Is your backyard a haven of tropical tranquility or a messy monstrosity? If you answered the latter, don’t fret because we’ve got you covered.

Even the biggest yard embarrassments are easy to fix with a quick makeover. So hop on board the trending backyard patio designs and get that eyesore revamped once and for all.

Start with some inspiration by looking at the top 10 trending backyard patio ideas to suit all spaces and budgets.  

1. Eco-Friendly

A backyard redesign is a perfect opportunity to up your sustainability credentials. So why not use your patio area to make a small positive contribution to the environment?

Consider adding some hydroponic pots to your patio area. Hydroponics are plants grown with sand and gravel in place of soil. They take up less space, use less water, and need fewer pesticides.

Hydroponic plants are hardy and versatile enough to thrive in any environment and weather. Plus, they look exceptionally modern and chic. 

2. A Home Spa

Recreate the therapeutic experience of a spa by adding a hot tub to your backyard. If your backyard is blessed with a breathtaking view, try an elevated, luxurious hot tub. It’s an ideal way to enjoy that scenery.

Opt for modern, smooth patio stones or raised decking. These flooring options will be more comfortable for bare feet and give you that high-end spa finish.

Don’t forget to add lighting if you still want to enjoy your hot tub after the sun has set. 

3. Soft Pastel

You don’t have to limit pastel colors to flower arrangements. You can create beautiful soft colors to your garden by adding some pastel furnishings to your outdoor space too.

Mix and match plain pastel furnishings in soft pinks, yellows, and baby blues, with some floral prints. Offset the look with traditional rattan-style seating.

Dot some potted flowering plants around the edge of the patio to help bring the entire design together.

4. A Garden Good Enough to Eat

Functional, practical gardens are anything but boring! With various fruit trees and berry bushes, you can create an edible garden that will also look stunning at any time of the year.

If you genuinely want to embrace the sustainable lifestyle, carve out a vegetable patch in a sun-soaked corner of your backyard. Grow a variety of vegetables to harvest and enjoy a regular feast of fresh food.

5. Take The Indoors, Outdoors

Innovations in stylish outdoor heater designs, like heated lamps and fire pits, have introduced all-year backyards to the mainstream. Now, you can have a sheltered and warm space for relaxing or entertaining, whatever the weather.  

For the more ambitious gardeners among you, try adding some climbing plants to a pergola to give you some natural cover and privacy.

Add some pretty seating, outdoor fairy lights, and some potted plants, and you’ll get a backyard with a charming, intimate, and magical feel.

6. Choose Natives

One of the biggest 2021 backyard patio trends in eco-friendly gardens is to focus on native plants and trees to support local wildlife, insects, and birds.

This look will require a bit of homework first, but the results are worth it. You’ll get a garden that’s as much of an oasis for local wildlife as it will be for you.

Get in touch with a local gardening community in your area to exchange ideas and recommendations about what types of plants to choose. 

7. The Mini Adventure Playground

If you have children or grandchildren, create a mini haven with a homemade adventure play area in your backyard for that younger generation.

If you fancy a spending spree, you can buy a ready-made activity frame with climbing steps and slides and some fashionable kid-size egg chairs too.

However, even on a limited budget, a few carefully placed stepping stones made from logs, a small wooden hut, and a homemade messy mud kitchen will spark those imaginations just as effectively.

8. Natural and Neutral

Natural wood, stone, and rattan materials continue to make waves in furnishing trends, both indoors and outdoors. And there is no better opportunity to try this look than with a revamped patio design.

You can accentuate these natural, earthy materials by opting for a neutral color scheme too. Beiges, whites, and browns will give your outdoor space an authentic, simple, and rustic feel.

What’s more, these designs are timeless, and if you are looking for a finish that will still look on-trend a decade from now, this style is a smart gamble.

9. Maximized Microspace

It’s easy to feel defeated when faced with the prospect of redesigning a tiny outdoor space. But some clever design ideas will help you achieve an eye-catching design in the smallest of areas. 

The trick with a small space is to pick a small, bistro-style seating arrangement that doesn’t make the area feel cluttered.

Choose some planters in brightly colored pots with a variety of heights. These plants, plus some minimal lighting above your seating, will help create a bold, striking, and beautiful look.

10. A Tranquil Pool Space

Is there anything more inviting on a swelteringly hot day than a cool dip in the pool? A backyard pool space isn’t just a fun area to splash around in; it can also be a tranquil oasis of calm.

For a tropical feel, use stone, floral climbers, and long, leafy plants around the pool area to create a shaded, exotic space.

If you have ample pool space, make the most of it with a minimalist, clean design that will allow you to soak up the sun and wow your guests. 

Backyard Patio Designs to Inspire You

If you’re planning a backyard patio redesign this year, use these ten ideas to help you plan the perfect look. Whatever your budget and ambitions, there are many different ways to get the most out of any outdoor space. 

If you are captivated by the idea of a backyard pool, your first step to creating your dream pool design is to contact us for a free consultation.

Our team is here to help you turn that dream into a space good enough to grace the covers of a design magazine.