There are more than 10 million residential pools in backyards across the nation.

It’s not hard to understand why. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise out there. Swimming offers a great workout with minimal impact on your body. And a pool is a great social hub too.

If you’re thinking about getting a pool, you’re probably wondering what kind of design you should go for.

Read on as we take a look at some of the most popular swimming pool shapes.


If you asked someone to draw a swimming pool, they’d probably sketch out a rectangle.

This is one of the most popular swimming pool shapes and for good reason. A rectangular pool is ideal for people who want to swim laps, as well as being a great way to maximize your pool space.

You really can’t go far wrong with a rectangular pool.


Oval pools can still be used for swimming laps, especially if you use the middle of the pool.

The rounded edges make them look a little softer, and they make great family pools. They’re also ideal if you’re planning to play water sports in the pool as it means there are no sharp corners.


Circular pools are the ultimate in soft design but aren’t that great if you’re looking to swim laps.

With no sharp corners anywhere, a circular pool is perfect for a family with smaller children. Because a circular pool has less volume than a rectangular or square pool of similar length and width, to get a decent sized circular pool you need a lot more space.

L Shaped

If you’re looking for a pool that really stands out, try an L-shaped pool.

This type of pool can be the best of both worlds. You can have a deeper section for swimming laps, and the other branch of the L can be a shallower area for the kids. Or you could switch it up and have a shallower main pool and a deeper diving area.

L-shaped pools come in two main varieties.

True L

This is a pool where the two sections are at right angles to each, just like the lines in a letter L. This is the more traditional form of L-shaped pool and is useful for working around obstructions or making better use of your space.

Lazy L

In this type of pool, the angle between the two parts of the pool is less than ninety degrees. It makes for a shallower angle between the two parts of the pool. 

The shorter angled part of the pool is often as a gently sloped entrance to the main part of the pool which can be used for laps and general swimming. 


A kidney-shaped pool is fairly similar to a Lazy L, but without the straight sides that you see in Lazy L pools.

This gives a kidney-shaped pool a softer look. These pools give you a lot the benefits of a rectangular or oval pool, but the slight bend in the middle helps to divide the pool up into distinct areas. 

You can put these areas to different uses, such as a shallower section and a deeper one.

Figure Eight

This type of pool is also a great way to divide your pool into distinct sections.

Similar to an oval pool, but with sides that curve inwards in the middle, these pools give the soft look of other rounded pools but still allow for a good amount of straight length for those looking to swim laps.

With figure eight pools, the water can flow around freely. It won’t get trapped in the corners as it sometimes does with rectangular pools.


If you’re looking for a pool that has true classical style, then a Greek pool is a great option.

These pools are like a rectangular pool with the corners cut out. Instead of a right angle in the corners, you have a curved area that juts into the pool in each corner. The look is truly stunning and the corners provide great platforms for diving into the pool.


Another timeless style of pool is the Roman style. Instead of having the corners cut out, like with the Greek style, these pools are like a rectangular pool with an additional semicircle on each of the shorter sides.

These semicircular areas are ideal for allowing a shallow entrance into the pool, either with a gentle slope or with steps down to the full depth of the main pool.

This space can also be utilized as a shallower section to lie in and soak up the sun after a hard swim in the main pool. 


The beauty of swimming pools is that they can be made to any design that you wish.

If none of the above shapes really float your boat, that’s totally fine. You can come up with your own personal design of pool, or get a professional to design one for you.

By creating your own design you can have a pool that perfectly matches your personal style. It will also work in harmony with your yard or garden meaning that you have a pool that truly compliments your home.

With a freeform pool, the only limit is your imagination!

Do You Have Your Heart Set on One of These Swimming Pool Shapes?

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