Now, more than ever, outdoor living has become increasingly important. Having an outdoor living space provides you with a place to spend time with your family and entertain your friends.

Besides having a place to gather, if you upgrade your backyard, it can increase the value of your home. Outdoor living is one improvement that will almost always pay off in the long term.

So are you looking to improve your outdoor space? Here are a few projects you can take on for a total exterior remodel.

Revamp Your Patio

Before you start adding lots of outdoor projects, you should have a good base. Repave your patio, so you have a sturdy foundation to create your backyard oasis. With many options, from stone to concrete, you’re sure to find a material that matches your style.

You can also consider adding a patio cover so you can enjoy sitting outside even on the hottest of days. Allow some light in with a pergola or go for indoor-outdoor living with a screen room.

From here, you can add in all the features and patio improvements you want to make your backyard space an oasis.

Brand New Landscape

One of the best-kept tips to enhance your home is to add in new landscaping. Greenery like shrubs and flowers can add so much to the design of your space. Add in paving stones or water features to give the effect of a secret garden.

A lush yard with a variety of plants adds instant beauty. So it’s a great cost-effective way to transform the outside of your home.

Outdoor Living Room

A must-have for your outdoor space is a living room to hang out and entertain in. An outdoor living room set out on your patio or in your yard is easy to set up. The key to creating a comfortable outdoor living room is providing a variety of seating options.

Have a combination of a sofa, a two-seater love seat, armchairs, and poufs. This allows for many people to sit and get comfortable. You can even add lots of pillows and blankets to increase the coziness, especially for chilly nights.

Set up the seating around a fireplace or fire pit so you can stay warm throughout the night.

Relaxing Oasis

It’s a good idea to set aside some space in your backyard to get away from the chaos of life. You can take a corner of your yard and dedicate it to creating a relaxing oasis where you can sneak away for a few quiet moments alone or with a partner.

A day bed with curtains where you can lay out under the sun. Or a meditation area where you can escape the daily hustle. You’ll be happy later that you have a space that’s dedicated to relaxing.

New Pool

What screams personal oasis more than a pool right in your backyard? With a pool, you can cool down in the summer heat and host parties with families and friends.

A pool can be the focal point of your backyard design with a stunning shape or pretty tiling. In hot climates like Texas, pools can add a lot of value to a home. Many people stray away from pools because of the maintenance associated.

But you don’t have to do all the maintenance yourself. Hiring a pool service company can take some of that pressure off you. So you can enjoy your pool.

Dine Al Fresco 

Along with outdoor living, outdoor dining is something you should consider for a brand new outdoor space. It’s also one of the simplest changes you can make, but it’s something you can use every day.

But a dining room table on your patio or in your yard and enjoy eating in the fresh air or under a starry night sky. You can take outdoor dining a step forward and create an outdoor kitchen as well.

Add a barbecue, a pizza oven, or even a bar, and you’ll be the house throwing the best cookout in the neighborhood.

Create Privacy

With a new backyard oasis, you won’t want to feel all the eyes in the neighborhood on you. Create privacy so you can enjoy your backyard to the fullest.

A classic way of adding privacy is with a fence around your property or a screen around an area in your backyard. Both will allow you privacy whether you’re enjoying dinner outside or have guests over.

Add Levels

If you want to make a huge visual impact outside your home, you should consider adding levels. Not only does this look like a unique, well-put-together design, but you can use levels to establish all the areas in your backyard.

Separate your dining and cooking space from your living and relaxing space from your fun and entertaining space.

If you live on land that allows it, you can dig into the ground to create levels in your backyard. If you don’t, you can always build a deck to add a new level to your space. Connect these levels with steps to allow for easy flow.

Don’t Forget Lighting

Lighting is one aspect of an exterior renovation that often gets overlooked. If you’re looking for a simple way for how to improve your home, then you should get serious about the lighting.

String lights, wall sconces, garden solar lights, and outdoor chandeliers are just a few of the options you have. Outdoor lighting will help create an ambiance whether you’re relaxing or entertaining.

This is a simple fix that can make a huge impact on your outdoor space.

Reinvigorate Your Outdoor Space

There are many benefits to spending time in the fresh air, so you should put time and effort into reinvigorating your outdoor space. It’s much more fun and comfortable to spend time with friends and family in your personal backyard oasis.

Trying a few of these projects can transform your backyard space. Once you’re done with a brand new space, you’ll never want to go back inside.

Ready to upgrade your yard in Katy, Texas? We can help turn your backyard into the outdoor paradise of your dreams. Talk to our building experts today about your next home project.