Have you been considering adding a private pool into your home? Whether you are thinking about it because you think it would be fun for the kids or you want to add an extra aesthetic into your home, installing a private pool is the way to go.

From hosting more pool parties, enjoying a Saturday morning in your own backyard with your pool, or are about to sell and want to add more property value to your home, a private pool installation will do that for you.


Adding a pool into your home can increase convenience in your life. If you are used to packing up all of your belongings like sunscreen, pool towels, snacks, and anything else you want for the pool, and then packing the car full of that and your kids, then having the ability to not do that can make life much easier.

Instead of packing up, all you have to do is grab the sunscreen and the towels to bring into your backyard. When you’re ready to get out of the pool, you’re already home! You also have the ability to go inside to grab anything you want outside like more snacks or some music, too!

Increase Property Value

Whether you are about to sell your home and are trying to increase the property value, or you want to add a pool so that down the line your home value increases, a private pool installation can help with that. In fact, if you’re asking yourself ‘does a pool add value to my home?’ you’ll be shocked at how much! 

About 7% to be exact. That’s a lot of money, and definitely enough to make the money back on the pool installation itself.

Much like the benefits you are installing for, a new homeowner would understand the benefits as well and be more willing to spend a bit more on the home.

Increase Your Home Aesthetics

If a person who is looking to buy a home sees your home with a new private pool, but knows they won’t really use it, it still adds an extra aesthetic to the home. Depending on the type of pool, it can add new dimensions to your backyard.

Especially at night when the lights for the pool are on, there can be a fun aesthetic for hanging out outside with the family or with friends that you invite over.

More Family Enjoyment

As much as adding an aesthetic into your home is great, actually using it for family enjoyment is a huge benefit. On the weekends, during summer vacations, and even in the evening, installing a private pool adds an entirely new thing to do at home.

If you have kids, they’ll rarely ask to go to the mall or a theme park to spend money since they’re so busy enjoying a new pool right in their own backyard!

Make It Easier on Senior Citizens

If you are a tight-knit family and you enjoy inviting the grandparents over, it could be much easier on them to have entertainment right in your own backyard. They don’t have to go anywhere or be too active.

Instead, they can enjoy the sunshine while watching the kids play in the pool. It’s a double whammy: the kids are enjoying the pool and the grandparents are able to enjoy the family’s company!

More Entertainment

Are you someone who loves to entertain? If so, adding in a private pool can be a huge investment that pays off simply because of the amount you entertain.

If you are used to keeping everyone indoors, having an outdoor pool party is a great way to entertain, especially during the summer months. Everyone could bring potluck food items and a drink of their choice and you’ll have yourself an awesome outdoor party!

Even if you don’t want to throw a pool party specifically, having the patio doors open to the backyard during an evening party can create an entirely different feel to the party. The pool lights, the look of the water, and the ability to just be outside on a patio adds a new dimension to the party; it may even feel classier.

Determine the Private Pool Cost

Depending on what you are willing to spend on a private pool, you have the ability to determine the private pool cost. If you have a budget, you can install a pool within that budget.

You can choose the depth, the size, the shape, and the type of materials used around the pool which can help you determine the cost of the pool.

If a private pool install seems out of your budget, most places also have options to finance your pool installation. This means that you’ll have more time to pay it off if that fits into your budget better.

Install a Private Pool Today

If you’ve been thinking about installing a private pool into your backyard for some time, today may be the day to start making moves to do it.

You’ll most likely never regret the installation, but instead reap all of the benefits of adding it into your home. From more family time, better entertainment, increased home value, and a cool aesthetic, a private pool install is calling your name.

If you’re ready to get a private pool, contact us for a free consultation. We can walk you through any questions that you may have to ease your fears of an installation.