According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the United States. Their data shows swimming is the fifth most popular activity in the country and it is the number one activity amongst children and teens.

With its popularity and all of the benefits swimming can offer, adding a pool to a residence is something more people are doing. The trick is finding the right swimming pool builder.

There are many providers who offer these services, so how can you find the best option? Read on to learn how to find a swimming pool builder who will get the job done.

Ask for Referrals

It is always a good idea to begin by asking people whom you trust for referrals. You will have a better idea of what you can expect from the builder if you know that someone you trust recommended them.

A referral does not mean that you should stop doing your due diligence as you check the provider out, but it can help narrow your choices to make the decision easier.

Speak With the Swimming Pool Builder in Person

You want to get a sense of their experience level and competency. First impressions are important and you want someone who is professional and attentive.

Speak first with the contractor who leads the project and then turn to one of the company’s technicians. You can ask more questions from them to get a sense of their experience.

A swimming pool builder should be available beyond the installation or repair of the pool. You should also be able to reach them for later maintenance. If they seem reluctant to make themselves available beyond the actual installation, you may want to choose another provider.

The contractor should also be ready to answer your questions and should not be evasive about previous jobs. The person should inspire confidence.

Examples of Past Work

The installation of an in-ground swimming pool is a costly and stressful procedure and you need to be sure that the contractor you choose is one who can handle it and provide quality results.

Before you make a decision, speak clearly about the kind of pool design you want to have and see if the contractor has any comparable projects they can show you. Many times, photos can be enough to see if the work is of good quality or not, but sometimes you may be able to visit the houses to see the work in person.

Check References

Swimming pool builders, like other contractors, should offer references. Being able to speak with past clients can be crucial in your decision process. To learn the most from the references you want to ask some questions.

  • Was the pool finished on time?
  • Did the builder stay within budget?
  • Does the pool function properly?
  • Were there complications throughout the process and how did the contractor deal with them?
  • Has the contractor provided later maintenance?

You will want to speak with the references over the phone or even in person. It can also help to look for online reviews to see what the overall experience was for most clients.

Check for Licenses and Insurance

When hiring a swimming pool builder, you have to ensure they have the required licenses and insurance. As with any other contractor working on your property, you need to know you are covered if an accident or damage occurs.

Different states and even cities may have different requirements so you want to do a bit of research into what the builder needs in your particular area.

Discuss Design

You will likely have a clear idea of the pool design you want. It is important that the builder also understands what you want to avoid any issues later on.

If you have an elaborate and complex design that incorporates landscaping features, the contractor has to be on the same page. They should communicate clearly on whether or not your design is feasible and they should be flexible in what you ask of them.

Ask for Quotes

If you have a few different companies you are considering, you want to get quotes from each one of them. Look to see what the average costs are for the options you want to make it easier to find the company with competitive rates.

You want to ask for a bid. A bid is a detailed account of all of the work that the swimming pool builders will provide as they create your pool. Make certain the bid includes detailed estimates for the pool size and shape, as well as for the materials.

Clarify Payment

Some contractors require a down payment before beginning the work, which is standard in the industry. Before you pay anything, however, you want to ensure the builder and you both agree on all of the fees and on the length of time the project will take.

You want to clarify what happens if the work takes longer than planned. Will there be fees you have to pay?

Put together a payment schedule that can keep the work running smoothly. When getting an estimate or bid from the contractor, it should include any fees for material removal, supplies, landscaping, and plumbing. There should be a clearly laid out payment schedule.

A good way of protecting yourself is to pay using a credit card instead of a personal check. If the contractor does not finish the work, you can dispute the charges on your card.

Enjoy Your Next Summer

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