fourth of july ideas

Pool Party Fourth of July Ideas

Of all the special days in the American calendar, the Fourth of July is one of those that inspire the most fun celebrations and parties. Being in the middle of summer, the weather is almost always perfect for outdoor gatherings and house and pool parties with family and friends.

If you chose to host a pool party, then it is time to come up with a plan of action to pull off the best event possible.

When it comes to arranging a Fourth of July party you have to think about all of the different age ranges you are going to be entertaining. You also have to think about the kinds of things that you believe you can actually achieve within your budget and time frame.

So you have the setting and you have the enthusiasm, now all that is left is to find the right idea. Without further ado, here are some of the very best fourth of July ideas.

1. Don’t Send Emails or Paper Invites

When you have a large number of people in mind for the guest list, it is easier and more efficient to create a Facebook event than send out dozens of paper invites. Facebook has made party organizing so simple in the last few years.

With a Facebook event invite, it is simple to see who has confirmed their attendance and who is still on the fence. This makes it easier for you as the host to calculate how much food and drink you need to provide to cater to each guest.

2. Red, White, And Blue Must Be Among Your Fourth of July Ideas

When it comes to color schemes for the party, there’s really only one choice – the classic red, white, and blue. The colors of the American flag should be front and center in things like bunting, paper plates and cups, and maybe even consider a fun patriotic dress code.

Choosing this color theme is an easy way to make sure that your party is instantly recognizable as a Fourth of July celebration.

Stores across the country have this same idea in mind and you can usually pick up everything you need for 4th of July entertaining in a few dedicated aisles.

3. Consider All Types of Beverages

In any large group of people, there is always going to be multiple drink preferences and opinions. The best 4th of July party ideas include making sure that you have a full and diverse bar to suit all tastes.

Some people will be drinking alcohol, others will be sticking to soft drinks. The general rule that you should follow is to buy more drinks than you think you need. As the heat increases and the party moves into the evening, there are always more beverages consumed than you might expect.

4. Food Can Be Patriotic, Too

4th of July food can be such fun. Independence Day food is a hugely popular search on the internet so you certainly won’t be short of ideas.

As with the beverages, you need to consider the range of ages you are catering to. Also, think of how many times you might like to serve food if you are hosting an all-day event.

As the party is outdoors, you might consider picnic food or a barbecue.

5. Provide the Swimming Essentials

We are focusing specifically on the 4th of July pool party ideas, so it makes sense that one of the best tips is to have all of the swimming essentials on hand for your guests.

From goggles and towels to sunscreen and pool noodles, the more accessories you have, the more fun the party will be. Time flies when you are having fun and children and adults alike are prone to forgetting to top up their sun protection or to have forgotten to pack some floats in the car.

You can avoid any Fourth of July accidents by making sure that all of your guests are adequately cared for around your beautiful custom pool.

6. Pick the Perfect Music

An essential ingredient of a great party is music. Make the perfect July 4th playlist to suit the vibe and atmosphere of the crowd. When you are throwing a party with all ages attending, put together a playlist that caters to all tastes and generations.

A mixture of chart hits and golden oldies can never go wrong, especially when all of the songs are nice and upbeat to match the pleasant summer day.

Music can really set a mood for the entire group and day, so it’s worth it to really put some effort into the tracks that you choose.

7. Organize Fun Games

If you are planning for your 4th of July party to last all day, it is a good idea to organize some games to be played at planned points throughout the event.

Games can be played both in and out of the pool. It is also important to come up with games that are appropriate for all age ranges. The whole point of a Fourth of July party is to bring family and friends together, so make sure that you cater to them in all areas.

Closing Thoughts

It’s clear to see that the best Fourth of July ideas are the ones that are simple and effective. You don’t want to go overboard but at the same time, you want to make sure that everything is executed perfectly.

From getting the right food and drink to ensuring that the pool area is safe and secure for everyone, it’s all about selecting a handful of strong and ideas and pulling them off with real style.

Of course, with a pool party, the star of the show is the pool itself. For all of the best designs and a free consultation get in touch with Sahara Pool Builder. Our products and services are unrivalled in the custom pool building industry.