Everything is bigger in Texas, but maybe you’re still feeling like your backyard is too small for a pool. In the majority of cases we see, that’s just not true.

Your small backyard may be too small to have the exact same kind of pool your neighbors or your last house had, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up poolside fun! It just means you have to get creative.

And at Sahara Construction and Custom Pools, we pride ourselves on being creative. That’s why we put “custom” right in our name!

While every space is different see some examples of how to make a pool in a small space, below.

Small Backyard Pool Ideas

Whether you live in The Woodlands, Katy, Cross Creek, Cypress, or one of our other many service areas, you’re entitled to a free consultation.

When you call let us know which of these shapes pique your interest (or ask for a completely custom option)!

1. Go With a Half-Deck

When you think of a pool deck, you usually think of paving that goes all the way around the pool – but does it necessarily need to? If you’re working with a tight space that has a tight property line, then you can build your pool right up to the edge of that line.

Not putting a pool deck on one side expands the size of your pool by at least three feet, depending on the space you’re working with!

Plus, the back of your half-deck pool is a great place to make a statement wall with natural stone, landscaping, or even water features – the choices are endless!

2. Think Outside the Pool-Shaped Box

What shapes do pools usually get built-in? Ovals, squares, rectangles, and sometimes kidney shapes, right?

Well, there’s no rule that says a pool has to be one of those shapes. Another way to make the most of the space you have is to follow the contour of your home.

If the back of your house juts out in the middle, then gets smaller on each side, we can make you a pool that matches that. Using the shape of your home to contour your pool adds space that wouldn’t be there if you went with an average shape.

You can even use the shape of your home to add space for a hot tub/spa that spills over or builds-onto your pool as well. Your imagination is the only limit.

3. Don’t Skip the Side Yard

Have a good amount of space in your side yard where it joins your backyard? Why not utilize that shape and make an “L-shaped” pool?

Not only will this give you more swimming room, but it combines well with the “half-deck” method, giving you plenty of space to extend out to the edge of your property line.

Depending on how big you want your pool, an L-shaped pool that uses your side yard leaves you the other side of your lot for more outdoor space, or a spot to add pool accessories, like a diving board or a slide.

4. Build into a Hill

While we don’t have many hills in our part of Texas, that’s not to say every property has to be 100% level to put a pool in.

Of course, we’ll have to level the ground where the pool goes, but we can build the back wall of the pool up into a hill. That way it can act as a retaining wall, or even as a wall/fence that separates yourself from your neighbors.

5. Use the Pool Steps as a Deck

Many new pool designs incorporate what’s called a tanning ledge, or a shelf step. This is an extended first step into the pool, which is 5-6 inches underwater. They’re usually designed to fit two pool chairs, but that depends on your space.

Having this deck-space actually built into the swimmable part of your pool frees up space on the pool deck or in your backyard for other activities.

It’s also a great spot to sit and play with small children.

Speaking of small children, let your builder know that you’re interested in installing a pool fence, so they can work that into your design.

We are dedicated to your children’s safety at Sahara Pool Building and will be sure to help you figure out the right way to incorporate it into your design.

6. Skip the Deep End

Most pools you think of have a slope where they get gradually deeper – usually to at least eight feet.

But that slope takes space that you may not have. Keeping your pool shallower, like 5-6 feet can reduce the size that your pool needs to be.

Plus, shallower pools take less water to fill, which means lower heating bills, and lower maintenance costs!

7. Build a Giant Hottub

If you’re more interested in a hot tub than a pool, but don’t want one of the ones that stands on its own, we’re happy to build you an in-ground extended-size hot tub. Just how big is up to you.

Your Dream Small Backyard

As you can see, a small backyard doesn’t mean you have to go without a pool. You just have to be more creative when designing one.

Or we have to be more creative, rather. We want to make the process of installing a pool as easy as possible for you, which is why we offer a free consultation.

Ready to see what we can do for your space? Call or click to get one started, today.