Today, there are about 309,000 public and 10.4 million private swimming pools in the United States. Are you dreaming about having your own pool? 

You might wonder if having your own pool is worth it. When it comes to your family, you want them to choose healthy and active hobbies. 

This article will take a look at the various benefits of swimming every day. Read on to explore these different benefits and see why swimming is one of the best activities around!

1. A Whole Body Workout

Since it works your entire body that means that it can help with toning your muscles and building strength. It can also help with endurance, and increasing your heart rate while working out. 

One of the top benefits of swimming is that depending on the stroke you choose, it can work different parts of your body. There’s the breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, sidestroke, etc. 

2. Gentle on Your Body

Whether you have arthritis or other injuries, many choose swimming since it’s a safe sport. One study finds that those who have osteoarthritis have a large reduction in stiffness and joint pain when swimming. They also noticed fewer limitations afterward as well. 

3. Improves Cardiovascular Strength

Cardiovascular exercise works your circulatory system, heart, and lungs. One study had 15 overweight adults complete 8 weeks of swimming training. After this, they did 4 weeks of detraining. This study shows that swimming can help reduce your blood pressure. 

4. Reduces Asthma

It can help improve breathing and your lung capacity. This is due to it increasing cardiovascular strength.

If you have asthma, you’ll want to be mindful of what chemicals you place into your pool. It’s best to leave pool maintenance to the pros. 

5. Burns Calories

Depending on how fast you’re moving and what type of swimming you perform, it’s a great workout. If you do the butterfly stroke, that can burn numerous calories in little time. It depends on how strong you are at swimming since skilled swimmers will work their entire bodies. 

6. Reduces Stress

When you’re regularly moving, it can help reduce overall stress. This is also due to swimming strokes using rhythmic breathing.

This type of breathing can impact the part of the nervous system that’s in charge of rest and relaxation. Warm water on its own can be soothing as well. 

7. Builds Bone Mass

While it wasn’t thought to build bone mass since it’s a low-impact activity, studies are showing that it can help The mineral content of bones can improve which means that they’re stronger. Keep in mind that the bone density didn’t change much. 

8. Pregnancy Safe

Since it’s low-impact, swimming is not only a safe but recommend exercise for women. This is because pregnancy can cause muscle and joint pain due to added weight. Speak with your doctor about safe activities for you during pregnancy. 

9. Great for Those With Multiple Sclerosis

If you have multiple sclerosis, the good news is that you can get out there and swim with your family. Since water causes buoyancy, it allows you to have support while you exercise. 

One study finds that there’s a decrease in pain in people with multiple sclerosis. It was a 20-week swimming program.

There was also an improvement in disability, depression, and fatigue. Speak with your doctor to see if swimming can be a great exercise for you. 

10. Improves Sleep

Since it helps relax people, it can also help combat insomnia as well. As you age, insomnia is common. Other aerobic exercises can be beneficial as well including the bicycle. 

Tips for Swimming

If you’re ready to install a pool, it’s important that you learn breath control along with different beginner-friendly strokes. First, it’s best to inhale quickly and exhale slowly. Keep your breathing relaxed and don’t rush it. 

Whether you’re doing a butterfly, breaststroke, or another form of swimming, it’s important to remember that practice makes perfect. Consider having a pool in your backyard in order to enjoy the benefits of swimming every day. 

At the end of each swim, it’s important to cool down. This will allow your muscles time to relax and cool off before your next swim session. 

The Different Styles of Swimming

Figure out which style of swimming you like best. If you’re a total beginner, then you might want to learn other forms of swimming before the butterfly.

The butterfly tends to be a harder stroke to master, but it’s a great workout. Some common strokes for beginners include the breaststroke, sidestroke, and freestyle. 

Why Get a Swimming Pool?

One of the top reasons to install a pool is it’s a great way for you and your family to bond. Take a break from the heat of Katy, and jump into your pool after a BBQ or long day at work. 

There are also plenty of swimming pool games for your entire family to enjoy. Plus, if you’re wanting your family to get more exercise, then a pool is a great way to start. 

Exploring the Benefits of Swimming Every Day

After exploring the benefits of swimming every day, you should have a better idea of why many install a swimming pool. Take your time deciding if a pool is the right choice for you and your family. 

Are you ready to escape the heat? Or, maybe you want to provide guests or your family with a fun activity. 

Contact us today. We offer a free consultation to answer all of your questions. You can also choose from many custom pool designs for your backyard!