Did you know that investing in a pool can significantly increase the property value of your home? 

Besides being a great place to relax, swimming pools can transform your curb appeal and resale value. 

Are you a Katy, TX homeowner that has always dreamed of owning a swimming pool of their own? If so, read our article to learn about the best pool design ideas and trends of 2022!

The Hottest Pool Design Ideas

Are you curious about the latest pool design ideas? The hottest pool design ideas include lap pools, infinity, pools, pond pool designs, and custom shapes.

Pools are always being innovated and resigned. That is why investing in a custom pool is a great way to liven up your outdoor living space. Take advantage of a pool trend today!

Let your creativity sparkle when you begin to design a pool of your own or take advantage of a stunning pre-designed pool that will have you swimming even faster.

The Wavy Pool Design Trend

Speaking of pool trends, the wavy pool design has been popular for a while now due to its organic shape. The circular structures of this pool design mimic the waves of the ocean and river contours.

If you want your pool to double as an art installation, this shape is for you! Wavy pool designs are also wonderful shapes for accessory units like hot tubs and splash pads.

An additional unit can easily be placed in a curve of your pool section for a seamless fit and cohesive design. If you are ready to soak up the sun and enjoy the waves, this design is for you.

Feature Pools for Lush Gardens

Does your Katy, TX backyard already feature a lusciously ornate garden? Don’t let a boring pool design subtract from all of your hard work.

Feature pools that showcase an artisanal design are the perfect adornment for your slice of paradise. Pools that follow this design scheme are constructed with organic shapes and materials.

When you design a custom pool, you can decide what features you would like to showcase. Waterfalls, for example, are a common addition for people who are already enjoying the natural elements of their garden.

Trending Now: Pool Fountains

Pool fountains are a great way to get a bang for your buck. That is because a feature like this can transform your swimming pool into an elegant piece of sculptural art.

Fountains are a wonderful addition for those who are interested in a small pool or plan to only swim in it during the warm Summer months.

When your pool is not in use, it becomes a lavish fountain that can be enjoyed almost all year long! This pool design is also a great idea for those who are establishing a home business and must cater to occasional customers.

Pool Ideas for Large Families

Although ornate pools are beautiful and charming, they are not always ideal for hosting a large number of people. 

A nostalgic rectangular pool, however, is the solution to large family gatherings during Summer. Rectangular pools are the best way to use every inch of space possible.

Because of its shape, a rectangular pool can make your house the prime destination for large family gatherings and water sports!

Small Pools for Tight Spaces

If hosting a large number of people is of no concern to you then consider investing in an artisanal pool that can be customized to fit small spaces.

A talented pool builder in Katy can help you create the little pool of your dreams! Pool companies in Katy might recommend that you invest in a plunge pool.

Plunge pools are wonderful ideas if your primary goal is to have somewhere convenient to soak after a long day. Since these pools are smaller, they can also be more cost-effective as well. 

Hot Tubs: Intimate Pool Features

Hot tubs are the most popular pool companion for a reason. They don’t require a lot of space but offer a wide range of benefits. They can add an intimate sense of luxury to any pool design and are worth the additional cost.

Small circular hot tubs are still the most trendy designs. They can accompany any pool shape and size. They are also able to be used all year long, even in the chilliest of seasons! 

If you are considering investing in a swimming pool this year, a hot tub can increase your investment potential and provide you with a wealth of therapeutic benefits.

Finding a Pool Builder in Katy

If you are looking for a Katy pool company, be sure to research your options heavily. Not all Katy pool contractors are alike. Genuine pool builders will be able to tell you what designs are acceptable for your space.

Research reviews and testimonials about each competitor and make sure that they are upfront about their values and payment options.

Try These Pool Design Ideas!

Now you know all about the latest pool design ideas and trends. Are you ready to begin swimming laps into the next season?

Remember, there are a variety of available swimming pool designs that can work for your Katy, Texas home. If you are unsure about which one is for you, contact our sales team today!

At Sahara Construction and Custom Pools, we pride ourselves on creating a beautiful and cost-effective pool for you and your family. Schedule a free consultation today to get started, we look forward to hearing from you!