Ready to stop cleaning and just enjoy your pool?

If you want your pool to look sparkly clean all summer long, then you need the right pool cleaner to help. The good news is you can choose one to set and forget while you get to relax.

Are you looking for easy and affordable ways to keep your pool clean? What are the best pool cleaners out there? We discuss your options here.

What Causes Pools to Get Dirty?

Spending time in the pool during the hot summer days is a great way to keep your body cool and stay safe.

When a pool turns green, it is most likely because the chlorine levels dropped and algae have begun to grow in the water. At this point, you need to shock the pool and get the chlorine levels back to normal.

Now it’s time to clean up the mess left over. Don’t worry, you don’t have to drain your pool completely. Set the valve on your filter system to “waste” and begin to let your vacuum pull the major debris out.

Next, you’ll need an algae brush to remove the algae from the bottom of your pool. Regular brushes are usually not strong enough to get rid of algae that’s caked on. The reason you want to vacuum first then brush the algae off the walls is that you need to kill the algae before removing it.

This is done by shocking the pool after you’ve tested the pH and alkalinity of the water. Use pool shock, which has a high level of chlorine, to kill the algae in the pool. You may need to shock a pool multiple times depending on how much algae there is.

To avoid future algae growth, you should check your pool’s chemistry about two to three times a week during the summer.

The process can take up to five days as you wait for your filtration system to clear out the dead algae. You can clean up the mess in less time with help from pool cleaners.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Today’s technology in pool cleaners is unbelievable. Now you can rely on robotic pool cleaners to keep your pool looking sparkling clean while you lounge peacefully. Robotic cleaners are our top pick for pool cleaners since they make upkeep for larger pools and challenging locations a breeze.

These robotic cleaners can float around your pool and climb the walls for a seriously thorough clean. They use an internal filter to catch debris, so you’ll need to change them regularly.

The great thing about robotic pool cleaners is that they not only provide a thorough clean for your pool, but they also can clean your pool a lot faster than trying to use a manual vacuum.

Some robotic pool cleaners can be scheduled so that they run when no one is in the pool. You can also electronically direct it to certain spots of the pool that were missed. Make sure whichever cleaner you choose, it is meant for your particular type of pool siding. Not all robotic cleaners’ wheels will work on both vinyl and concrete siding.

When purchasing a robotic cleaner, consider how often the filter will need to be changed. Some have larger canisters, so it can hold more debris. You should also take into consideration the size of your pool. Some units aren’t fit for larger pools.

If you’re able to afford the upfront cost of a robotic pool cleaner, then, many pool owners agree, it pays for itself due to the sheer amount of work it eliminates for you.

Manual Cleaners

If you’re willing to take some of the maintenance on in exchange for a less expensive option, then you may be interested in a manual cleaner. You can find options that handle all sizes of debris. However, it will require more brunt work.

Manual cleaners are good for smaller size pools and above ground pools. However, they can be more time consuming than a robotic cleaner.

There are even versions that include different attachments to switch up suction power. Some vacuums require electricity to run. But there are also budget-friendly versions that will run directly off your pool’s suction and filtration system.

You just connect the hose to a 3/4 hp pump and you’re ready to start cleaning. Keep in mind that a higher cost might also mean a more reliable suction and larger size footprint to cover more ground.

Suction Side Cleaners

This type of pool cleaners will work on the suction side of the filtration system. These connect into the pools pump to use the suction of the filtration system to clean the pool.

They float around the pool’s surface or roll around the bottom to guide the water through its tubes and into the pool filter. It assists with the effectiveness of the filter by collecting water throughout the pool. The suction side type of pool cleaner is better for finer debris such as sand and dirt.

Make sure the suction side cleaner you purchase is compatible to hook up with your pool’s specific filtration system.

Pressure Side Cleaners

These cleaners will use water pressure to catch additional debris and are able to work autonomously. Unlike suction side cleaners, they can operate without the use of the pool’s built-in filter. It’s a great way to keep your pool extra clean and also keep your filter from being overtaxed.

Pressure side cleaners roll along the bottom and sides of your pool to pick up larger debris such as twigs and leaves. They collect this debris in a bag that is easy to reach and change. Some of these cleaners will also include a hose that can be used for additional reach.

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

It can be tough finding an above ground pool cleaner since they often don’t offer the same filtration systems as in-ground ones. Luckily, there are some pool cleaners that are made specifically for this purpose.

Above ground pool cleaners should be gentle for the more delicate above ground pool linings. They will also need to run on their own self-contained pumps since they can’t run off of the pool itself. There are robotic options that will help you keep your maintenance to a minimum.

Find Your Best Pool Cleaner

We hope you found this guide to pool cleaners helpful when you’re searching for the right one. There are so many options and a wide range of prices. When you find the right option for you, check to see if it comes with a warranty.

These pool cleaners can require additional maintenance to keep them running, so it’s good to have some protection for your unit.

Want to learn more about care for your pool? Or maybe you’re ready to design your dream pool. Visit our site for everything you need to know about keeping your pool in top shape.