Spending time by the pool is a fabulous way to relax, enjoy some time with friends and family, and take in the great outdoors.

If you want to enhance your pool’s look and functionality, pool furniture is a wise addition.

Read on to learn more about the different types of poolside furniture available and how it can enhance your life and home.

Adirondack Chairs

Designed to resemble the chairs you might see along a beachfront shoreline, Adirondack chairs are a stylish and comfortable addition to your pool. This versatile pool furniture can be made of wood, composite, or other durable weatherproof materials.

If you want to use Adirondack chairs by the pool, choose something in a fun color. You’re not limited to basic hues like brown or white, so go for something vibrant and fun like a blue, yellow, or red color.

The design of an Adirondack chair includes wide arms and an angled back for support. This durable pool furniture tends to be a bit lower to the ground, so that might be a challenge if you have trouble getting up from low-profile furniture.

One thing that makes Adirondack chairs such a great option is that they’re easy to move. You can line them up right next to the pool, place them under an umbrella, or arrange them on your patio for a casual conversation space.

Bistro Sets: A Perfect Choice for Pool Furniture

A bistro set is an excellent option if you enjoy casual breakfasts or sips of coffee by the pool. This furniture includes a small table and two chairs, recreating the look and feel of a scene you’d see on a European street.

You’ll find bistro sets made of metal, woven materials, or wood but it’s best to choose something waterproof if you’re using your furniture poolside. This lightweight, compact size furniture is a great choice for couples or for those who just want a quiet, quick moment outdoors.

Enjoy a laid-back meal or beverage with a bar-style bistro set. This furniture features a tall pub table and counter-height chairs or bar stools for a casual ambiance.

Look for a folding bistro set that allows for easy storage during the off-season. You can also find some sets that seat up to four people around the table.

Chaise Lounge Chairs

Nothing says relaxing by the pool quite like a chaise lounge chair. These low-profile chairs are perfect for laying out under the sun, taking a nap, or chilling out with your favorite book.

Choose a chaise lounge chair that has an adjustable design. This allows you to sit back slightly or lie down completely if you choose.

Some models of chaise lounge chairs include wheels on the bottom which makes them much easier to maneuver around. You should also consider getting one with a cushion for an added layer of comfort.

When shopping for a chaise lounge chair, make sure you select something made of a durable material like aluminum. Mesh material on the back and seat will allow for better breathability to keep you cool and comfortable as you lounge.

Larger Outdoor Seating Options

If you love to entertain or you just want something roomier, consider an outdoor sofa, loveseat, or sectional. This pool furniture is perfect for parties, napping, or just hanging out between swimming sessions.

An outdoor sofa can be found in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and materials. Sectionals tend to be much larger than a standard outdoor sofa, so choose one in a modular design that you can change to any configuration.

When you add outdoor seating to your pool area, don’t forget to include a table. A sturdy outdoor coffee table or a pair of end tables will give your guests a place to sit down their drinks or sunglasses.

Check to make sure that your outdoor seating furniture is completely weatherproof. It’s best to store it away during the winter to keep the colors looking fresh and the material in good condition.


A hammock is a classic choice that gives you the perfect swing. Some hammocks are attached between two posts or trees, while others include a sturdy base or stand that allows you to move it around as needed.

Use a hammock stand made of wood or metal to ensure that it stays securely in place. Hammocks can be made of anything from rope to fabric depending on the style and the brand name.

Weather-resistant fabric hammocks are best to use next to your pool. Look for something in a fun, colorful design like cabana stripes or a vibrant tropical print.

Certain hammocks may include an attached pillow for extra comfort. If your hammock doesn’t include one, you can always purchase a soft outdoor pillow and use that while you relax next to the pool or under a tree.

Make Your Pool Area Comfortable with Furniture

Whether your pool is large or small adding some pool furniture will make spending time outside a more comfortable, relaxing experience. From stylish Adirondack chairs to chaise lounges and bistro sets, find the perfect poolside furniture for your lifestyle and your needs.

With the right furniture in place, you’ll want to spend even more of your free time by the pool as you soak in the sunshine.

If you’re interested in adding a custom pool to your backyard, visit our website or contact us to find out more about what we have to offer today.