The new year is a time to close cycles, give thanks, and set intentions for the year ahead. One of the most popular New Year resolutions is to exercise more and lead a healthier lifestyle. And what better way to do that than by finally taking the plunge and installing a swimming pool?

Swimming pools continue to grow in popularity, and in states such as Texas, there are some exciting modern pool designs to consider for 2023. While there will always be timeless classic features, these pool styles offer more options than ever, which is why the swimming pool construction market is worth $9.3 billion and continues to grow.

Check out these top modern pool designs of 2023 to inspire your own swimming pool design.

Different Pool Colors

When you think about a swimming pool, the classic aqua and bright blue options may come to mind. But pool materials are expanding into different color ranges, as people want other colors to suit their pool aesthetic. For example, darker colors are increasing in popularity, with darker hues of blue and statement shades, such as green. 

Night Lighting

Why limit yourself to just using your pool in the daytime? Take a dip at night when temperatures begin to soar in Waller County. A night swim is also perfect if you have guests over and want some evening entertainment.

However, until recently, pool lighting was often low on people’s lists when designing their custom swimming pools. 2023 changes this. More people than ever are incorporating LED lighting, light-up mosaics, and other lighting features to enjoy their pool in style, no matter what time of day.

Tanning Ledges

Pool ledges are installed as part of the pool design for lounging. You can have these ledges in your pool’s shallow or deeper end. These ledges can be small or a whole shelf along your pool, so you can have seats submerged on the ridge, enjoying the sun and cooling your feet at the same time. 

These ledges are also perfect for loved ones who do not swim or do not want to submerge in the pool entirely. You can also enjoy your pool more often, spending time here while reading or enjoying an evening drink as the sun sets.

In-pool Furniture 

Tanning ledges also incorporate the growing trend of in-pool furniture, which you can install on your ledge. You can also pick from various other options, such as in-ground custom spas surrounded by seating, fire pits with small ledges so you can stay in the pool, and even side or floating tables. 

Updated Water Features

The water features you choose can make or break your pool design, which is why there are more features than ever to suit different needs. 2023 modern water features include fire and water bowls, stone facades, different waterfall cascades, and hidden grottos. You can let your imagination run wild and see how the pool contractor can incorporate these modern features into your design.

Infinity Pools 

Infinity pools have been popular for years and have recently experienced a return due to social media. Modern pool designs have embraced the infinity pool concept with a twist for 2023.

Now infinity pools are being merged with swim-up bars, spas, and even multi-tier pools. You can check with your pool contractor if this type of pool is possible in your space. Alternatively, you can install a pool feature inspired by the infinity pool, such as certain waterfall features. 

Swim Jets

Swim jets are growing in popularity due to their ability to utilize smaller pools for more purposes. Swim jets create a constant water current in the pool, pushing large volumes of your pool water so that you can exercise in the pool, no matter what the size.

You can install swim jets to use your pool for exercise and switch them off when you want to use your pool for other purposes. Or you can use the swim jets on one part of the pool while loved ones use another part of the pool to relax. These swim jets are perfect for adding versatility to your pool design and ensuring all household members can enjoy the pool.

Exotic Inspiration

Many of these modern pool designs for 2023 are inspired by exotic locations, such as Indonesia and Tuscany. It means pool designs for 2023 have a global influence and can help make your own backyard a vacation space for outdoor living.

And it does not stop at the pool; these designs also include specific landscaping features to transport you to different locations. There is a focus on plants, stonework, and backyard color schemes. The modern pool designs are creative and draw inspiration from different places, so there is plenty of design flexibility. 

Saltwater Pool vs. Chlorine Pool

More people than ever are choosing to have a saltwater pool instead of a chlorine pool. A saltwater pool is a long-term investment; however, it can be better for people with sensitive skin, and there is no need to store chemicals like chlorine. Storing chemicals requires you to take steps to ensure the chemicals are secure. 

Saltwater can also help keep your pool clean. However, saltwater pools still contain some chlorine, which is why some homeowners are also considering ozone pools, which use a generator to keep the pool clean. Chlorine still works best for many people, so you can determine what suits your needs.

Get Inspired by 2023 Modern Pool Designs 

These modern pool designs of 2023 offer an exciting change for the swimming pool construction industry. The trends demonstrate the endless possibilities you can consider for your own pool design. And the trends demonstrate how pool styles can completely transform your home, even transporting you out of Waller County to an exotic location of your choice.

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