Custom pools are every homeowner’s dream. In fact, your custom pool, even if it’s a huge investment, must have been a long-term dream of yours. 

One day, you thought to yourself, for years, before it finally came to fruition. Well, congratulations. But now, it’s time for a strict pool maintenance schedule. 

Say what? Yes, indeed. It’s not enough to have a beautiful custom pool built and left to admire daily. It requires an extreme level of pampering, especially if you’ve spent upwards of $100,000 on it, which is what is typically estimated

There isn’t any reason for you not to maintain your pool yourself. It’s easy enough if you follow the steps. Let’s take a look at some of the items on your pool maintenance schedule below. 

Why A Pool Maintenance Schedule Is Mandatory?

Most pool owners get lazy after a while with their pool. It’s not uncommon to start seeing pools after a few months of ownership that have green stagnant water in it and are beginning to grow some serious families of mold and algae.

Why is this the case? Well, at first you were super duper excited about your custom pool. It had been on your bucket list forever and ever. You finally checked it off – wow, what a feeling. 

You were riding high on that for days. You lovingly caressed your pool and pampered it like a newborn baby. You cleaned it every day and didn’t feel annoyed when you had to spend your free time on the pool filters or such. 

But as time went on, you got lazy. You got used to the novelty. It wasn’t as miraculous anymore. You got bored with it, and in fact, you were kind of getting annoyed by the whole thing.

Why did you even get a pool in the first place? No one in the family even uses it that much, you think, annoyed. 

Maybe you are already here or maybe not. Either way, if you make sure that you have a strict pool maintenance schedule in place, you will not be able to make excuses about it anymore. Let’s see what some items on that schedule should be. 

Skim off Leaves and Larger Debris Daily

In certain seasons, you are going to have a lot of floating debris, like falling leaves, branches, and other such items. It is important to clean this debris out daily!

It seems like such a pain, but it’s important not to let it affect the entire system of your pool. If you have a basket collecting debris, clean it out daily as well. Do not let it pile up, it can clog things up as well. 

Clean Your Skimmers Daily

Larger debris can get stuck in your pool’s skimmer, so make sure that you clean it out daily. Also, make sure that your pool’s water level doesn’t fall too low during hot days, or get too high during the rainy season. Keep it halfway up the skimmer.

Use Your Pool’s Pump Daily

Even if you are not using your pool daily, your pool’s pump needs to be used daily to make sure it’s working at its peak. It also maximizes the effectiveness of the chemicals you use in your pool and keeps your pool safe to clean.

Your pool manufacturer gave you an instruction manual for your pump. Follow it to a T.

Check the Filter to Remove Any Debris Stuck There Weekly

There’s going to be built-up grit in the filters, that you will need to backwash to clean. It’s easy enough but needs to be done weekly so that your pump filters stay in tip-top shape. Again, follow your manufacturer’s instructions on this.

There are some chemicals specifically for cleaning up the oils and dirt that build up in your pool’s filter. It’s a great idea to use these, instead of mere backwashing.  

Balance the Chlorine pH Levels Weekly

Test and adjust the Chlorine and pH levels weekly. The quality of the water needs to be maintained at a certain level to be safe to use and safe for your pool’s structure. Getting a lab test done on your pool water once a month is a great idea, as well.

Also, you might be using a bunch of different chemicals in your pool water, some of which are used daily, some weekly. Keep a schedule for these as well, so that you don’t miss a day, due to your forgetfulness. It’s paramount for everyone’s safety.

Scrub off the Sides of the Pool and Floor Weekly

This is a pain to do, but scrubbing, or vacuuming the sides of your pool and the floors, with a strong pool vacuum is a great idea. It will keep the slime off your pool liners, and also maintain its long life.

Repair Any Leaks as Soon as Possible


If you think your pool is leaking water, because the water levels are falling too fast for it to be normal evaporation, then check the water levels for the next 48 hours to see what’s exactly going on.

If a leak is confirmed, fix it immediately. Do not wait. You didn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on your pool, only to have it break apart due to a tiny leak. It could turn into a major mishap if not taken care of right away. Stay alert!

A Weekly Pool Maintenance Ensures a Long Life for Your Pool

As you might have noticed, some of the items on the pool maintenance schedule are daily items, and others are weekly. If you do not have the time to do all the tasks on the swimming pool maintenance list yourself, then hire someone to do it.

Either way, get it done. There are no ifs, ands, and buts about this. 

It’s crucial not only for your pool’s long term health but also for the health of every person who ends up using the pool.

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