The folks over at Bankrate estimate a 7% increase in the value of a home with a pool. That’s all well and good. 

But, the immediate results of learning how to design a backyard pool pay in much greater dividends.

In a post-pandemic world, many people love the idea of not having to dabble in communal waters. And in warm climates like Florida, Texas, or Nevada, it’s often the perfect solution to a sweltering day. 

When considering backyard pool designs, the sky’s the limit. Whether you’re interested in the clean lines of a lap pool or the eccentric twists of a freeform pool, you can have it all. 

Together, let’s paddle through seven awesome and affordable designs that will last through the ages. 

1. Lap Pool

Lap pools are beautifully symmetric rectangular pools. They’re just the right fit for a couple of reasons. 

First, if your home is modern with clean, straight lines, then a rectangular lap pool will fit in seamlessly.

Even still, if your home has a more traditional design, then the clean edges of a lap pool will only reinforce the architectural quality of your home. 

Second, lap pools are functional. Those who believe swimming is the best form of exercise are often grateful to have a lap pool right in their own backyard. 

When you design a custom lap pool, it can be any dimension you desire. So, the length and width can accommodate any amount of swimmers’ strokes.  

2. Cocktail Pool

Not in the market for an Olympic-sized swimming pool? Then, you might be in the market for a cocktail pool. 

These are gorgeous little creations for a family that’s in the market for a small space to dip their toes as they sip on a summer cocktail or two. 

Typically, these pools are quite shallow. You’ll find they tend to be about four feet deep all the way across. 

But, they’re a great addition for anyone hoping to create a quiet sanctuary large enough to fit a float and lull them to sleep beneath the summer sun. 

3. Swimming Pool with Baja Shelf

Have you ever enjoyed the delights of a swim-up bar while on a tropical vacation? Nothing beats the atmosphere that’s created with a mojito in-hand and a chair in the water. 

A pool with a Baja shelf essentially has an elongated step that’s large enough to fit a few lounge chairs. 

Instantly, you’re transported into an island oasis where the drinks are cool, the sun is hot, and the cares of the world are a long way away. 

Baja shelves also work double duty if there are any little ones tumbling around. As they learn to swim, they can stay safely atop the shelf and practice their doggie paddle. 

4. Perimeter-Overflow Pool

We love perimeter overflows because they’re the less-talked-about cousin to the infinity pool. With this kind of backyard pool, the water overflows on each side into a trough in the deck. 

Each side has a vanishing edge and, if you happen to look down on this type of pool from above, it’ll appear as though the pool is a flat surface. It’s a wonderful optical illusion.  

One of our favorite ways of designing with a perimeter overflow is to make one side function like an infinity edge.

If your property has a particularly stunning vantage point in one direction, that might be the side to drop off into an infinite oasis of pleasure and relaxation. 

5. Natural Swimming Pool

A natural swimming pool can take on a wide array of pool features. It can be rectangular, kidney bean-shaped, or round. 

The goal with these pools, however, is to bask in a chemical-free oasis. Natural pools and saltwater pools possess self-cleaning systems that filter out harmful microorganisms. 

There’s no need to soak up chlorine or any other destructive chemicals. And, when you emerge, you’ll have a natural saltwater scent clinging to your skin and hair, rather than eau de chlorine. 

6. Freeform Pool

We opened with a nice, neat rectangular pool. But, with the right 3D designer, you can create a freeform design that no one else will have in their backyard. 

If you’re working in an asymmetrical space, then this may be precisely what you need. You might imitate a tropical lagoon, a small lazy river, or create some sort of secret oasis. 

Freeform pools are wonderful because they won’t obstruct the lines of the backyard. They can fit into any surrounding space and compliment any existing designs.

7. Swimming Pool With Spa

You’ve probably come across a nice piece of property with a swimming pool and an adjacent hot tub. But, why create two separate spaces when you can bask in better relaxation by integrating the two? 

You can continue the lines (or lack of lines) in your pool by integrating a hot tub into the space with an interior wall to separate the two.

The moment your friends and neighbors relax into a sweet oasis like this, they’ll all be wondering how to install a pool in their backyard, too. 

The Best Backyard Pool Designs for You

If you can dream it, you can take a dip in it. Whether you like the smooth, sleek lines of a lap pool or the free-spirited flow of a freeform pool, any of these backyard pool designs can be yours.

Each of these options immediately becomes affordable with our financing partner, Lyon Financial. They’ve been financing backyard dreams for nearly 40 years. 

When you’re ready for the oasis of your dreams, reach out to us for a free consultation. Here at Sahara Construction and Custom Pools, we manage the entire process from start to finish.

Tell us what you’ve been dreaming about and we’ll spring it to life.