Patios extend the square footage of your home, literally making your house bigger. You essentially have a new room to entertain or relax.

But harsh summer sun can turn a delightful patio into a scorching heater on a warm summer day. To truly enjoy your patio to its fullest, you need to install a patio cover. 

The types of patio covers vary almost as much as the patios themselves. You can have solid or slotted or canvas covers. Each one serves a specific purpose and comes with a different price tag. 

Keep reading to learn the options for different types of patio covers so you can begin improving your outdoor living space today. 

Materials For Different Types of Patio Covers

The best patio cover is the one that turns your outdoor living space into your peaceful haven. Think about what you want your space to look and feel like as you consider these different types of patio covers. 

Begin with the materials. What do you want your patio cover made of? 


While you can find patios made of different types of metal, aluminum is the most popular choice. It’s easy to assemble and install, and you can find it in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Plus, it costs little compared to its wood and vinyl counterparts. 

Aluminum also resists harsh outdoor conditions. It can withstand cold better than other materials, and it doesn’t deteriorate with time like wood and vinyl. Furthermore, those Texas-sized insects that like to attack wood and vinyl don’t stand a chance against aluminum. 

You can also purchase alumawood. This material looks and feels like wood but is made of metal on the inside. If you want the durability of metal but the feel of wood, alumawood makes sense. 


If you want your look to remain consistent from your home to your patio, wood makes sense. You can find wood patio covers in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes, making its price vary significantly as well. 

Wood gives your patio a warm, earthy feel. When you treat it appropriately, it can last a long time. 

The cost of wood varies because of their availability. Some wood choices impact the environment more than others. For example, experts refer to bamboo as a sustainable wood because it grows faster than foresters can harvest it. A bamboo tree can grow to its full height within three to four months

Thus, the more sustainable woods cost less because they’re more plentiful. 


Vinyl looks much like wood but is actually a plastic product. Vinyl patio covers have grown in popularity because of their durability. They tolerate outdoor conditions well and, unlike wood, require little maintenance.

Furthermore, you can assemble and install a vinyl cover easily. A vinyl patio cover will cost less than aluminum but will last just as long. 

Furthermore, many vinyl product producers create their products from recycled materials. 

Styles of Different Types of Patio Covers

You have six different options for patio covers with standard patio covers, gazebos, awnings, pergolas, canopies, and thatched roofs. If you want something simple that does the job, a standard cover makes the most sense. But if you want a patio cover with style, look into the other options that best reflect the feeling you want to create outside. 


Pergolas give you a cover with a view. If you want an open, airy space, the pergola makes sense. It consists of slats of wood that cover your patio. 

You can create an intimate space or a more open space depending on the style of the pergola. The wider your slats, the more open the space. 


Gazebos offer a more intimate setting than a pergola. It’s a free-standing structure that has no walls but a solid roof. It often is round or octagonal in shape. 

When we think of gazebos, we often think of a place for a ceremony or performance, like a band gazebo. They create the intimate feel that such a ceremony invites. If you want to create that close feeling where you and a few friends sit around for drinks, the gazebo makes sense. 

Awnings and Canopies

Awnings and canopies have a more flexible feel to them. You can often raise and lower them, whereas gazebos and pergolas are permanent. 

Awnings are typically made of aluminum and require little maintenance. Their durable structure means they will last a long time. 

Canopies, typically made of polyester, give you the option of the color, shape, and size you want for your patio. You can pick a calm, neutral color for a laid-back feel or a bright, festive-looking color for a party feel in your backyard. 

Thatched Roofs

If you want to mimic an island, tropical feel in your backyard, you can create a patio cover with a thatched roof. You’ll end up with a perfect staycation place in your backyard and a wonderful feel for entertaining at your own tiki bar. 

Cover Your Patio Today

You can easily turn your backyard patio into a place of beauty with one of the many types of patio covers. Assess how you want your patio to feel, and then make a decision that best reflects this vibe you want for your backyard. 

Do you want to create a backyard living area? Contact us for design ideas. We have been working for years helping Katy, Texas residents bring their dreams to life. 

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