running around the outside of the pool gives you a place to enjoy the water without being too deep in it. Meanwhile, lounge chairs built directly into the pool’s shallow end are perfect for laying out in the sun while still enjoying the feeling of the water. 

3. Sports and Exercise Focused

Not everyone looks at a pool as a way to relax. Plenty of people view them as the base for a range of sports and exercise. After all, swimming has a ton of health benefits

One way to do this is to create a pool specially designed for lap swimming. Most pools are not suitable for lap swimming, as they are usually not long enough. This means that, if you want to swim laps in a regular-sized pool, you will have to constantly turn around. 

However, a custom pool is perfect for lap swimming. A long, skinny design will better accommodate swimming for long stretches. 

A custom pool also easily accommodates sports. A few simple changes made by a custom pool builder will ensure that your pool is able to host water polo or water volleyball. 

4. Water Park Fun

What if you could bring some of the fun of a water pack into your own backyard? A custom pool’s design can include elements that give it a similar feeling. 

These can range from small to large additions. So, whether you want to go all out or simply provide a play area for kids, there are options available. 

Bigger additions include large fixtures. Many pools include a diving board but adding a high dive or a slide is always an option. A waterfall is also an option that looks good while providing a play area. 

Smaller additions include splash areas and fountains. Adding jets and fountains to a pool’s shallow end turns it into a fun zone. Meanwhile, putting larger fountains on the side of the pool gives swimmers new opportunities. 

5. Bar and Dining

Most people have a table near their backyard pool, where they can eat and drink on a summer day. However, with a custom pool, new avenues are open. 

A swim-up bar is a portion of the pool where seats are installed in the pool itself. These seats are positioned at the edge of the pool, where a bar is located. On the other side of this bar, directly outside of the pool, is a serving area. 

This allows someone to cook at a grill or work on a countertop in order to prepare food and drinks. These are then enjoyed by everyone sitting on the seats in the water. 

A swim-up bar is one of the most unique and enjoyable ways to customize a pool. With it, you basically never have to leave the comfort and cool of the pool itself. 

Making Custom Pools Work

Custom pools make for a place to relax in the summer while also expressing your home’s unique identity. With this in mind, there are plenty of exciting options out there for you to choose from. All you have to do is decide which one works best for you!

If you are interested in creating your own custom pool, contact Sahara Construction & Custom Pools, a Texas custom pool builder, for a no-cost consultation.