Public swimming pool

Why Your Own Pool is Better than a Public Pool

If you are thinking of getting an in-ground swimming pool, here are five great reasons that having your own pool at home is better than going to a public pool. If you want to speak with one of highest rated pool builders in the Katy area, contact Sahara Pools today!

Your Pool Is Open 24/7

Owning a private pool is the best option when you want to go for a swim anytime, day or night. It’s especially great if you work long hours and you’re never sure when you’ll get a chance to go for a dip.

Safe and Clear Water

In 2015, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) found at least one serious health and safety violation in almost 80% of public aquatic venues. This includes waterparks, neighborhood pools and fitness club pools.

When you invest in your own pool, you are in charge of the chemical balance and regular maintenance. The upkeep of a swimming pool is easy once you have the basics down. You can read many other posts about pool maintenance here.

Convenient Backyard Pool Parties

Once you get a pool, your house instantly become the go-to option for get-togethers! Having a party at a public pool or waterpark involves a lot planning, scheduling and costs money.   Having people over at home much easier!  You can quickly schedule a party by making a few calls or sending a few text messages.

The Fitness Benefits of Swimming

There are many exercises you can do in a pool that don’t involve swimming. Pool activities are very low impact and give you a good, full body workout. Multiple studies have shown that owning your own pool encourages a healthier lifestyle for the entire family.

The Privacy of Your Own Home

The best part about having your own pool is that you can be yourself and feel totally secure. There’s no dress code, nobody watching you and no unruly kids. So instead of going to a public pool or waterpark for your next semi-vacation or celebration, why not bring all the fun and relaxation in your own home.

With the benefits listed here, getting your own pool may be one of the best decisions you’ll make for you and your family. Contact Sahara Pool Builder today for a FREE design consultation.