Imagine you’re having the pool party to end all pool parties this summer. The barbecue’s sizzling outside on the grill while everyone stays cool and has fun in the water. You couldn’t think of a more perfect way to end the season.

But what if this perfect party ends in tragedy?

Hopefully, this won’t ever happen to you. But if you don’t practice proper pool safety, this nightmare scenario could become a reality. So what can you do to prevent this terrible fate?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you all about how to keep your pool safe while still having fun! So lean back, grab some cool drinks, and let’s get started. 

Keeping Your Pool Safe Before The Summer Or The Party Starts

Let’s pause before we get to the party and see what steps we can take ahead of time to prevent hazards from occurring.

Keep An Eye Out For Signs

One of the best things you can do to ensure your pool stays safe is to check it on the regular for any signs that something is amiss. For example, if your pool water shows signs of rust being present in it, there are likely cracks in the main structure of the pool. Not only can these cracks cause serious damage to your pool or others if untreated, but the rust can also prove poisonous if swallowed.

Another sign is if the water is cloudy, as this means your filters need repair or the chemical levels of your pool water are off. Even checking like the floor of your pool is a good idea: if you’re not careful, the pool floor can get too rough. This can cause it to tear through the skin and cause bleeding.

Bite The Bullet In The Wintertime

It’s not something everyone wants to hear, but leaving your pool sitting unmaintained during the winter is not going to have zero consequences. This is because debris and animals like insects can get trapped in the pool when it freezes.

In turn, this can lead to both your pool becoming damaged and thus unsafe or plumbing problems for your house. Save yourself some money and time and protect your pool when the cold comes around to prevent bigger problems down the line.

Keep It Under Lock And Key

Your pool should always have some sort of guard to keep small children from getting in when they’re not supposed to. If it’s a below-ground pool, invest in both a sealable cover for your pool and some sort of barrier to keep people out (whether that’s a fence with a locked gate or something else). If the pool’s above-ground, get the cover while also removing anything that children could use to get inside (like ladders or steps) when not in use. 

Keeping Your Pool Safe While You’re At The Party

Now that you’re at your summer blowout bash, what steps can you take to keep you and your guests happy and safe?

Appoint Someone As A Lifeguard Or Supervisor At All Times

This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often people forego this basic safety procedure. Remember, it only takes 3 minutes after someone has stopped breathing from drowning for brain damage to occur: you need to act fast.

Before the party starts, try to appoint someone as the lifeguard. You can swap out and take turns so everyone gets a chance to have fun too. Make sure the lifeguard is staying on-task at all times: it only takes a few seconds of missed attention for tragedy to strike.

Even if your party is only adults too, appoint someone to be the lifeguard too. As silly as it might seem, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Heck, try to get CPR certified if you can: never hurts to be more prepared.

Put Down The Beer If You Want To Swim

We all know what happens to someone if they get drunk: decreased balance and coordination, poor decision-making skills, etc. And when this happens to you, you can make unsafe choices while swimming that could lead to injury or death.

If you do decide to have a drink or two, make sure to move it to a plastic container first: glass can be very dangerous in a pool if broken.

So even if you’re in shallow water, play it safe and ditch the alcohol. You’ll thank yourself later.

Have Proper Safety Equipment On Hand

If it turns out someone is in danger, you’ll want to have the gear to save them. At a minimum, you should have a life preserver and something long for them to grab onto (like a pool hook). If you want to be even more ahead of the game, a first-aid kit and additional flotation devices never hurt.

On the flip side, some equipment might be safer to be restricted or removed during a pool party. If you have a large party, blocking off the diving board or removing giant pool toys like certain inflatables might be your best bet to keep everything running smoothly.

Diving Headfirst? Forget About It

We know, it’s a classic. But it can be dangerous too, as it’s easier to misjudge the deepness of water than you might think. Anyone who miscalculates a dive and lands on their head could cause major injury to their head or spine. 

Encourage kids and adults to jump into the pool feet first or to not dive in with a running start as fun alternatives.

So Now You’re Ready For The Summer

Congratulations! You’re now ready to take a load off and relax by the pool now that you know all about how to keep your pool safe during pool parties while still having fun!

If you think a pool would be perfect for your house and want to learn more about it, consider getting a free consultation to find out!

So keep on floating down that lazy river this summer with no worries: no one’s getting injured on your watch.