Would you believe that the average person spends 93% of their time indoors?

If you’d like to improve your overall wellness, then getting outside more often can work wonders for your physical and mental health. From soaking up some fresh air and sunshine to doing fun activities and spending time with loved ones, the great outdoors can be your perfect oasis.

Would you like to start reaping the benefits of a backyard patio? Keep reading to learn about our top backyard patio ideas that will inspire you to be outside more.

A Swimming Pool

One of the best patio ideas of all time is installing a gorgeous swimming pool. Nothing is more refreshing than lounging in the pool on a hot day. When you work with custom builders, they’ll be able to craft your ideal pool, complete with waterfalls, hot tubs, and any other features you’d love.

You’ll also be delighted to know that pools can get installed in as little as six weeks as well, which means that you’ll be able to make a splash in no time.

A Fire Pit

A common misconception people have about small backyard patios is that they don’t have much room to get creative. The excellent news is that patios of all sizes can fit a fire pit. Installing a fire pit with stones may look the nicest, but you also have the option to buy a portable unit that you can remove to free up space when you’re done.

Everyone will love having the opportunity to gather around the fire to roast marshmallows or hot dogs while listening to music and chatting the night away.

An Outdoor Dining Table

You can’t overlook an outdoor dining table when designing a backyard patio. Imagine how wonderful it will be to host elegant dinners with your friends and family surrounded by the greenery.

Whether it’s a little table suited for two people or a giant table that can fit a feast, your backyard will be a much more welcoming space with a place to eat.

A Gazebo

Do you wish you could spend time outside but you don’t want to get too hot or sunburned? Installing a gazebo can let you enjoy nature while still being protected from the elements.

A popular feature in every gazebo is a swinging bench. You could easily spend hours swinging peacefully while listening to the birds chirp.

A Patio Kitchen

A kitchen is another awesome feature that you should consider incorporating into your backyard patio design. If you’re an avid griller during the warmer months, then you’ll fall in love with having a full kitchen where you can cook proper meals from start to finish.

A patio kitchen can also keep your indoor space nice and cool when you don’t feel like firing up the oven while the weather is hot.

A Lush Garden

If your backyard is bland, then it’s understandable why you don’t feel compelled to spend time outside. Planting a wide variety of flowers can add all kinds of exciting colors and even welcome birds and butterflies to your yard.

Anyone who’s wanted to try their hand at gardening can grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that they can cook with in their outdoor kitchen.

A Reading Nook

Do you feel like your home always has a bunch of activities going on inside? You deserve to have a serene place where you can curl up with a book and let your mind wander for a while.

A hammock or plush outdoor couch would be the perfect addition to your yard. Some types of furniture even have storage bins built into them where you can keep your favorite reading materials.

An Outdoor Theater Setup

People who love movie nights can take their festivities to the next level by creating an outdoor theater setup.

You can get fancy by mounting a big flatscreen to your wall and buying reclining chairs and a mini-fridge for your drinks and snacks. To keep things simple, you can get an affordable smartphone projector.

A Calming Pond or Fountain

A simple way that you can feel more connected to nature is to install a small pond or fountain in your backyard. This outdoor feature will also attract more wildlife that you can admire.

The best part is that this can add lots of value to your home as well.

A Fence for Privacy

It can be challenging to unwind if you’re worried about nosy neighbors keeping an eye on what you’re doing. To give yourself peace of mind, you can install a fence.

If you’d rather take a natural approach, then you also have the option to install tall shrubs that can wrap around your yard. For a happy medium, you can build your fence and then plant climbing vines to breathe life into this structure.

A Game Area

Who doesn’t love playing fun games with their loved ones? There are all kinds of backyard game installations that double as entertainment and art.

A giant chessboard is one of the many popular choices. Each piece will look elegant, and all of your guests will be thrilled to play this game in such a unique way.

Do You Love These Backyard Patio Ideas?

Giving your backyard a makeover will motivate you to get outside more and adopt a healthier lifestyle. After reading about these backyard patio ideas, you can get ready to create the yard of your dreams.

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