Adding lighting to a pool can both increase the value of your pool and make it safer! It can also influence our feelings, as it brings the sensation of calm and relaxation. 

When it comes to lighting a pool there are so many great options that it can be hard to choose. Luckily, this article is here to give you eight amazing pool lighting ideas to transform your space. 

But first, here are a few things to think about before installing outdoor pool lighting. 

Things to Consider

Before you install any lighting, think about how many lights you will need in your pool. For safety reasons, you need to make sure there is enough light when it is dark. Consider how they need spacing out and remember you may need more if your pool has an irregular shape.

Try to have at least 5.4 watts of light per square meter of the swimming pool. Remember that these lights need to be submerged below water level. This is because most use water as a cooling mechanism. 

You will need to think about the color temperature of the lights in your pool. Usually, pools have a white or blue-hued light as it gives crisp visibility. This is a color temperature of between 4000k to 5000k. You could go for warmer lighting, but sometimes it can get distorted due to the water.

Last but not least, make sure that you choose lights that are safe for use in or close to water. They will need to have extra safety features in place to protect them from harm. If you hire a professional pool construction company, it can guide you on light safety. 

Now we have talked about the practical side, let’s get into the fun part. Creating beautiful outdoor pool lighting has never been easier!

1. A Subtle Glow

A beautiful way to illuminate your pool is through recessed LED lighting. This way you don’t see the light directly; it creates a soft glow that will look amazing. This will make your pool look modern and will also help to show off the tiles in your swimming pool.

This is practical for swimmers, as they won’t get blinded by bright lights while swimming. It also won’t create any glare when you look at it from the house, so it will look good from far away. 

2. Tiki Tastic 

One of the most fun types of pool lights is Tiki torches, as they create a vacation vibe in your own backyard. They are practical for ambient lighting and liven up any outdoor entertainment area. 

You could even add similar lighting to other nearby structures. Torch-style lamps on pool houses or pergolas can help tie the look together. Try using bulbs that mimic flames for a cozy candlelit atmosphere.

You can also add citronella to them during the summer. This will keep pesky bugs at bay!

3. Light Up Features

If you have a water feature like a waterfall or fountain, you’ll want to show it off. Adding some spotlighting or integrated lights will help bring attention to it. It will also make some cool effects, as the light peeks through the water.

You could also use spotlights outside of the pool to showcase your landscaping. Lighting up trees and plants can make your poolside experience mesmerizing and magical.

4. Step Up to Great Lighting

Highlighting the steps in or around your pool can look amazing. Not only does this make them safer to navigate, but it can make them more of a feature. 

You can achieve this in a few ways depending on the style of your outdoor area. You could add above-ground lights along the edge of the steps, such as lanterns, solar lamps, or globes. 

Another option is to add recessed spotlights into each of the steps. This is a classic look and will add sophistication to your steps. 

The last look would be to use embedded LED strips along the lengths of each step. This is a very modern look and could look amazing with concrete or tiled steps. 

5. Colorful Lighting

Using different color lighting is a guaranteed way to create an atmosphere in your pool. Whether you have a theme, or you want to change it up sometimes, colored bulbs are a brilliant option.

Many LED lights now have color-changing bulbs, so you can pick and choose the color depending on the vibe. Some color-changing bulbs are programmable, so you can have them change in a sequence. 

6. All Lights on Deck

Having lights inside the pool is great, but chances are you will want to walk around the outside. So adding some lighting to your pool deck is a great way to improve visibility. It also makes the overall appearance of your pool more professional and high-quality. 

Using in-ground lights is helpful, as they don’t obstruct the walkway. This means they won’t get tripped over or kicked. 

If you have a covered area or patio, then you could also add them there as well. This will add continuity throughout the outdoor space.

7. Mirror Mirror

Due to the reflective qualities of water, they can act like mirrors to their environment. This can be useful in smaller spaces, as it can magnify the light and make it seem bigger.

Using string lights overhead can give a gorgeous twinkling effect with the water. It is also very beautiful to see the reflections morph and change with the ripples in the water.

8. Floating Pool Lights

Adding floating pool lights can be a novel way to make your pool look magical. They are available in so many shapes and colors, plus they are very affordable. 

Some of the lights even come with in-built speakers, so you can have a party in the pool at any time. The best pool lights can bring versatility to your outside space. 

Perfect Pool Lighting Ideas

You now have 8 great pool lighting ideas to give you inspiration for your next pool project. There is something to fit all personal styles so you can transform your pool area into the best space in your home. 

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