Experts say a pool could increase your home’s value by 8%. A backyard swimming pool will also add a focal point to your outdoor area.

But it doesn’t stop there because it will increase your outdoor socializing space if well-designed. So, it’s time to move away from the age-old tradition of rectangular lap pools and let your creativity out.

But, designing a pool can be a challenging task. So, to help you get creative juices flowing here are the most luxurious backyard swimming pool designs for Cypress, TX. 

Baja Ledge Pools

A Baha ledge pool will enable you to sunbathe with your feet in the water. A small 16-inch deep ledge is made on one edge of the pool. You can set up sun loungers or any plastic furniture on the ledge. It is also a safety ledge for young children while swimming. 

Even if you don’t want to swim, you can still spend time with your feet in the water. For luxurious Insta-worthy photos, prepare some cocktails and create your Baha ledge so it overlooks the best scenery.

It’s an excellent choice for people with natural views like Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve. 

Pools With Art

Landscaped pools include gentle curving lines rather than traditional straights. However, there are many different styles of pool art to make a lasting impression.

You could consider designing a motif or mosaic on the bottom of your pool. Mandalas are a popular choice. Another option is to include a raised plinth in one section of your pool.

Then, place a statue or abstract art sculpture on top of the plinth. This luxurious backyard swimming pool looks incredible in modern homes and provides your backyard with a focal point. 

Protruding Pools

Protruding pools work best on hilly or raised land. For the ultimate grandeur, you’ll want to create an illusion that you are swimming off the hill into the scenic horizon.

This pool can be built on building blocks, stilts, ground, or cement. It will start into the ground on your property and then go out over the hill’s edge or raised platform.

Pools With a Pier

Spacious pools are great for swimming, but they have no secondary use. However, that changes with a pier as your pool will become multi-purpose. The pier will lead guests into the center of a cozy seating zone.

Add twinkle lights, soft furnishings, and a fire pit for a sense of community. A pool pier gives you the flexibility to use your pool even if you don’t want to swim. You can dine together in the center and enjoy the gentle lap of the water around you.

Colorful Pools

Nighttime swimming is a popular activity made special by using timed LED lights. Gentle purple and blue LEDs create a calming environment. Early morning swims are best suited to vibrant yellow and orange LEDs.

An LED pool will be the talking point of your home. They look contemporary and stylish. They also provide a safer evening-time swimming environment for youngsters.

Japanese-Inspired Pools

Japan is famous for relaxing onsen, and now you can replicate them in your home pool design. Japanese-inspired pools will include a built-in hot tub and cascading waterfalls.

The hot tub and pool design will be seamless if installed at the same time. The soft waterfalls can trickle from walls, or out of a sōzu for an authentic Japanese look.

A sōzu is a bamboo tube that fills with water and gently taps against a stone when it is empty. This luxurious pool style will transport you to the orient. 

Rooftop Pools

The summer in Cypress, TX, is hot and stuffy, so make the best of the situation with a rooftop pool. The best rooftop pool in the world is Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

It is the world’s longest elevated infinity pool that boasts views of Singapore’s iconic buildings. Rooftop pools are fantastic because they feel open yet private. You can also create a relaxing seating arrangement with roof covers for shade. 

Pools With Sunshades

Heat-related illnesses are a problem when swimming in Cypress custom pools during the hot months. So, consider your safety in your pool design, especially if you have children.

One popular idea is a sunshade over a section of the pool. A sunshade also works well with Baja ledges to create a stylish outdoor area.

Your pool sunshade can match the design of the property. Then, add twinkle lights for an evening ambiance. 

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool Ideas

Many Texans want a pool to enjoy outdoor socializing with their loved ones. If this sounds familiar, consider how you want to use the surrounding pool areas.

For example, if you’re a family that likes to dine together, you might like a grill area or a full outdoor kitchen. A patio cover can protect these new outdoor living spaces.

Many different styles will connect the design of your outdoor area to your house. You should think of a patio cover as the glue between the indoor and outdoor zones.

Popular styles of patio covers include pergolas, screen rooms, and traditional brick. Building a patio cover has many benefits, including weather protection, increased home value, and superior design.

Bespoke Backyard Swimming Pool


This year you don’t need to go on a vacation to enjoy a dip in a pool. A backyard swimming pool will increase the amount of usable space on your property. So, you won’t worry about capacity the next time you have a party.

Creating a luxurious pool design will give you something bespoke to your home. We love helping our clients design their ideal pools, and can do the same for you.

We are your local swimming pool contractor in Cypress, TX, and offer a complete package from design to maintenance. So, get ready to take the plunge and contact us to plan your dream backyard swimming pool.