Living in the sweltering heat of Texas, there’s nothing like having your own pool to relax in on humid summer days.

You can cool off in the privacy of your own backyard or tan on your secluded patio, listening to the gentle splash of a waterfall.

If you’ve dreamed of turning your backyard into the perfect summer getaway, then you may be wondering what to expect.

Ready to have a custom pool builder create your perfect oasis? Not sure of the steps to building a pool? Read on to find out what to expect during the process.

Steps to Building a Pool

From start to finish, it’s difficult to know the exact time that it will take to build a pool. This is because the weather is a factor. You can expect your pool to be completed between six and ten weeks.

If your backyard design includes additional construction such as an outdoor kitchen or living area, you can expect it to take an additional week or two. Keep in mind that some skilled tradesmen do not work on Sundays. So there are varying schedules to work around.

Pick Your Pool

There are a variety of different pools to choose from. Luckily, with the help of a professional pool builder, you won’t have to spend hours researching. You can request a free consultation with an expert. They will speak with you and discuss your preferences, location, and size of your pool.

You’ll be able to design a pool that meets both your budget and design standards. Plus, your designer will personalize your backyard with other features and landscaping to create a picturesque environment.

You can even add fountain or waterfall features to your pool. Maybe you’re looking to add a jacuzzi for cooler nights. You’ll also be able to choose what stones or tile will line your pool and patio to add that final touch of luxury.

Consider adding a patio cover for shaded space while you are enjoying your yard. You can choose one to seamlessly match the roof and design of your home.

There are so many options to choose from!

What’s Your Budget?

If you’re not sure if your dream pool fits into your budget, there are options to assist you. You can scale down the size of your pool. Or you can opt for a financing plan to pay off your pool slowly.

Talk with your pool consultant to determine if financing your pool is the right option for you. You don’t have to limit yourself if you cannot pay the full cost upfront.

Permission to Build

You may be ready to dive into building your dream backyard, but before you can break ground, you need to permission to start building. This includes a permit and also engineering plans that comply with the state, local and HOA regulations if applicable.

When working with a reputable pool builder, they will be able to assist you throughout this process. Be sure they are knowledgeable about these standards and have a CPO certification. They will be able to design your pool to meet local regulations.

Additional permits for hooking up things like gas lines for barbeques may be required from whoever is hired to do that portion of the work.

Breaking Ground

Once you have permission, your pool builder will come to your property to outline the pool layout. They will then be able to excavate your pool. Depending on your soil, it usually will take a couple of days to complete the excavation.

Sometimes, if your soil has a lot of rocks, the excavator may include a surcharge. This can depend on the hardness and also the depth of your pool.

On top of digging the pool itself, additional plumbing will need to be laid to filter the pool. This ensures that your pool will remain crystal clear. It can take one to two days for a professional plumber to install this.

Structural Integrity

Next, your pool’s steel structure will be installed. This is a steel shell that will create support and stability for your pool. This process is very precise and designed based on the engineering plans specific to your pool.

It looks like a series of bars that run vertically and horizontally like a grid across your entire pool. Once this network is placed down the gunite shell will be installed. This is sprayed concrete that will create the walls of the pool.

You will be required to water the concrete three to four times a day. This will ensure that the concrete cures slowly. The concrete or gunite mixture will then need to sit another five to seven days. This will ensure it has dried completely.

Once the structure of your pool is complete, it will be able to withstand 3,000-3,500 psi of compressive strength!

Final Hook-Ups

The final equipment will need to be installed such as electrical boxes and filtration systems. The engineering of this equipment must be precise and accurate.

Professionals will take into consideration the size and depth of the pool, the grade of the land, and the location of the pool. The correct pool pump sizes are chosen Any electric needed for lighting or gas lines to heat the pool is added and connected.

Check to see if a city inspection is required for your new electric and gas hookups. You may also be required to call the city to connect the gas line to the main meter.

This is the time when any water features are installed as well. Jets, waterfalls, sheer falls, wall sprays, or fountains will be set up.

Tiles & Coping

Now’s the time to add the tile and coping. This is when the pool starts getting those finishing touches. Coping will be the material that caps off the top of the pool.

During the design and consultation phase, you have the opportunity to look through several beautiful tile designs. This final layer of stone or marble will polish off your pool’s look.

The tile or stone may continue throughout your deck. Or you may choose a different material for most of your patio’s surface. This can take between two to five days to complete.

Completing an entire deck can take an additional three to five days. There are a variety of materials to choose from including concrete, stone, or brick. You can find an option that is virtually maintenance-free.

Ready to Dive Into A New Pool?

We hope these steps to building a pool will give you a better idea of what to expect. It may be a long process at first but think of the many years you’ll be enjoying your new pool!

If you’re ready to get started or just curious about what you can expect, why not request a free consultation? We’re here to make this process as stress-free as possible. So you can start enjoying your pool in no time!