Did you know that about 91 million Americans swim in lakes, oceans, and rivers each year? If you’ve been swimming in Texas all your life, this might not come as a surprise to you.

But, what do you do when you just can’t make the trip to swim at the lake? You find a swimming pool! When you install a swimming pool in your backyard, you never have to search again.

What are the different pool shapes and which one is right for your Weller County home? Keep reading to find out.

Circular Pools

Circular pools are popular in backyards with a lot of open space. They are appealing, can break up large areas of land, and are the perfect shape for fun with the family.

Compared to straight-walled pools, circular pools are cost-effective. Many of them come with enclosures or covers of the same shape to maintain the structure and cleanliness of the pool.

Rectangular Pools

Rectangles aren’t an inventive pool shape, but they are popular nonetheless. This classic design is elongated and perfect for swimming laps, playing with the family, and even teaching kids how to swim.

You can fit rectangle pools in more areas than you’d thin. They are well-suited for skinny backyards, luxury penthouses, and apartment blocks.

When you work with a custom pool builder, you can play with the different dimensions of a rectangular design. Rectangles are the perfect shape accompanied by creative features like corner hot tubs, benches, and step designs.

Because of their sleekness, rectangular pools are sleek enough to fit the style of modern homes.

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools come in various styles and shapes, but each of them includes geometric edges and straight lines.

Pools like this are a popular option for homeowners that prefer a non-traditional backyard layout. It’s also ideal for those with backyards that are naturally less than uniform.

You can incorporate multiple angles and lines to accommodate for the modern payout you are going for. You will have to pay extra if you decide to include additional square footage.

L-Shaped Pools

L-shaped swimming pools are an umbrella design of geometric pools. However, they are becoming much more popular and deserve a special shoutout of their own.

Because it’s shaped like the letter ‘L’, homeowners can enjoy an elongated side that connects to a shorter one with a right angle.

These pools aren’t right for every backyard, but they can create a unique aesthetic to complement the current design of certain backyards.

L-shaped pools are special because you end up with two pool areas you can utilize at once. This versatile space is a no-brainer for some Waller County, Texas homeowners.

Free-Form Pools

Free-form pools, also known as radius pools, have a compelling approach to pool design. They are curvilinear in nature with soft arcs, bows, and bends that can resemble the look of clouds or bubbles.

Flowing shapes like these are great for homeowners that want to break up hard angles from a smaller, square-edged backyard.

Free-form pools have a lot of benefits, but there are some downsides. Due to the uniqueness of the pools, it can be hard to find a pool cover that fits your needs.

You’ll have to factor in the cost of a custom pool cover if you choose to install a pool of this shape.

Custom Pools

When it comes to pool shapes, ‘custom’ isn’t technically a shape, but it’s important to note the existence of custom pools. You don’t have to stick to traditional styles of pools if you don’t want to.

If you have an oddly shaped backyard or a certain vision for your pool, work with custom swimming pool designers to bring your idea to life! You can work with experts that build your pool from scratch.

You can choose elements from each shape on this list, and add special features, such as fountains, spas, and in-pool seating.

Which Is Right for Your Home?

Knowing the variety of pool shapes isn’t enough to know which is right for your home. If you’re lucky, you might have more than one shape that would work in your backyard.

These tips will help you decide which pool shape suits your home best:

Audit Your Activities

What do you have planned for the pool? Do you intend to swim for exercise or do you want something that everyone in the family can enjoy?

The answers to these questions matter. There are certain designs that fit the right activities. For example, rectangle and L-shaped pools are great for swimming laps while circular and free-form pools are for family fun.

Consider Your Space

One of the most important things to consider is the amount of space you can allocate to a pool build. Be realistic about the shapes and sizes that can complement your yard without completely taking it over.

If you have a small, rectangular area to fill, a circular pool wouldn’t be the best idea.

The appearance of your swimming pool should also match the aesthetic of your home. Circular pools might look odd when matched with a home that’s more modern or contemporary.

Create a Budget

It’s no secret that pools cost money and the shape you choose can have a dramatic impact on what you spend.

Smaller and curvier pools are more cost-effective because larger and more complex pools are costlier.

Find a balance between affordability, function, and aesthetics to build your dream home. When you work with a pool designer, they can tell you how much each shape would roughly cost.

Know Your Pool Shapes!

Knowing the different pool shapes will come in handy when you are thinking about installing a pool outside of your Waller County home.

If you are still at a loss for what is right for you, don’t worry! This is only a guide to help you out. The best way to understand the different pool shapes and pick the right one for your home is by working with pool experts.

Sahara Construction and Custom Pools can help you through the design process to come up with your dream pool. Contact us today for a free consultation!