Installing a swimming pool is still a popular choice in the US, with the swimming pool market being worth around $1.3 billion and growing. But installing a pool is not a choice to take lightly, so how do you know when to get a pool? 

Installing a pool at home comes with commitment, as you need to see through the building process and maintain your pool. However, you reap many benefits if you commit to the process. 

Many people spend several years debating whether installing a swimming pool at home is a good idea. So, it can be helpful to know when to get a swimming pool in order to prevent delays and dive right in.

If you are interested in installing a pool, read on. This guide will help you learn when installing a swimming pool is a good idea. 

Benefits of Installing a Swimming Pool 

If you are debating whether to get a swimming pool, consider the benefits of installing a pool. Over 10.4 million people in the US have residential pools for a reason. If any of these benefits stand out for you, it could be a sign it is time to get a pool. 

Recreation Space

If you want your yard to be a space to gather and use, then a backyard swimming pool can make it happen. You can pick features that make your pool practical, such as a size that allows you to exercise in the pool or a fire pit, so people sit around the pool. It helps encourage time with loved ones and utilize your space.

Safe Play Space

It can be time to install a pool when your children or loved one’s children are old enough to enjoy the water. If you follow state and local building regulations, you will create a safe space for them to enjoy. You can keep an eye on them, and they can have fun close to home.


One of the best benefits of installing a swimming pool at home is that it helps you unwind. US workers are some of the most stressed in the world. It is essential to have time and space to relax.

If you have the means to install a swimming pool, then it can be a great way to de-stress. Soak in the Texas sun or use the pool for exercise, which is known to help manage stress. 

Save Money 

If you regularly go swimming, you can save money by installing a pool at home. While there is an initial investment, you can enjoy cost savings in the long term. And you can keep it clean without worrying about public pool hygiene or other safety risks. 

Plus, it can add value to your home if you decide to move in the future. 

When to Get a Pool

There are many benefits to installing a pool, and the benefits in this article are indicators that it is time to get a pool. But when should you install it? Several factors might impact the timing of installing a pool. 

Pick a Season

You might want to time installing a pool based on the seasons. For example, in Fall, you still have time to enjoy the pool, especially in states such as Texas. You have time to clean up, and landscape after the pool is installed, so it is ready to show off in the summer season.

Spring is a popular time for pool installation because it will be ready to go by Summer. However, pool building schedules can be busier. Winter often offers more flexibility with building schedules, but be prepared to brave cooler temperatures or wait longer before you use your pool.

Decide on a Purpose

While there are many reasons to install a swimming pool, it can be helpful to decide on its purpose first. It helps you be clear on what your pool will be for and help you stay focused throughout the build. It will also help you design your custom pool the right way the first time, without delays. 

Swimming is the fourth most popular recreational sport in the US, so you might want to have a pool for exercise purposes. Or you might want a pool for socializing or relaxing. 

During Home Renovation Time

Installing a pool after you have just moved into a home or when you carry out home renovations is a good idea. You can style the pool to the aesthetic of your yard or your home without worrying about changing it again in the near future. If you plan to move out of your home, you will not enjoy the pool for long, but it can help add value to your property.

Have a Custom Pool Design

If you are interested in installing a pool, it is time to make a custom pool design. Consider pool features you may want to incorporate, such as waterfalls or lights. Also, consider the color and material of the pool so you have a clear vision of what you want.

A custom pool design helps turn the idea of installing a pool into a reality. If you feel excited about the design, it is a good sign that it is time to install the pool. If you have doubts, it could be time to revise the design or wait a while before installing a pool at home. 

Find a Pool Builder 

You will also know when to get a swimming pool once you find a reputable pool builder to help. They will be able to assess your space, help with design, and help you decide when to get a pool. You also have to consider their schedules and their recommendation on when installing a pool is best. 

Do You Need Help Installing a Pool?

Now you know some factors that indicate that it is an excellent idea to get a pool. While there are expected benefits, deciding when to get a pool is a personal choice. But one thing is for certain; you need reputable pool builders to help with installing a swimming pool.

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