Your dream has come true, and you finally own an in-ground pool. You have the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted. Such a luxury is almost a necessity to relax and unwind

But the nice things you have stay nice only when you maintain them. In-ground pools require swimming pool maintenance and cleaning. A robotic pool cleaner will make cleaning your pool much simpler and easier, giving you more time to enjoy your oasis. 

Keep reading to learn how pool cleaning devices like robotic pool cleaners will make your life as a pool owner better. 

What Is a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

custom pool requires regular cleaning. The robotic pool cleaner is an electric device that collects debris from your pool. The electric motor powers a pump and filter that ultimately suck up the gunk that could compromise your swimming pool water quality.

Basic Operations

To operate the robotic pool cleaner, you place it in your pool and turn it on. The cleaner will have tracks that power it across the bottom of the pool. Rotating bridges will break algae and stubborn dirt from the pool floor and walls. 

As the brushes break up the algae and dirt, a vacuum on the cleaner will suck the debris into its cavity. The filter in the cleaner will catch the debris and then redistribute clean pool water. 

Smart Robots

Many pool cleaning robots also have smart navigation technology. This means that as your pool cleaning robot cleans your pool, it will ultimately memorize the shape of your custom pool and clean it more efficiently. A really smart one will learn where your hotspots are for dirt and algae and then will scrub those areas with more vigor. 

Such cleaning will keep your pool safer and healthier

The highest-end pool cleaning robots will have apps and wifi on them so you can control them manually and have them spot clean trouble areas. 

Above Ground and In-Ground

You can purchase either an above-ground or an in-ground pool cleaning robot. In-ground robots can climb steep slopes and pool walls. Above-ground robots cannot do such maneuvers. 

Choose the swimming pool cleaning robot that works best for your particular pool. Do not try to save money by buying an above-ground robot for an in-ground pool. You will not end up with a clean pool, and you’ll have more work on your end. 

Robotic pool cleaners are electrical, which means you can plug them into a regular power outlet in your home. 

Maintain the Robot

You can maximize the robot’s functionality by keeping the filter clean. Remove it when the robot has finished and clean it thoroughly. 

Also, make sure you can pull the robot out on your own. If you cannot, make sure you have help doing so each time. Pulling a robot out of the water will take some muscle. 

Why You Need a Robotic Pool Cleaner

More than anything else, a robotic pool cleaner will leave you with premium swimming pool water quality while using minimal effort on your end. Here are some other major benefits of a robotic pool cleaner. 

Shorter Cleaning Time

Manual pool cleaning takes time and effort. When you use a robotic pool cleaner, the pool will be swim-ready when you need it. You can plug the robotic pool cleaner in and let it do its job while you complete other tasks around the house. 

Furthermore, the robotic pool cleaner will clean the pool faster than you could by hand. A good device will not take more than three to four hours to completely clean your pool. 

Powerful Electronic Brushes

Older methods of pool cleaning required pool owners to scrub the pool by hand. A robotic pool cleaner has powerful brushes that scrape off the debris and collect it. You can expect a more thorough clean than a manual cleaning would result in. 

Less Remembering

You can set your smart pool robot to clean a pool on its own without your supervision. This way, you don’t have to remember to turn on the pool or clean the pool yourself. You can set the root to clean the pool several times a day if you want, depending on the robot. 

Simple Controls

Excellent robotic cleaners will have simple controls that anyone can operate. Some will come with remote controls that even work from an app on your smartphone. 

Multiple Filters

A thorough robotic system will also have multiple filters. This way they can handle all sizes of debris from the biggest leaves to the courses of dirt and sand. 

Simple Maintenance

A quality robotic pool cleaner will have easily replaceable parts. This way, if you do need to replace any parts, you can do so quickly and easily. Within a couple of years, you will need to replace filters, brushes, bags, or power cords. 

A good cleaner will also have a cord long enough for your pool. It will also have the ability to swivel and prevent any awkward tangles. 

Simple Handling

Traditional pool cleaners are heavy, especially when they’re full of water. When you purchase an in-ground pool cleaner that goes up angled walls, it will be easier to pull out of the water. Additionally, many robotic pool cleaners come with handles that you can grab for easier removal. 

Cost of Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners will range in price from $100 to over $1,000. The budget model, for example, is your basic robotic pool cleaner for an above-ground pool. 

Usually, the budget model does not have smart technology, but it just works on random cleaning patterns. It will cost less than $500. 

Mid-range models vary from $500 to $1,000. they will have smart technology and give an adequate cleaning performance. It will be able to clean walls but not scrub the water line or the steps. 

Premium models will be above $1,000. They work best for large pools and have smart features in them. They will have the latest in pool mapping software and wifi connectivity. 

Like with anything else, the more you pay for your pool cleaning robot, the better a product you will receive.

Enjoy Your Pool

You can best enjoy the luxury of a pool when you purchase a robotic pool cleaner. You can set the robot to go, and you don’t have to worry about spending a chunk of your day scrubbing grime off pool walls. Instead, you can enjoy all the perks of a pool without some of the hassles. 

Are you thinking about creating your own backyard oasis? If so, contact us. We can help you design and build the pool of your dreams.