According to the CDC, swimming is the fourth most popular form of exercise in the USA and offers numerous health benefits.

Based on this, there’s a good chance installing a new pool can increase the appeal of your home when you decide to sell it. That’s especially true if you embrace the latest pool design trends to improve the form and function of this recreational feature.

Keep reading to discover what’s new in the realm of pool design. 

Lit Pools

Pool lights are nothing new, but LED lights are the latest big thing in illumination.

These latest innovations are brighter, longer-lasting, and more efficient options when it comes to lighting up the night around your pool. You can even get color-changing options for extra effect. 

Try these trendy ideas for your outdoor entertainment areas:

  • An illuminated pool border on a surrounding patio or deck
  • Up-lighting for eye-catching trees and shrubs
  • Highlighting focal points near the pool like statues and fountains
  • Lights inside flowing water features
  • Twinkling overhead lights for creating a sparkling effect on the poolwater

Thanks to smart technology, you can control your LED lights from inside your home, or from your phone. You can also choose from a wide variety of other lighting options depending on your whims. 

Going Global With Pool Design

American pools are taking on an international flavor as homeowners try to recreate the tropical and five-star resort designs of Bali and Tuscany at home.

These havens of relaxation include swathes of stone, tile, and glass, surrounded by tropical gardens with high-end loungers and decking to complete the look.

Nothing speaks of an island escape like a swim-up bar to add pizzazz to any pool party. Homeowners can continue the theme into their outdoor entertainment areas with thatched roofs, tiki bars, or pagodas draped with vines and bougainvilleas.

Colorful Interiors

Blue pools are so ”last year”. Now pool owners are trying green pools with brown or tan finishes.

While a green pool might seem like a pool owner’s nightmare, the pale green appearance of the water does have restful appeal for some. This unusual color more closely mimics the shades of interior waters like lakes and ponds, making it a good fit for country homes.

Black, charcoal, and gray pool interiors are still trending and they attract more sunlight to warm the water, making them a ”greener” option than firing up an electric pool heater. 

Infinity and Beyond

It seems infinity pools will never go out of style. They’re a beautiful addition to lofty homes overlooking spectacular views or a beachside location. 

Nowadays, the trendiest pools feature infinity edges in every direction to create multi-tiered pools, swim-up bars, and spas.

Tiny Pool Design Trends

First, we had tiny homes, now tiny pools are coming to the party too. Swim jets are the ultimate solution for fitness-conscious homeowners with small yards.

These powerful water jets provide the resistance you need to swim laps in place, no matter how small your pool is.

The added benefit of these jets is that you can turn them down when you want to use your pool as a bubbling spa, or turn them off for a refreshing dip. 

Round pools are another top choice if you have limited outdoor space, and perfect for double duty as a spa or small plunge pool. 

Unchlorinated Swimming Pools

Costly pool maintenance and chemicals have had their day as saltwater swimming pools become ever more popular.

These pools have a high initial cost, but you won’t spend nearly as much on pool care once you’ve installed them. Saltwater pools are kinder to your skin and swimwear, but they still contain small amounts of chlorine.

Ozone pools are the answer for those who want to relax without a chemical in sight. These pool systems use oxygen to sanitize the pool instead of traditional chemicals. 

Pool Ledges for Sun Lovers

Tanning ledges are having a moment in pool design right now, and it’s about time. This design element is only a few inches deep to create a multi-functional space the whole family can enjoy.

You can tan in cool comfort while sprawled across this space, sip on a cocktail, or read while only partially submerged.

It’s a good spot for small children and pets to have some fun if they’re not ready for the depths of the shallow end, and a good place for wave loungers and other submersible furniture.

Water Features for 2023

A collection of studies on the benefits of being near water highlights that the sound of running water can enhance mental health by drowning out stressful background noise. 

Rain walls are one of the cutting-edge designs every swish pool needs.

These water walls provide soothing sounds and aesthetic charm and are an excellent choice for blocking unsightly areas. You can adjust the flow from a trickle to a torrent using your phone, and add LED lighting for extra nighttime appeal.

If you prefer something more intimate, a secret grotto with an overhang built into the pool is a great option. Multi-tiered spillovers, all cascades over natural stone, and lush plantings are the trademarks of these delightful pool features.

Spillovers, sprays, and wall fountains continue as popular choices for homeowners, especially those embracing the resort look. 

Don’t Skip the Basics

Trends come and go, but good pool design decisions last a lifetime. Always consider your home’s unique features and your family’s needs when installing a pool.

If you’re considering selling your home, it’s best to stick to a classic pool design with one or two contemporary touches. Too many trendy extras can limit your pool’s mass appeal. 

We can help you find the right balance depending on your aims for your Texas home. Get in touch for a free consultation and let’s discuss some ideas for your new custom swimming pool.